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Trendy Groom Mehndi Design Ideas for Your Wedding

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When we talk about a wedding or the rituals involved, we usually think about the bride. We have a lot many options for the bride, whether it is jewelry designs, or mehndi designs. But What About The Groom? Although grooms like to keep it minimal, they too would like some options to choose from. When it comes to Mehndi, men usually try to avoid it completely, or stick to just enough. Well, the simplest thing to do is get a religious symbol or a portrait of God done on your palm. However, here we are will a variety of secular Groom Mehndi Design Ideas, ranging from the simplest designs to the most elaborate.

Simple Groom Mehndi Design Ideas

Just get the initials of your names or just the bride’s name and work around it.

Groom Mehndi Design _ initials

Or, give meaning to classic lyrics like “Kora Kagaz Tha Ye Mann Mera..”

Groom Mehndi Design _ kora kagaz

Keep it simple and get the sun

Groom Mehndi Design _ sun

Dive into the Mandala Art Ideas for Groom Mehndi Design

Simple Mandala Border with Initials inside, and the bride and the groom themselves drawn on the fingers

Groom Mehndi Design _ mandala with initials

Classic Mehndi Designs on the fingers with an elaborate border with names of the couple inside

Groom Mehndi Design _ mandala with names

Fill up of the finger tips and get a mandala design at the center of your palm

Groom Mehndi Design _ mandala center

Experiment with Geometric Shapes for Groom Mehndi Design Ideas

Get think of the circle and into the box

Groom Mehndi Design _ square

Or get think of the box and use different shapes

Groom Mehndi Design _ shapes

Go all out and try out Arabic and Indian Groom Mehndi Design

Elegant Arabic Mehndi Design

Groom Mehndi Design _ arabic

Elaborate Indian Mehndi Design

Groom Mehndi Design _ indian

Pick one of these ideas and surprise your bride.

Tips to get a dark mehndi color:

  • Avoid washing your hands with a harsh soap.
  • Apply lukewarm oil, preferably coconut or sesame oil on your mehndi before sleeping.
  • When your mehndi dries off, apply lemon juice on your mehndi for at least 15 mins before removing the dried mehndi. Try avoiding washing your hands at this stage, just rub the dried mehndi off your hand.


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