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Tassel Decoration Ideas and Pom Poms for Unique Wedding and Birthday

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeMar 5, 2021

Tassel decoration ideas look unique and beautiful in wedding. So, incorporating tassel in your wedding décor is the different way of making your wedding décor excel. And having a tassel even in your birthday as well will make your decoration look great. That is why we have made a collection of tassel and pom poms too for your wedding and birthday decoration.

Listed below is 11 pom poms and tassel decoration ideas for wedding and birthday:

1. Oversized Tassel Garland

Oversized Tassel Garland

An oversized tassel garland looks great if hangs at the center of the roof or at any position of your venue. And it will give a humungous look to your décor. So, give a touch of oversized tassel to your wedding or birthday decoration. And you can also have diy tassel garland for your wedding too. But you can hire someone also for this oversized tassel garland.

2. Tassel Banner

Tassel Banner

banners made with tassel give great look to the décor. So, if you are having wedding or birthday then decorate your banner with tassel. And even you can decorate brides and groom’s name with tassel. SO, it will go with the whole tassel wedding decoration.

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3. Wool Pom Pom Garland

Wool Pom Pom Garland

Pom poms also look great. So, having a pom pom garland at your wedding and birthday is the best way to decorate. And wool pom poms will give different look to the pom poms. So, decorate your special day with pom poms. And you can even have diy pom pom garland.

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4. Pom Pom Hanging

Pom Pom Hanging

Not just tassels hanging but pom poms hanging also look cool. So, adding it in your wedding or birthday is the great way to decorate. And having a pom poms hanging will give classy and personal touch to your wedding. So, paper pom poms also look good. And i is the best party pom poms ideas.

5. Pom Pom Flowers

Pom Pom Flowers

So, you can even decorate your special occasion with flowers made of pom poms. And it will look cute as well. So, trying using pom poms to make flowers for your decoration.

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6. Pom Pom Wind Chime

Pom Pom Wind Chime

You can also have pom poms wall hanging or wind chime. And this wind chime will look great on your wedding specially. So, wind chime with multicolor or single colored pom poms look great on wedding. And it will be a great wedding pom poms ideas.

7. Throw Tassel Decoration

Throw Tassel Decoration

Tassel on pillow covers, cushion covers, and curtains will give bohemian look to your décor. And it will give personal touch to your decoration as well. So, it will be the perfect tassel decoration ideas. And you can decorate your venue both for wedding and birthday.

8. Garland of Tassels

Garland of Tassels

A garland of tassels would be great for wrapping around a bed post, windows, and walls. And it give a different look to the decoration. So, if you are planning a small wedding or birthday function at your house then it is the best way to decorate your house. And you an even have tissue paper garland and pink tassel garland.

9. Tassel Door Knob

Tassel Door Knob

So, having a tassel at door knob is the best way to incorporate tassel. And it will be one of the great tassel decoration ideas. So, making a tassel door knob is a superb idea.

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10. Tapestry Tassel Decoration Ideas

Tapestry Tassel Decoration Ideas

Having a tapestry made of tassel is best way to have tassel decoration ideas. So, incorporate it in your wedding décor. And give your decoration a touch of affinity with the Indian culture.

11. Pendant Lightning Tassel Décor

Pendant Lightning Tassel Décor

So, decorating a long hanging light with tassel at the bottom will be a great idea to decorate your house. And by doing this your house will look picture ready. So, try decorating your house with this type of decorations.

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