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Distinct Kids Birthday Party Ideas to Cherish Lifelong

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Kids birthday Party Ideas have variety of options. That is why it is always very exciting to arrange a kid’s birthday party. So, for every kid their birthday is very special. They enjoy a lot in this day. So, it is our duty to make this day the memorable day of their loves. It is because when they grow up and look behind those pictures. Then they should cherish that moment.

Here are some of the most exciting kids’ birthday Party Ideas:

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas 1

Monopoly Game

This kind of giant board game ideas will be quite interesting for kids. So, they of course have seen such a huge board before. But They must have played it on small board.

Birthday Party Ideas 2

UNO Game

So, this kind of games with huge cards will attract the kids. All should try to incorporate such kind of games in birthday party ideas.

Birthday Party Décor

1st Birthday Decoration Ideas for Boy

1st Birthday Decoration Ideas for Boy 1

Color Coded Theme

So, if you want to decorate the room with the same color. Then try to stick to a blue color for boys. It is because it will look good.

1st Birthday Decoration Ideas for Boy 2

Famous Cartoon Character Theme

It is a very exciting idea to celebrate a birthday on a particular cartoon character theme. So, try to decorate or celebrate like ‘A Boss Baby’.

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Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Girls Birthday Party Ideas 1

Fashion Show

Arrange a fashion show competition at the kid’s party. Reward them with lots of gifts. Let the kids enjoy to the fullest.

Girls Birthday Party Ideas 2

Culinary Skill

Let the girls who will visit to the party to test their culinary skills. So, for that you have set them free and cook.

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday Decoration Ideas 1

Unicorn Themed Decoration Idea

This will be an exciting idea for kid’s birthday decoration idea. It is because kids love unicorns. So, they will surely enjoy the party.

Birthday Decoration Ideas 2

Floral Themed Decoration Idea

Flowers with butterfly will look beautiful for the kid’s birthday party decoration. So, take a beautiful colored flower. And arrange the party in a same color.

Treat to an adventurous trip

Give them a treat to an adventurous trip 1

Horse Riding

So, the birthday is not only about cakes or chocolates. But it is also about going on an adventurous trip. That is why it is the good idea to send your kids on horse riding trip. So, that they can enjoy their birthday differently.

Give them a treat to an adventurous trip 2


Camping is another such exciting idea to enjoy a birthday. So, encourage your kids to go on for camping with you. It is because it will be much more fun.

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Cool gaming zone

Set up a really cool gaming zone 1

Rock Climbing

Create a rock climbing stage at your home. But if not possible, go to the gaming zone at malls with your kids. They will surely enjoy this different game on their birthday.

Set up a really cool gaming zone 2

Air Hockey

This is also a fun game to play for your kid’s birthday. So, make an arrangement at your home. But if not take them to any mall which has this game.

Famous Movie Characters Costume

Famous Movie Characters Costume 1

Avatar Movie Costume

You can make your kids wear any famous movie character. So, make it a theme of the party.

Famous Movie Characters Costume 2

Adorable Superman Style

So, if you are celebrating your kid’s birthday according to famous sci-fi movie costume style. Then you can make your cute munchkin as a superman as well.

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Gardening Birthday Party Ideas

Gardening Birthday Party Ideas 1

Garden Themed Party

Make an overall garden themed party for your kid’s birthday. So, to give a feel of this, add fake insects or grass at the food table.

Gardening Birthday Party Ideas 2


Plantation is also a very unique birthday party idea. So, with this two things can be done. Firstly, kids will know the importance of plants. Secondly, it can a new thing to learn.

Painting Together

Painting Together 1

Creativity Skill

Let the kid learn their creativity side. So, organize a table full of colors, brushes, and white papers. And tell them to draw on any specific theme.

Painting Together 2

Throw a Competition

Arrange a competition for kids. So that they will enjoy as well get appreciations for their jobs done.

Fashion show Birthday Party Ideas

Fashion show Birthday Party Ideas 1

Professional Ramp Walk

If your kids are interested in fashion. Then try to arrange a ramp walk for your kids. You can be professional in this. So, for that you can invite some of the professional judges from this field. It can only be possible if you have links.

Fashion show Birthday Party Ideas 2

Homely Ramp Walk

It will be more fun if ramp walk will be arrange at home. So, make all the arrangements at home and win the hearts of your kids.

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