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First Birthday Return Gift Ideas for your Children to Make it Memorable

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First birthday return gift ideas are important as the child’s anything ‘first’ is extremely important to parents. Be it their first smile, first steps, and their first words. However, a child’s first birthday is considered the most special milestone. Planning the first Birthday party has many components to it such as the theme, invites list, venue, food, and on goes the list. Though your child is turning one, the age group of the other kids you invite to the party might vary. Additionally, thoughtful return gifts for children will certainly make their parents happy. Keeping these return gifts gender-neutral and age-appropriate helps in narrowing down the gift list. To make your planning a little easier, here are few Return Gift Ideas for First Birthday Party for children.

  1. First Birthday Return Gift Ideas- Mini-Musical Instruments

    The other thing kids love is music. Giving them the chance to play the music, would just make their day. And instruments as First Birthday Return Gift Ideas for children are unique. Here are some musical instruments as Return Gifts for kids, from our Bzaar:

    Musical Instruments for First Birthday Return Gift Ideas
    Musical Instruments

    Flash Musical Drum Toys

    7 Musical Rattle Toys

    Keyboard Musical Piano Toys

    Rabbits Musical baby Piano

  2. Games as a Return Gift for kids

    Many games aim at stimulating a child’s mind and motor skills. Giving games as First Birthday Return Gift Ideas is thoughtful. Plus, you know for sure that your gift is wanted. Wooden Block games (with alphabets/ number/ shapes), Beads and thread games for kids, Zingo- Bingo for kids, and even Pictionary for kids are great as return gifts for kids.

    Games as return gifts for kids

    Here are some Games for kids to buy from our Bzaar:

    Peacock Kinder Blocks

    Fruit Puzzle Toys


    Toddler Rings

    Rainbow Magic Spring

  3. Night Lamps as a Return Gift for kids

    As kids, sleeping in pitch dark rooms was scary even for us. As a First Birthday Return Gift Ideas, why not gift some night lamps with cartoon or customised characters on it? There are many options with size, colour, and shape. At our Bazaar, we have Emoticon Night Lamps with expressions such as Cool, Heart Eyes, and Kiss. Apart from that, we also have a Gravity Defying Moon Night Lamp.

    Night lamp as a return gift for kids
    Night Lamp

  4. Stationery as a Return Gift for kids

    Drawing, scribbling, colouring, finger painting are activities that kids regularly engage in. Stationery items such as Crayons, Colour pencils, Colourful rulers, Highlighters, and Skin-friendly paints will fill them with joy.

    Stationery as return gifts for kids

    Here are some Stationery Items for kids to buy from our Bzaar:

    Aqua Sketch Set

    Minion Sketch Pen Set Box

    Ring Crayons

    Roller Stamp Marker

    LED Pen set-Unicorn/ Flamingo

  5. Play dough as a Return Gift for kids

    And if nothing makes sense to you as Return Gift Ideas for First Birthday Party? Just go back to the classic. Play dough is engaging, colourful and everybody loves it. At our Bazaar we have Air Dry Clay Set, Bucket Clay, Breakfast Theme Clay Set, Crystal Clay Soft Slime and much more.

    Play Dough as a return gift for kids
    Play Dough
  6.  Storage Box as a Return Gift for kids

    Children learn a great deal by managing their own things. And a cute storage stool helps with just that. It makes a great return gift for children. At our Bzaar, we have just the thing for you. The Puffy Storage Box is useful not just to store toys and blankets but can also be used as a comfortable stool.

    Coin Bank as a return gift for kids
    Coin Bank
  7. Soft Toys as a Return Gift for kids

    There is no such thing as “too many soft toys.” You could gift them stuffed animals, birds or go one step ahead and gift them puppets. There are many types of puppets available these days like finger puppets and sock puppet kits.

    Soft Toy as a return gift for kids
    Soft Toy


    Some links to buy Soft Toys and Puppets from the Bookeventz Market:

    Hand Puppet- Cheetah

    Hand Puppet- Green Tortoise

    Brown Stuffed Monkey

    Nemo Stuffed Cartoon

    Captain American Stuffed Toy

    Car Stuffed Cartoon Character

  8.  A Pack Full of Goodies as a Return Gift for kids

Can’t decide on any of these return gift ideas for a first birthday party for children? Just mix a few things up and add a few tasty snacks into the deal. With kids, ‘less’ is not more. Give them a collection of stationary, accessories, soft toys, and customised chocolates and cookies.

Points to Remember

While deciding on return gift Ideas for First Birthday Party for children, keep these in mind:

  • Do not forget to have a set budget for return gifts. There is a strong tendency to go beyond and above to make your child’s first birthday party special. But do remember to set a budget and try sticking with it.
  • If you have a theme planned for the birthday, let the return gifts reflect on that. For example, say you are planning a Dinosaur themes birthday party, and you decide to on soft toys as your return gift. Then gifting dinosaur soft toys seems to fit the theme perfectly.

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