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Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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It’s no secret that kids love dinosaurs! These majestic prehistoric creatures are adored by every kid leaving them in awe! Is your kid’s birthday coming up soon? Are you planning to surprise him by throwing him his favourite Dinosaur themed birthday party? Then you are at the right place! Here, we are covering almost every aspect for throwing the best dinosaur themed birthday party for your kid! Take a look at the ideas below:

Here are the Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas:

1. Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Invites:

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Invites
Birthday Party Invites

Sending dinosaur-themed invites will add a great touch to your kid’s birthday party, it is the first step to make your guests excited for your party! There are so many ways to customise your birthday invites, you can either make them at home or get the readymade templates from the internet. Another option is to dinosaur-themed send e-invites which is an eco-friendly as well as an easy option! You can easily design one on your own or get the pre-made ones!

2. Dinosaur Themed Birthday Banner:

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Banner
Birthday Banner

A dinosaur-themed birthday banner will be a great way to add a highlight to the birthday party, it’ll be the best way to describe what the party is all about! Add dinosaur-shaped balloons around the banner to make it more exciting and fun! You can easily get these banners and balloons online.

3. Dinosaur Themed Welcome Drink:

Dinosaur Themed Welcome Drink
Welcome Drink

Welcome your guests to your kid’s birthday party with these dinosaur-themed welcome drinks! Dinosaurs are best described with green colour, so choose a drink which is green in colours like a green punch, green mojito, or kiwi smoothie or juice! This delicious welcome drink would be a great start to your kids birthday party and your guests would love it!

4. Dinosaur Themed Table Setting:

Dinosaur Themed Table Setting
Table Setting

Set green and yellow as the theme colours for the birthday party as they best describe the dinosaurs! For a dinosaur themed table setting, choose a green coloured table cloth and arrange it with all the drinks, sweets, snacks and cake. You can also arrange dinosaur miniatures around the food to add more excitement! 

5. Dinosaur Themed Cake:

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Cake:
Dinosaur Themed Cake

The highlight of any party is the cake! For a dinosaur themed birthday party, get a dinosaur themed cake and ask your baker to make it with your kids favourite flavour! Arrange the cake with dinosaur miniatures and fake trees and chocolate shavings as mud to make the theme as real life as possible! The look on your kids faces as well as other kids faces would be priceless!

6. Dinosaur Themed Snacks:

Dinosaur Themed Snacks
Dinosaur Themed Snacks

Another dinosaur-themed idea for which kids will go crazy over is dinosaur-themed snacks! For dinosaur-themed snacks, you can opt for dinosaur themed cupcakes, dinosaur cookies, dinosaur dessert bars, dino-mite snacks mix, and dino chips!

7. Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Supplies:

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Supplies
Birthday Party Supplies

Getting dinosaur-themed supplies such as plates, spoons, cups, tissues, straws and forks will take your dinosaur themed birthday party to a whole new level! You can get these supplies in various designs online. Nothing will make you happier than watching kids eating their meals with these supplies with excitement!

8. Dinosaur Themed Return Gifts:

Dinosaur Themed Return Gifts
Return Gifts

Is it time for your kid’s birthday party to end? Adding another dinosaur-themed surprise at the end will make your guests leave the party with excitement and a huge smile on their faces! So, get some dinosaur-themed return gifts to give to your guests while they are leaving your party! You can choose from various gifts such as dinosaur toys, dinosaur water bottles, dinosaur crayons or paint, dinosaur lunch boxes, and other dinosaur stationery items! This is a great way to end your party with everyone leaving with happy faces!

We hope these ideas were helpful to you for throwing an amazing dinosaur themed birthday for your kids birthday!

Thanks for reading!

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