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Top 11 Tried and Tested Bridal tips to Make Mehendi dark

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Mehendi is always associated with any auspicious festivals and how to make Mehendi dark is always the question. One common saying associated with the color of the Mehendi is,” wow the designs have taken dark color, you’re very lucky.” So now the question is how color is associated with luck? As per mythology color of the Mehendi signifies how much the girl to be loved by her husband. This is the reason why girls want “kay uski mehndi gehri rache”. So ladies we at Bookeventz have heard your plea and bringing  you some tips to Make Mehendi dark.

Make Mehendi Dark


  • The good old Nimbu-cheeni

    The mixture of lemon and sugar is an age old technique followed by many of them. So boil some water and sugar and few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on the Mehendi once it dries. The sugar keeps the Mehendi intact with the skin and the lemon acts as a catalyst for deep penetration of color which helps to make Mehendi dark.

  • Clove Fumes Will Weave Magic

    Another home remedy to make Mehendi darker is running your hands over the fumes emitted from the cloves. For this take few cloves and heat it in a pan .Then run your hands over the fumes. This technique along with nimbu-cheeni method weaves magic.

  • Using Balm to make Mehendi Dark

    After peeling the dried Mehendi, apply vicks and leave it overnight . The active agent in the balms generate heat which helps to darken the color and make Mehendi dark.

  • No to H2O: Make Mehendi Dark After Washing 

Make Mehndi Dark

One of the important tip for darker color is to avoid water. So when using water tie a polyethylene bags around your hands to get dark Mehendi color.

  • Greet Mustard Oil

After the Mehendi dries heat some mustard oil and apply it over the designs to attain extraordinary color and make Mehendi darker.

  • Say No to Waxing

    Avoid waxing after Mehendi application because wax scraps of the upper layer of your skin to get darker Mehendi

  • Your cup of Tea is go to rescue

    Soak some coffee or tea in water and add this liquid to the Mehendi .Then use this cone treated with the decoction to enhance the color.

  • Before Application: How to make Mehendi dark

    Wash your hands properly with water and a make sure all lotion and oily substance is removed because such products can act as a barrier by not allowing the Mehendi to penetrate into the skin and make Mehendi dark.

  • Chuna for darker color

    It is believed that chuna or lime powder changes the color instantly. This works only when our hands and legs are not exposed to water post application. Chuna is known to generate heat that helps in darkening instantly.

  • Say no to blow drying

Make Mehndi Dark

After the application every individual get curious to know how dark the Mehendi is going to be. In such cases avoid using blow dryers to fasten the drying up of Mehendi because it can lead to The bleeding of Mehendi which will lead to the l peel off quickly and lead to the color to not get observed into the skin.


Say Hi to Dye test : How to darken Bridal Mehendi 

Apply a small patch and peel off after 5 minutes . If it is dark orange indication that after 48 hours it will be dark mahogany.

So gear up yourself with these tips and do let’s know if there’s any.

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