Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs For The Brides Of Today

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Indian weddings are incomplete without a grand mehendi celebration. The brides of today eagerly wait for their mehendi and sangeet functions. Mehendi designs which are considered to be one of the sixteen adornments of an Indian bride without which her beauty remains incomplete. This traditional mehendi ceremony usually takes place just a day or two before the marriage. There are a lot of trending bridal mehendi designs that you should definitely check out.

With the changing times and trends, gone are the days when people used to depend on their beloved aunties and other ladies to apply decent henna designs. Today, the family of the bride themselves prefer professional mehndi artists who come up with latest henna designs and also specialise in bridal mehndi designs. Talking about henna designs, we have managed to create a compilation of the latest and the most trending bridal mehendi designs for your reference and inspiration.

Here are some of the most recent and up-to-date trending bridal mehendi designs:

1. The Royal Desi Bride Mehendi Design:

These henna or Indian mehndi designs are perfect for all the ‘Rajkumaris’ out there. All the brides waiting to get the most elegant and beautiful henna designs for their perfect ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding,’ make sure you ask your mehendi artist to include some of these unique yet authentic designs.

The Royal Desi Bride Mehendi Design

2. Kalakaari Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs:

The brides of today are always up to date with what’s trending. Experimentation is just another step in the life of a bride, whether it is about the designs of their blouses or their mehendi, they want to engage in something new always! Mentioned below are some of the unique and artistic henna designs which would instantly tap into your creative side.

Kalakaari Mehendi Designs

3. Dhulaniya ki Minimalistic Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs:

Some brides out there still believe “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and for these brides, the designs displayed below is an answer to their less is more problem! Go ahead, check out the most elegant and minimal trending bridal mehendi designs for your wedding.

Dhulaniya ki Minimalistic Mehendi Designs

4. Authentic Arabic Mehendi Designs:

The other name used for ‘Arabic Mehendi Designs’ would most definitely be one of the perfect trending bridal mehndi designs for any and every occasion.  This simple yet elegant mehndi design is the most preferred by Indians as this type of mehendi looks good with every Indian attire.

Authentic Arabic Mehendi Designs

5. Pakistani Mehendi Design:

There are many similarities between the Indian and Pakistani Mehendi design. Apart from the designs used the Pakistani Mehendi designs includes more of flowers, leaves and dome-like patters whereas in traditional Indian henna design these are replaced Hindu elements like the Bride, groom and Kalash. These designs are mostly inspired by Arabic designs.

Pakistani Mehendi Designs

6. The Modern Dhulaniya Mehendi Design:

Mehendi designs are considered as an exotic form of body art in many western countries. This fascination for traditional mehndi designs has resulted in the birth of Henna tattoos in the west. These western mehndi designs are extremely different than our traditional henna designs. They feature geometric shapes and unique patterns which would complement your Indian attire.

The Modern Dhulaniya Mehendi Designs

There are many more trending bridal mehendi designs out there but these specific designs are always trending around the globe. You can now choose from the designs you feel the most confident about.

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