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Mehndi Function Ideas That Will Make Your Ceremony Memorable!

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Mehndi is another traditional pre-wedding ceremony. In Indian weddings, customs and rituals are the main priority, and one of the functions is the Mehndi ceremony. The Mehendi ceremony has such a necessary part of the wedding that we can’t imagine the wedding without this ceremony. Mehndi is one of the adornments which beautifies her and, a bride is incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi is an essential part of Indian weddings. Today it’s not just about the mehndi design, but the decoration, fun games, photos, and many more. Here, we shared some Mehendi function ideas that will help you.

Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs for the Brides

Mehendi is also known as Henna and is a sign of good luck and good spirits. Mehndi is not only put on the weddings but also various other festivals. Mehndi varies from basic floral designs to elaborate Arabic designs and many other designs. Here we shared a list of perfect latest mehndi designs ideas.

1. Classic Bridal Mehndi Design

Full of flower-patterned, leaf and paisley motifs, these kinds of Indian mehndi designs never go out of style. They are classic and beautiful all at once.

Classic Bridal Mehndi Design


2. Caricature Bridal Mehndi Design

Caricature mehndi design tells unique stories and is a trendy design. Brides incorporate the special moments with her partner on her mehndi. These brides left no stone in making their bridal mehndi one of the best.

Caricature Bridal Mehndi Design

3. Moroccan Bridal Mehndi Design

Moroccan Mehndi Designs are a trendy traditional mehndi art that looks unique. If you want a different mehndi design on your hands, then you can go for this elegant and tiniest Moroccan design.

Moroccan Bridal Mehndi Design

4. Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are simple and a mixture of floral and mandala designs. It creates incredible designs patterns that look complicated but are not.

Arabic Mehndi Design

5. Western-style Mehendi Design

Western culture has adapted the mehndi trend. The henna tattoo in western-style mehndi is getting immensely popular. From geometrical shapes to quirky patterns as it includes all the designs.

Western-style Mehendi Design

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Trendy Groom Mehndi Design Ideas

Applying mehndi to the bride and the groom is the oldest Indian tradition. This traditional ceremony starts with applying mehndi designs on a bride and groom’s hands and feet as a good mark.

1. Ganesh Ji Mehndi Design For Groom

In Hindu culture, any auspicious occasion starts with taking blessings from Ganesh Ji. Here is a mehndi design for the groom enlightened by a beautiful picture of Ganesh Ji.

Ganesh Ji Mehndi Design For Groom

2. Mandala Mehndi Design For Groom

Girls love mandala mehndi designs, but grooms can exhibit them.

Mandala Mehndi Design For Groom

3. Bride’s Name on Grooms Plam

All brides write their to-be husbands’ names on their hands. But nowadays, grooms also start this custom of writing their to-be wifes’ names on their hands. This groom’s mehndi design is perfect for the groom.

Bride’s Name on Grooms Plam

4. Full Palm Groom Mehandi Design

Traditionally before the wedding groom has to put mehndi on their hands. Here are the beautiful groom mehndi designs that you will love.

Full Palm Groom Mehandi Design

5. Half Lotus Mehndi Design For Groom

The Lotus flower is a sign of purity and marriage is a pure partnership between a man and a woman this lotus design has a lovely message.

Half Lotus Mehndi Design For Groom

Mind-Blowing Bridal Legs Mehndi Design

The bridal feet mehndi designs look awesome dazzling and, beautiful as show charisma, and the ethereal beauty of mehndi brings a stunning look.

1. Traditional Bridal Leg Mehndi Design

Nothing can beat traditional mehndi design and this one has to be top of the list.

Traditional Bridal Leg Mehndi Design

2. Jewel Leg Mehndi Design

This jewel mehndi design is simple and elegant with minimal design and patterns.

Jewel Leg Mehndi Design

3. Jaali Bridal Leg Mehndi Design

Jaali mehndi designs are one of the most popular designs and many mehndi artists around the world are constantly creating unique designs for brides. In this design, the artist has decorated multiple thick jaalis with geometrical shapes and give a touch to this mehndi.

Jaali Bridal Leg Mehndi Design

4. Half Done Leg Henna Design

Some brides like short and simple mehndi designs and, if you are one of those who prefer minimal yet beautiful designs, then this half-done foot mehndi design is the best for you.

Half Done Leg Henna Design

5. Symmetrical Leg Mehndi Design

For something attractive design for the wedding, this symmetrical design is perfect. The similar design on both the legs had to fall us on this design immediately.

Symmetrical Leg Mehndi Design

Virtual Mehendi Ideas for Safe Wedding

Indian Wedding is known for its grand weddings. Due to Covid wedding norms have changed. With safety and social distancing, the functions have been celebrated. Here are some virtual wedding ideas that will guide you and with these guides you can make the wedding memorable.

1. Mehendi Dress Ideas

For a virtual mehndi, you can buy your clothes online to make the ceremony memorable even when you are having a virtual wedding.

Mehendi Dress Ideas

2. Makeup for Virtual Mehndi Ideas

For makeup, keep it minimal as simple makeup will look good and elegant. And perfect for a virtual wedding function.

Makeup for Virtual Mehndi Ideas

3. DIY Decor For Virtual Mehndi Function

Make the mehndi ceremony décor a DIY. Take inspiration from this post and complete decor at home.

DIY Decor For Virtual Mehndi Function

4. Mehendi Artists Follow The Health Protocols

This is important to follow the precautions for mehndi artists who are in close contact with you and your guests for long hours.

Mehendi Artists Follow The Health Protocols

5. Use Music Systems for Virtual Mehndi Function

There is no mehndi function without music and dance. Say no to dhols and bands as use the technology for music That way you safely celebrate the function.

Use Music Systems for Virtual Mehndi Function

Trending Mehndi Decor Ideas

One of the most important parts of a mehndi function is its decoration. Having an appealing mehndi decor means having the most stunning photographs that you can look back in wonder. Multicolored outdoors with photobooths and a decorated jhoola is the benchmark these days. If you are confused about the decorations, then scroll for some beautiful mehndi decoration ideas that you can execute.

1. Pastel Theme For Mehndi Decoration

Pastel is a light and elegant color that gives the venue fresh and elegant vibes. Just like you can see in the picture and, is a perfect choice for a day wedding.

Pastel theme for mehndi decoration

 2. Floral Canopy Mehndi Decoration

A floral canopy mehndi decoration has a massive significance for the Indian Bride as she looks pretty in that. Use a floral canopy that makes it easier to be held and does not recline over the bride’s head.

Floral canopy mehndi decoration

3. Mehndi Decoration With Marigold Flower

If you have an open space and want something bright, and colorful, then this decor is a lovely choice. And the more marigold flowers make the decoration beautiful.

Mehndi Decoration With Marigold Flower

4. Mehndi Decoration With Tents And Seating

A cool outdoor mehndi decor with some spacious tents replete with a seating area, colorful throw pillows, and minimal floral decoration.

Mehndi Decoration With Tents And Seating

5. Pool Site Mehndi Decor

If you are hosting a mehndi function at a resort or hotel which has a pool, then this simple mehndi decor is the right choice.

Pool Site Mehndi Decor

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Mehendi Poses For Bride – Mehndi Function Ideas

A wedding can be vibrant from planning to executing takes a lot of effort. But the exciting part about the wedding function is the photoshoot. We shared unique, cool and mehndi poses for the wedding album.

1. Classic One hand On The Eye

This classic pose never gets old. Try this pose on your mehndi function or wedding day!

Classic One hand On The Eye

2. Sitting Poses Are the Mainstream

We all know how tiring and hectic the process is. Sitting for hours, in one place requires too much patience. But it is important to enjoy the process and not forget to capture a photo while putting mehndi on hand.

Sitting Poses Are the Mainstream

3. Pose with Your Girl Gang

The wedding function is boring without pictures of your girl gang!

Pose with Your Girl Gang

4. Portraits Focusing On Your Bridal Mehendi

Capture the mehndi with only focus on the design.

Portraits Focusing On Your Bridal Mehendi

5. Fun with Quirky Dance Pose

Mehndi function is boring without dance and capturing the moments makes it more special.

Fun with Quirky Dance Pose

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Gorgeous and Classy Mehendi Outfits for Bride

The weddings trends or the just update in the bridal fashion, we love to share the ideas. Wedding day is the most important function and the pre-wedding outfits shouldn’t decolorize in comparison. As for the mehndi outfits, there are several styles we shared you can pick one of them.

1. Bralette & Heavy Lehenga

For the beachside mehndi ceremony, we suggest the embroidery lehenga skirt with a strapped blouse and pair with a beautiful floral choker and rounded off the look with wavy hair. It is perfect for the mehndi ceremony.

Bralette & heavy lehenga skirt

2. Lime Green Attire

We have hitched to this glamorous mehndi look! She wore an off-shoulder blouse along with embroidered matching lehenga.

Lime Green Attire

3. Draped Saree For Mehndi Function

Why only stick to lehenga? Try this mehndi saree and see how beautiful the bride looks. For the mehndi look feels, she wore a haath phool.

 Draped Saree For Mehndi Function

4. Light Peach Lehenga Paired

Brides can also wear a soft-hued outfit on their mehndi ceremony with red and pink floral jewelry that adds vibrancy.

Light Peach Lehenga Paired

5. Long Kurti & Lehenga Skirt

We are crushing this bride’s outfit that she wore. The sleeves yellow Kurti full with detailed gota Patti works with a paneled skirt and an ivory dupatta.

Long Kurti & Lehenga Skirt

Trendy Mehendi Return Gift Ideas for Mehndi Function

Nowadays, it is common at pre-wedding functions to give gifts to guests and make the event memorable. So, if you are wondering what gift to give guests, here are some interesting gifting ideas for you.

1. Lac Bangles For Gift

Lac bangles are traditional and beautiful bangles and are available in varieties. You can get lac bangles with mirrors, pearls, and other accessories decorations. Here are the beautiful bangles that you love!

Lac Bangles For Gift

2. Gota Jewellery For Gift

The jewelry is looming everywhere and if you are looking for some unique gifts for your guests then, go for this gota jewelry. Gota jewelry is lightweight and beautiful perfect for a gift.

Gota Jewellery For Gift

3. Traditional Potlis For Mehndi Gifts

This colorful potlis can be the best gift to make your guests happy. You can give them customized items, such as hand-made chocolates or sweets.

Traditional Potlis For Mehndi Gifts

4. Colorful Dupattas Gifts

Choose a variety of colorful bandhani or phulkari dupattas as a gift for your guests.

Colorful Dupattas Gifts

5. Jewelry Boxes For Gift

A jewelry box can be a great option. Check out the decorative jewelry boxes with a customized box for gifts.

Jewelry Boxes For Gift


Photo Background Ideas for Mehndi Function

Mehndi photo booths are the most attention-grabbing set-ups that add the amazing factor to all the pictures and fit the perfect photo booth for everyone.

1. Instagrammable Photo Booth

Instagrammable photo booth is the trending photo booths that make picture perfect!

Instagrammable Photo Booth

2. Pink Floral Mehndi Decor Backdrop 

This floral decor is perfect for mehndi function. Try this out!

Pink Floral Mehndi Decor Backdrop

3. Butterfly Ceiling Mehndi Decor

Make your mehndi function a little dreamy with this background decor.

Butterfly Ceiling Mehndi Decor

4. Vibrant Photo Booths Are Perfect 

Use bright and golden colors on the backdrop and you Can DIY a photo booth to make it look awesome.

Vibrant Photo Booths Are Perfect

5. Drapes Flowers Sets

This is just perfect background decor where you hang the cloth make it eye-catchy bouquets.

Drapes Flowers Sets

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Questions That People Asked Frequently:

The most obvious questions people ask that how long we should keep mehndi in hand, what are the tips and tricks to make mehndi darker, and many more. Some of the most important questions with answers we’ve included and you can review it for better results.

Q1. How To Make Mehndi Darker?

Use lemon and sugar for darkening the mehndi. This is the oldest method of darkening the mehndi. Try this mixture but do not overuse the mixture.

Lemon and Sugar for Darkening the Mehndi

Balms are the best way to darken mehndi naturally. After rubbing off all the mehndi, apply balms like Vicks Vapour Rub all over your hands and leave it overnight, and when you’ll wake up the mehndi would become beautiful and dark.

Balms to Darken Mehndi Naturally


Q2. How many hours we should keep mehndi on hand?

Leave the mehndi for at least 12 hours and do not apply water in that time as water easily removes the mehndi.


Q3 How to remove mehndi from hands?

Baby oil – Using baby oil can help dissolve and remove the mehndi. This is one of the best methods to add 3 teaspoons of baby oil in a warm bath and soak hands for 20 minutes

Baking soda – Lemon juice and baking soda mixture can lighten mehndi. Apply the paste on the mehndi hands and leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

Exfoliating scrubs – Using exfoliating scrubs remove the mehndi faster. Soak the mehndi part and gently rub the area.

Q4. What should we apply after removing mehndi?

After removing the mehndi heat the mustard oil and apply it over the hands to make mehndi darker.

Greet Mustard Oil


With these beautiful Mehendi Function Ideas, we surely gave you clarity of ideas. Share your reviews to help us serve you better. And subscribe to get the latest wedding trends to update.

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