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30+ Drool-Worthy Bridal Blouse Back Designs to Get Every Detail Right!!

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When a bride is preparing for her wedding outfit, every little detail matters. Bridal blouse back designs affect a lot of decisions, the dupatta, the hairstyle, and even the hairstyle. This is what we are going to be looking into.

  1. Latkan Blouse Back Design
  2. Different Shaped Bridal Blouse Back Design
  3. Dori Blouse Back Design Ideas
  4. Maggam Blouse Back Design

So now let’s check out these 30+ Drool-Worthy Bridal Blouse Back Designs to Get Every Detail Right!!

  1. Deep- U with Latkan 

    Deep- U blouses are a classic and nothing can be compared to that. The Minimalistic Latkan complements the heavy embroidery very very well.bridal blouse back designs

  2. T-Shaped Bridal Blouse Back Designs

    These T-shaped bridal blouse back designs are contemporary and really stylish. With the perfect color combination, it will make for the perfect cocktail party and Haldi blouse. bridal blouse back designs

  3.  Huge tassels and Double Dori 

    The huge tassels in the Blouse add lavishness and exclusivity to the dress. The double-layer Dori and latkan give it an edge.

    bridal blouse back designs

  4. Backless Blouse with Sheer Floral Details

    This blouse is perfect for a Haldi and Mehendi party. The sheer floral details on the blouse are gorgeous.bridal blouse back designs

  5.  Box Blouse Back Design

    This blouse’s back is very different and unique. The open back and strappy design of the blouse give it a modish look.bridal blouse back designs

  6. Circular Cut-out Bridal Blouse Back Designs

    The multiple circular cut-outs in the blouse back make the design a lot more exclusive. Moreover, it is the way to got for someone, looking for the perfect mixture of simplicity and exclusivity.bridal blouse back designs

  7. Cut-out with a Bow

    This rectangular cut-out blouse has a very cute bow. It would go perfectly with any pastel color lehenga.bridal blouse back designs

  8. Sheer Back with Lace

    Sheer Back blouses are every bride’s fantasy. The keyhole cut-out with lace design is perfect.bridal blouse back designs

  9. Zardosi Border Back Design

    Zardosi designs are an amazing fusion of traditional and modern looks. It would perfect with traditional lehengas.  bridal blouse back designs

  10. Inverted V Bridal Blouse Back Designs 

    V-Neck Bridal Back designs are quintessential, Give it a more distinctive look with an inverted V design. Furthermore, it would go perfectly with a chikankari lehenga.bridal blouse back designs

  11. Heart-Shaped Cut-out Bridal Blouse Back Designs

    Looking for something cute and romantic? This heart-shaped cut-out bridal blouse back designs are subtle and designer.  Bridal Blouse Back Designs

  12. Multicolored Tribal Embroidery

    No bridal blouse is complete without embroidery. But when it comes to the multicolored design and cut-out, can it even get better?bridal blouse back designs

  13. Crisscross Blouse Back

    Going for a modern lehenga, this crisscross blouse is the way to go. The floral design on one strap is superb.bridal blouse back designs

  14. Lower Backless Blouse with Mini- Latkans

    Backless design is an all favorite but you should never miss a chance to be unique. Also, the mini-latkans are very much in trend.bridal blouse back designs

    bridal blouse back designs

  15. Deep-V Blouse Back

    The Deep-V blouse back is among the popular ones, you can wear it with all kinds of lehengas and sarees.bridal blouse back designs

  16. Lattice Pattern Design

    Lattice patterns are very dense and traditional. The squared designs make for a perfect blouse. Moreover, you can definitely wear it with a South Indian bridal look. bridal blouse back designs

  17. Racerback Design

    It would go perfectly with your cocktail party outfit. The embroidery on the blouse gives it a very quirky touch.bridal blouse back designs

  18. Criss- Cross Dori Open Back

    wear the Crisscross dori open back blouse with latkans and three-fourth sleeves are amazing with Gujarati sarees.bridal blouse back designs

  19. Multi-colored Mirror work Blouse Design

    Multicolored glass work blouse with simple doris is very common but equally off-beat.bridal blouse back designs

  20. Sheer Embellished Bridal Blouse Back Designs

    This sheer embellished bridal blouse back is exemplary. The Sleeveless design obviously makes it better.bridal blouse back designs

  21. Double Dori and Pom-Poms

    Who doesn’t love pom poms? This double dori blouse is very trendy and very quirky. It would go spectacularly with multicolored lehengas and banarasi lehengas. bridal blouse back designs

  22. Maggam Work Blouse Design

    Maggam or Aari embroidery is one of the most popular and preferred embroidery types. Ornate and delicate designs inspired by nature are brought to life and are perfect for any festive occasion. For your wedding, maggam work blouse designs should definitely be a part of your wedding trousseau.bridal blouse back designs

  23. Backless with Huge Mirror Latkans

    The Mirror work blouse back design is scintillating. Especially, the very grandiose mirror latkan. bridal blouse back designs

  24. Deep V with A Bow

    Deep-V Blouse back design with a very nice Bow is a delicacy. Furthermore, the lavishness and shine of the blouse make it even more classy.bridal blouse back designs

  25. Lotus Cut-out Design

    The lotus cut-out bridal blouse back design is sumptuous. The palatial design on the sleeve adds a very luxurious touch to the design.bridal blouse back designs

  26. Jewel Adorned Bridal Blouse Back

    Jewel adorned bridal blouse black is splendid. It can be worn with a red or maroon bridal lehenga. 

    bridal blouse back designs

  27. Diamond Cut-out Blouse back Design

    This geometrical cut-out blouse design is lovely. The potli buttons definitely make it more charming. bridal blouse back designs

  28. Rectangular Cut-out Blouse Back 

    Here is another one from the geometrical bridal blouse back design collection. The golden pearl around the cut-out is fabulous.bridal blouse back designs

  29. Sheer Back Jewel Neck Design

    The heavily jeweled neck design distinguishes it from the other sheer back blouses. The very tiny cut-out is flawless.

    bridal blouse back designs

  30. Cut-out blouse Back Design with Extra Long Latkans

    The extra-long latkan in the blouse is seamless if you are going for a no dupatta look.

  31. bridal blouse back designsBlouse with Rich Embroidery

    No blouse can beat this rich embroidery blouse for a South Indian bridal look. The intricate design on the blouse back is breaktaking.bridal blouse back designs

  32. Deep Scallop and Dori

    The deep scallop back design is irresible. But, when it comes with a latkan and some extra fringes it becomes jaw droppingly beautiful.bridal blouse back designsFollow us on our insta handle for more updates

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