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20 Wedding Maggam Work Blouse Designs for Wedding Ceremonies

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India is known for the rich textile traditions in the world. Every region in India has its own unique embroidery style. Maggam or Aari embroidery is one of the most popular and preferred embroidery types. Ornate and delicate designs inspired by nature are brought to life and are perfect for any festive occasion. For your wedding maggam work blouse designs should definitely be a part of your wedding trousseau. Here is a list of how we have classified wedding maggam work blouse designs.

  1. Cut-out Maggam Work Blouse Back
  2. Sleeveless Maggm Work Blouse
  3. Dori Maggam Work Blouse Design
  4. Full Sleeve Blouse
  5. Embroidered Blouse Design

Here is a list of 20 Maggam work blouse designs worth considering for your wedding functions.

  1. Red Blouse Maggam Work Design

    This classy red blouse accentuated with detailed golden embroidery will surely up your style on your wedding day. And this Maggam work blouse would go fantastically with a Banarasi saree, goldern mang tikka, and of course a red matte lipstick.

  2. wedding Maggam work blouse designs Scintillating Deep-U Blouse

    This minimal deep-u blouse has beautiful golden sequence borders and intricate design patterns. Also, this blouse has a touch of tradition and a huge amount of sizzle to add to your attire. This blouse would be even more amazing with a dewy finish of makeup and golden Maggam work blouse designs

  3. Pink Floral Work Blouse

    This blouse with wedding Maggam work blouse designs would shine no less than all jewelry. Having a delicately crafted floral design and Zari work, the blouse would look absolutely regal. the. If you are going for a pink bridal lehenga, you must try a blouse.

    wedding Maggam work blouse designs

  4. Traditional Maroon Wedding Maggam Work Blouse Designs

    For the biggest event of your life, there is nothing better than this beautiful traditional blouse. this blouse has a Shaadi scene on the back and is decorated with jhumkas and tassels. Along with this, all you need is red lipstick, smokey eyes makeup, and gold Kundan jewelry to pull off the most beautiful wedding attire.

    wedding Maggam work blouse designs

  5. Champagne Elegance

    This blouse design would look gorgeous for any modern or contemporary style wedding function. Pair it with a yellow dupatta and skirt for a beautiful Haldi or Mehendi look.

  6. Apple Cut Aari Embroidery

    This apple-cut bridal blouse is a great choice for all your wedding functions. This blouse can be worn with a saree and pearls. you can also attach laces to the borders for a better appearance.

    wedding Maggam work blouse designs

  7. Long Sleeve Blouse

    If you want your Maggam work to show, go for the long sleeve blouses. These blouses would look brilliant with golden flower embroidery and deep necks.

    wedding maggam work blouse designs

    wedding maggam work blouse designs

  8. Simple Yellow U-Shaped Blouse

    This blouse pair with a simple silk saree will surely give a flawless look to every bride who is looking for a minimalistic attire for her wedding functions. Moreover, you can boost its elegance with braided hair and real Maggam work blouse designs

  9. Green Maggam blouse

    This green Maggam blouse is sure to give you a drool-worthy look. Moreover, this unconventional look is perfect for quirky and offbeat brides. the contrast pairing of yellow flowers and a white printed skirt completes the Maggam work blouse designs

  10. Pastel Pink Blouses

    Everyone is talking out pastels nowadays. Also, This blouse is a very stylish combination of new trends and traditional Maggam embroidery work. Furthermore, the tassels and hairstyle certainly make the look even more Maggam work blouse designs

  11. Black Sleeveless Blouse

    This black sleeveless embroidered blouse is sophisticated and very elegant. If you don’t want to go the conventional colors like red and yellow for your wedding ceremonies, this could be a great choice. Also, when you were it with jhumkas or long earrings the attire just gets more Maggam work blouse designs

  12. Pot Neck Aari Blouse Work

    Among wedding Maggam work blouse designs this one is among the most popular ones. The refined borders and intricately designed sleeves could win anyone’s heart. Moreover, when worn with a saree or skirt of contrasting color and traditional jewelry, this dress will bring glory to the ceremony.

  13. wedding Maggam work blouse designsParrot Green Wedding Maggam Work Blouse Designs

    This bridal blouse has a beautiful color base and even better embroidery. The three-quarter sleeve with golden borders complements the saree and the belt magnificently. Furthermore, when worn with gold jewelry the attire just screams grace.

    wedding Maggam work blouse designs

  14. Golden Threadwork

    This yellow bridal blouse can be the ultimate choice for a bride who is looking for something simple yet a little fancy. the golden thread work and the floral patterns make the blouse a perfect fit for wedding ceremonies. And when worn with a pink saree and coordinated makeup this saree will bring out the sophisticated and clear personality of the bride.

  15. wedding Maggam work blouse designs Blue Base Silk Blouse

    If you are planning to ditch the regular traditional colors and want to go for something different and unique, this one might be a good choice. The blouse has beaded border designs and is made out of silk fabric. Moreover, The dress paired with a golden belt and real flower bring out a traditional Maggam work blouse designs

  16. White Maggam Blouse 

    The blouse has detailed designer embroidery and is perfect for all traditional weddings. This attire with saree and golden borders is something you can’t get enough of.

  17. wedding Maggam work blouse designsOpen Back Aari Work Blouse

    The blouse has an abstract look from stones, zari, and polka. also, the curved stitched borders highlight the look. Moreover, the shiny finish of the material gives it a beautiful wedding vibe.

  18. wedding Maggam work blouse designsSubtle Eye Neck Pink Blouse

    This pink blouse with an eye-neck cut has a very stylish and chic design. The small golden embroidery adds extravagance to the simple blouse.

  19. High Neck Maggam

    High neck blouses allow space for more embroidery and more design. Moreover, A heavy blouse with Maggam blouse work put together with a simple saree and traditional jewelry is a perfect sight for wedding functions.

  20. Elephant Motif Blouse Design

    This elephant motif embroidered blouse is distinguished and decorous. This look is good for all small wedding functions like Myra and will even give a zazzy look to sangeet ceremonies.

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