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Boho Wedding Ideas for a Totally Creative Plush Outdoor Wedding

If you want to hold a fall wedding this year then outdoor boho wedding ideas could be perfect. The bohemian wedding theme is chic. It not only saves cost but also looks unique and romantic. Then, the wedding venue can be your backyard or someplace in the wood or the mountain. Then, the rust commonly used color in stage lighting is evident in the yellow tones. It is the classic and most popular color for the Boho wedding theme. This one perfectly matches the faded leaves.

If you’ve already started the wedding planning process then you know there are a ton of styles. We recommend a boho wedding if woven décor elements excite you. Then, organic linens and earthy details can transform a traditional reception into a bohemian wedding. You can select from a range of floral centerpieces and greenery installations

For starters, agates and geodes never fail to create a magical indie feel. Then, the credit for it belongs to their rich jewel tones. Crystals and quartz are just as dreamy when scattered across wedding reception tables. Furthermore, boho wedding décor looks creative and artsy. Go for the ever-popular succulent or great boughs of greenery. Then, it doesn’t get earthier than that. Soothe your eyes from items that grow from the soil. While the ground may serve as an inspirational source for your boho wedding, so does the sky above. There’s nothing dreamier or more romantic than a starry night, constellations, and crescent moons. Then, incorporating spirituality and personal rituals can go a long way in setting a deep and soulful tone.

Then, here are 15 creative boho wedding ideas-

1. Geometric Altar as Boho Wedding Ideas

A teepee altar can bring an enchanting element to a bohemian wedding ceremony. Decorating the humble wooden structure helps. Use local ferns and vines to keep vision sympathetic to the surrounding. The minimalist ceremony décor helps to highlight the uniqueness of the altar design.

triangle altar for boho wedding ideas

2. Plush Ceremony Seating

For a fresh take on ceremony seating, nix the chairs and stiff benches. Layout a plush viewing area for your guests to enjoy the proceedings. These seating platforms are mandatory features in most Sikh weddings. In an earlier time, it came with all the comforts and ultra-soft textiles of home.

wedding ceremony seating for boho wedding ideas

3. Boho Wedding Ideas amid Nature

A wooden nuptial arch along with hanging succulents complements the surrounding desert landscape. A candlelit glow and swath of draped fabric soften the scene. This provides for a dreamy vow exchange amid the rugged terrain.

wooden arch for boho wedding ideas

4. Hanging Florals

You will find wildness and freedom at the core of all things bohemian. Thus this ideology should seep through the entire design process. Right from detailed features to the overarching floral theme. But then, be sure to keep flowers casually loose and natural. It is ideal to have a laid-back approach. Anything too tight and polished would seem out of place.

florals for boho wedding ideas

5. Incorporate Gemstones for your Boho Wedding Ideas

Plant a  triangular ceremony arch crafted from copper piping drips. Then, with turquoise gems in a wind-chime, the décor comes alive. Turquoise clears negative energy and brings prosperity. But we love the idea of customizing the wedding design with gems that resonate with you.

gemstones in wedding arch for boho wedding ideas

6. Wear a Flower Crown for Boho Wedding Ideas

A Bohemian Wedding is like pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book. Also, they are all about channeling effortless, elegant style. The elegance of this gown is unparalleled. Pair it with a soft, loose hairdo and a delicate flower crown. This evokes a free-spirited nature.

flower crown for boho wedding ideas

 7. Gather in a Greenhouse 

Go for a backdrop that highlights the organic and ethereal atmosphere of their day. Then, a vintage solarium amidst a lush botanical garden will set your heart all aflutter. The stunning reception and seating area housed within it took our breath away.

greenhouse boho wedding ideas

8. Build a Bar for Boho Wedding Ideas

Effortless, laid-back, and heartwarming in its rustic simplicity. This gorgeous bar area will not go unnoticed. Then, two wine barrel supports should do the job to perfection. Add a slab of reclaimed wood, and maybe a posy of dried grasses. This is all you need to pull off this bohemian dream.

bar for boho wedding ideas

9. Lay down a Lounge

The unrestrained manner of a lounge makes for a bohemian touch. This area hits home with the aesthetic of bold textiles. Thus, you can add plush cushioning and saturated pops of color. This will make it eye-catching. Then, this can even serve as an intimate conversation space. This is ideal for anyone needing a respite from all the wedding commotion.

boho lounge for boho wedding ideas

10. Celestial Cake for Boho Wedding Ideas

This celestial cake is out of this world. Inspired by the starry sky, it shows off the charms of midnight. The thin, black candles of various heights transform the confection. Therefore, you are taken to a galactic altar for the most sacred and divine.

celestial cake for boho wedding ideas

11. Hang Wicker Lanterns

Hang this woven installation above an outdoor table setting to make it bohemian-beach style. Then, these DIY nest-like structures embody creativity and help you get relaxed. Also, check this space for lighting ideas. It has the spirit of the ocean and its beaches.

wicker lantern for boho wedding ideas

 12. Drape Dream Catchers for Boho Wedding Ideas

Dream catchers are considered sacred charms that offer protection from negative energies. Then, plan your wedding accordingly. This beach-forward alternative replaces the traditional web design. Then, what you see here is an intricate lace pattern. then, this provides a Mediterranean twist. It uses olive branches and shells over feathers and beads.

dreamcatchers for boho wedding ideas

13. Remember to Incorporate Rituals

Rituals are a beautiful way. Then, use bits of personal spiritual practice on the wedding day.

incorporation rituals for boho wedding ideas

14. Camping Tent for Boho Wedding Ideas

Get ready for a truly unforgettable and out-of-the-box experience. Then, amp up your wedding tent decoration too.

camping tent for boho wedding ideas

15. Make a Mandala

Mandalas are circular geometric patterns that are used as spiritual guides or to define a space. Then, the design is symbolic of the cosmos. Then, it depicts that there is a  connection between everything within the universe. This floral mandala covers the entire dance floor. Its center creates an intimate space for the newlyweds. This is where you can share your first dance.

mandala for boho wedding ideas

First, get creative with your boho wedding ideas. Then, try making it a point of conversation for your guests. Then, have fun. As always, bookmark your favorites!!