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24 Wedding Bar Decor Ideas for Both Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Functions

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeJul 6, 2021

A bar at a wedding is kind of everyone’s happy place. Bars make your wedding decor all lively and a buoyant affair. And therefore, the bar area should be decorated with equal consideration and should also match the theme. If you’re looking for some inspiration for wedding bar decor ideas, then you are at just the place. Categorizing the best wedding bar decor ideas here are some common categories:

  1. Lighting Bar Decor
  2. DIY Bar Decor Ideas
  3. No-Booze Bar Decor
  4.  Repurposed and Vintage Bar Decor Ideas

We have compiled some amazing wedding bar decor ideas just for you.

  1. Ice Bar Wedding Bar Decor Ideas

    An ice bar decor design is perfect for a fairy tale wedding. With the perfect snowy backdrop, it’s just gorg!! Moreover, you can carve the initials of the couple’s name in the bar decor. Ice Bar Wedding Bar Decor Ideas


  2. Fun Truck Bar Decoration

    Trucks are an integral part of all north Indian weddings and so is alcohol. Why not mix them together?? A fully decorated and colorful bar can be the highlight of your outdoor wedding. wedding bar decor ideas

  3. Lights and Mirror Themed Bar Decor

    Light and mirror decoration combined together is so powerful. The lighting could be white, pink, blue, green, etc. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings wedding bar decor ideas

  4. DIY Wedding Bar Decoration

    Planning a minimalistic wedding? Here’s a make your own drink wedding bar decor idea. You can display all the drinks on a decorated table. wedding bar decor ideas

  5. Colorful Mehendi Bar Decor

    Mehendi functions all known for their colour variety and brightness. These wedding bar decor ideas can be a focal point of the decoration. You can use flowers or tassels or even printouts. wedding bar decor ideas

  6. Vintage Bar Decor

    Be it vintage cars, vintage jewelry, or vintage furniture. Vintage can be easily called the new modern. Set up a vintage bar with vintage wine and champagne for your classy weding. wedding bar decor ideas

  7.  Barrel Bar Decor

    What better represents the bar than barrels? The wooden barrel and the table decor give it a vintage as well as classic feel. If you wanna make it more trendy you add lighting and foliage to the mix. wedding bar decor ideas

  8. Tropical Wedding Bar Decor

    Flamingos and tropical themes are not just for cute little girls anymore, Tropical themes warrant amazing decorations. Bar Decor gives us the platform to experiment. Furthermore, it is the perfect them for beach weddings. wedding bar decor ideas

  9. Pancake/Waffle Bar

    Whoever said that bars could only have drinks had surely never felt the thrill of waffle bars! To make it more interesting to you hang waffles like in the picture and separately keep all the creams, ice creams, and sprinkles. wedding bar decor ideas

  10. Circular Bar Trends

    If you have a very long guest list, we suggest you try circular bars. Not only are more spacious and efficient they look amazing too. You can some lighting in a dark setting or some colours in a bright setting. wedding bar decor ideas

  11. Elegant White Wedding Bar Decor Ideas

    Not a fan of the whole nightclub, lights, and grandeur? We have something for you too. Perfect for minimal weddings and even functions like Mehendi, Haldi, or pool parties. They can be a prominent part of your backyard wedding decorwedding bar decor ideas

  12. Floral Chandelier Bar Decor Ideas

    Chandeliers are known for their class and sophistication. But when the chandelier themselves are made of delicate flowers, they take elegance and glamours to a whole another level. Chandelier topped bars should have a very simple bar setting and decor. wedding bar decor ideas

  13. Rustic Theme Decor

    Just the world rustic could make us imagine something trendy. So here we are with the perfect rustic wedding bar decor ideas. You can have wooden touch, artificial flowers, and fairy light decorations. wedding bar decor ideas

  14. Ferris Wheel Backdrop Wedding Bar Decor

    Ferris wheels have a playful, romantic, and adventourous vibe to them. And we feel all of us can agree that bars too have the same vibe to a certain extent. If you have morning/afternoon functions that are outdoor, you must consider this ferris wheel idea. wedding bar decor ideas

  15. Casino Theme Bar Decor

    Casino themes are fairly common not only for birthday parties or get-togethers but also for cocktail parties, bachelor, and bachelorette parties. This theme gives you the liberty to accommodate a lot of different very exciting elements in the decoration. wedding bar decor ideas

  16. Repurposed Bookcase Bar Decoration Ideas

    Bookcases make amazing bar decor elements. They have the shelves, the look, and the whole rustic vintage feel. You can use it for all indoor parties and events. wedding bar decor ideas

  17. Floral and Foliage Decoration Ideas

    Florals and foliages don’t have to stay limited to wedding table decorations. These decoration ideas could add color and refinement to the decor. wedding bar decor ideas

  18. Beer Bar Decoration

    Beer is not just cost efficient they also have a personal touch. You can have beer dispensers for your weddings. You can add stands and booths with glasses near the dispensers and decorate them.

    wedding bar decor ideas

19. Cigar Bar Decor

Bride or groom or the guests, cigar lovers? Check out something you might like. You can step up a small cigar bar. They are unique and can add a personal touch to the bar decor ideas

20. Beach Themed Wedding Bar

Decorate your bar area with seashells, starfish, or driftwood for a beach-themed wedding. Use blue or turquoise tablecloths and tropical fruits such as pineapples or coconuts in your drink displays.

21. Vintage Themed Wedding Bar

Use antique glasses or copper barware to serve beverages at a vintage-themed wedding. You can also decorate with old-fashioned soda bottles and vintage books or postcards.

Vintage Wedding Bar & Drinks

22. Garden Themed Wedding Bar

The 17 Most Popular Wedding Themes, Styles & Aesthetics

Decorate your bar area with fresh flowers and greenery for a garden-themed wedding. Garden items such as watering cans and planters can also be used as drink dispensers or exhibition stands.

23. Bohemian Themed Wedding Bar

For a bohemian-themed wedding, use colorful tapestries or fabrics to create a backdrop for your bar area. You can also use macrame or dreamcatchers as accents and add some fresh flowers or feathers to your drink displays.

24. Hollywood glamour theme

A Hollywood theme would be an excellent option for your wedding bar setup. For this, use gold or silver accents and add some sparkly elements like sequins or glitter. You can also use crystal or champagne glasses to serve drinks and display some old Hollywood movie posters or photos.

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