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20 Eye-Catching Wedding Table Decoration Ideas for a Classy Wedding

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeMay 26, 2021
5 min read

Everything for your wedding decoration should match not only the surroundings but also the personality of the couple. The wedding table decoration must make you comfortable and amaze you with its beauty. So to fulfill all your goals, here’s a list of 20 wedding table decoration ideas that will blow your mind.  

  1. Candlelight Romance

    Candles can give a romantic touch to all wedding receptions. Low centerpieces can encourage table talk among guests. Some tall candles paired with a few short ones to surround them can easily revoke the need for fancy centerpieces. Furthermore, they can give you a fuss-free organic feel.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  2. Floral Fantasy Table Runners

    Flower table runners are trends we have been seeing for the past few years but we can never get bored of them. These blooming accent pieces transform lifeless tables into fresh and beautiful masterpieces.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  3. Dappled Sky Vase Centerpiece

    These dappled sky vase centerpieces make your wedding table a lot more unique and exclusive. If you’re going for a vintage, traditional and cool look you should definitely try these out.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  4. Lush Greenery

    The best thing about lush greenery is that you can go big and still keep it simple. Paired with candles and copper vessel decoration they are one of the most eye-catching wedding table decoration ideas.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  5. Minimalistic Wedding Table Decoration 

    If you are going for an intimate and simple look this minimalistic wedding table decoration is flawless. Neutral colors and small decoratives, if you prefer simplicity over splendor this set might be the best one for you.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  6. Hanging Flowers

    These hanging flowers achieve the same effects as table runners but without overcrowding the tables. Moreover, they can be surrounded by fairy tale lights and faux fern garlands for the finishing touch.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  7.  Bulb Lighting Installations

    In the era of LED lights, these cute little Edison bulbs could make your night a memorable one. The perfect combination of style and charms, this wedding table decoration is perfect for all kinds of wedding ceremonies.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  8.  Subtle and Classic Wedding Table Decorations

    Dim lighting, minimal flowers, and candles this table decoration idea is for everyone who prefers somberness over the zazzy styles. This decoration would fit in with every kind of venue.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  9. Balloon Ceiling Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

    This table decoration idea captures the playful vibes of the wedding ceremony. This wedding table decoration idea is a little uncommon but very chic and affordable. These balloons will portray the childlike innocence and really suit the couple’s personality.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  10. Starlight Soiree

    This wedding table decoration idea would surely give the moon and stars some competition. Creative lighting, gorgeous centerpiece, color-coordinated decoration, this set-up has it all. This idea will be giving everyone table decoration goals.

  11. Splendid Swarovski

    If you are looking for luxurious and radiant wedding table decoration ideas, Swarovski is the best option. The Swarovski centerpiece on your table would speak for itself.  Additionally, Swarovski is the perfect one for the head table in a lavish ceremony.

    wedding table decoration ideas


  12. Beachside Canopy

    For a beachside wedding, this is the ultimate option that incorporates the coastal elements. Between the dress code options and design ideas, you can make your table more beautiful in many ways.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  13. White and Beige Elegance

    There is something special about white and beige table settings, they never cease to amaze us. These classic hues are fit for every style of event. And if you are into bold choices, these white and beige wedding table decoration ideas are just right for you.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  14. Pampas Grass Bunch and Artificial Feather

    If you want to add something chic and vibrant to your wedding table decoration, pampas grass and artificial feathers are the way to go. Also, they add color and grace to the whole setup.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  15. Grandiose Centerpieces

    No wedding table decoration ideas can compete with the classic grandiose centerpiece. They are the go-to options for any table set-up. Not only do they add class, but they also bring luxury to the equation.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  16. Exquisite Chandeliers

    Chandeliers are everyone’s favorite accent. It brings spark and a touch of vintage to the celebration. They work well with any event style whether rustic or classic elegance. Furthermore, chandeliers can add royalty to your wedding table decorations.

  17. Fairy Lighting Table Decoration

    Fairy lights can make any setup dreamy. They can be arranged to give off whatever vibe that suits the couple’s personalities. Above all, fairy lights cascading overhead could give romantic vibes while lights roped to trees set the stage frozen wonderland.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  18. Ferns and Foliage Table Decorations

    Ferns are foliages that symbolize fresh beginnings, property, and harmony. These suspended foliage displays are replacing floral tabletop arrangements and even crystal chandeliers. In addition, they are the ideal look for relaxing and yet elegant table settings.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  19. Flower Garland Decoration Ideas

    Flower garland decorations over your table accompanied with lights and ferns will bring out the traditional and the contemporary side of your wedding celebrations.  Moreover, this decoration would look awesome with a floral centerpiece.

    wedding table decoration ideas

  20. Disco Lights and Black Candles

For a contemporary or modern style wedding, disco lights and black candles would definitely add a buzz to your feast table.  And this wedding table decoration idea accompanied by good music would make your dining way more table decoration ideas

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