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20 Chic Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas That Will Portray Perfection on Your Big Day

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There is nothing that we don’t love about a backyard wedding? Backyard weddings are intimate, convenient, Simplistic, and perhaps more budget-friendly. Here are a few backyard wedding decor ideas to transform your backyard into a paradise. This is how we are going to categorize our backyard decor.

  1. Lightings
  2. Games
  3. Decorative Pieces
  4. BBQ and Wedding Arch
  5. Traditional Ideas
  6. Foliage and Table Decor

There is no place like home for the best day of your life. Here are a few ideas worth considering.

  1. String Light Decorations

    Fairy light decoration is something that all of us are fascinated by. The string light decoration provides just the required amount of light and still maintains the dreamy look.Backyard Wedding Decoration

  2. Lawn Games

    Keeping games board games at a wedding reception might sound absurd but this could be a very viable option. Jenga can be the perfect game.Backyard Wedding Decoration

  3. Hang Rattan Chandelier Backyard Wedding Decor

    Not a fan of the whole grand chandelier thing?? Here is something for you. These rattan chandeliers are perfect for backyard weddings.Backyard Wedding Decoration

  4. Throw a BBQ

    Let’s set up outdoor grills and have our favorite grill master. You can cook the evening meal on the site. The delicious smells of fire and smoke permeating the air will make the party a lot more interesting. backyard wedding decor

  5. Create Wedding Arch

    Consider building a floral arch piece and then use it for your backyard at the wedding. It will make for amazing photographs that you can see daily. it can be for haldi and mehendi ceremony too.

    backyard wedding decor

  6. Tassel Backyard Wedding Decoration

    Tassel decoration ideas look beautiful at weddings. And,  what better way to incorporate tassel in your wedding décor than with backyard decoration? You can use different colors and themes for this idea.

    Backyard Wedding Decoration

  7. Wood Direction Signs

    Direction signs create a whole different buzz. The whole design is something that gives the whole charismatic feel. Wooden direction sign is perfect for your backyard wedding decor.backyard wedding decor

  8. Outdoor Table Setting 

    A wedding table decor can be a perfect decoration for your backyard wedding functions. You can include greenery, foliages, fairy light decorations, and flowers.backyard wedding decor

  9. Snap A Polaroid

    Here is a creative idea for your wedding. You can get your guests to take their pictures, print them on the spot, and get them to stick it in an album.backyard wedding decor

  10. Use Traditional Handlooms

    Traditional handloom decorations can be through curtains, hangings, cushions, couches, and even little pieces of decoration. It gives us a very cultural and traditional look.Backyard wedding decor

    ombre lehenga designs

  11. Relaxing Tent Area

    These tents can be perfect decorations. This one is the way to go for mehendi ceremonies. It is not just graceful and elegant, it also adds a lovely colour to the decoration.backyard wedding decor

  12. Dancing Floor Backyard Wedding Decor

    Dancing is an important part of all weddings. And who says you need a stage for it? Get a dance floor built it can be disco related to a chessboard pattern.backyard wedding decor

  13. Swing Decoration

    Swings are magical and they definitely do have a divine touch to them. Moreover, you can make it worthwhile with flowers and tassels.backyard wedding decor

  14. Wedding Chalkboard Ideas

    Chalkboard designs are now kind of a necessity in modern weddings. They personalize, decorate, and make the decor even more exclusive.backyard Wedding decor

  15. Paper Fans

    If you think Fans are just for birthday parties and get-togethers, you couldn’t be more wrong. Backyard Weddings can be made more and more glamourous with fan decorations.backyard wedding decor

  16. Outdoor Lounge Furniture

    Outdoor lounge furniture is perfect for photoshoots and decorations.  Lounge furniture will give it a very homey feel.backyard wedding decor

  17. Lantern Backyard Wedding Decor

    Lanterns have signified love and hope for ages. Why not add it to your wedding decoration? Use it for your evening wedding and pair it with some light bulbs.backyard wedding decor

  18. Gazebo Wedding Decoration

    Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot under a gazebo? This is something that would lighten up your whole celebration. You can always take it upon yourself to give it a personal touch with flowers, lights, foliages, etc.

    Backyard wedding decor

  19. Tree Foliage Decoration

    Trees are an important part of your backyard, then why not use them to your advantage. Make it more beautiful with decorations, you can also make it your centre of attraction of your photo booth.

    backyard wedding decor

  20. Drinks Cart 

    Drinks surely make for an amazing decorative piece. Have a cart with drinks of all flavors and colors. Add some more slushies and jello if you want to make it more creative.Backyard wedding decor

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