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4 Bridal Trends For A Modern Minimalist Wedding

By Purv Bhoj
Blog timeJun 30, 2021

The modern minimalist bridal motif is taking most wedding scenes and is becoming a growing trend. The concept uses simple design elements and pleasing palettes to make the entire theme intentional. 

The Modern Minimalism Wedding Concept

Minimalism is a ‘less is more’ mindset that modern couples are adapting to achieve a simple yet luxurious bridal concept. It’s not about eliminating color and going for a boring, dull wedding theme. It’s also entirely not about the quality of wedding resources. Instead, the minimalism theme is about showcasing only the important elements and wedding décor trends you and your about-to-be spouse find meaningful.

Because it goes for a clean and sophisticated look, the modern minimalism concept uses lots of greenery, neutral palettes, acrylics, geometric décor, and more to create a chic and elegant wedding. It’s also usually held outdoors—beach, forest, garden, and the like—to match the earth-toned colors and most of the design elements of the wedding. 

With all these, modern minimalism is a great concept that fits into any season. It’s likewise a great theme to explore, especially with an ever-growing wedding expense list. The bridal concept encourages you to maximize the resources around you, helping you stick to your budget.

Bridal trends

Bridal Minimalist Trends

While it can be an appealing option, it can be quite tricky to follow a minimalist wedding concept. How can you do more with less?  To guide you, below are bridal trends you can consult for a modern minimalist wedding. 


  • Tailored-fit Dress

While you may have seen most brides going grand with their gowns, the minimalist affair takes a different stand. 

If you’re a minimalist bride, you may wear a sleek, plain white gown. Commonly, dresses have to be tailored-fit, contains sleek cuts, less volume, clean lines, and delicate designs. The aim of the gown is to complement the bride’s beauty and not the other way around. 

To polish it off, pair your dress with a few, simple accessories such as thin bands, pearl earrings, and a silver bracelet. If your gown has a slit, opt for either sleek block heel shoes or a neutral satin sandal. Both of these balances out the sexy slit and help you project a clean yet stunning aura. You can also easily use your pair in the venue and during the after-party. 


  • Monochromatic Bouquet

Monochromatic wedding bouquet looks so luxurious, refreshing, and visually pleasing, especially with an all-white arrangement. You can explore among white tulips, ranunculus, anemones, peonies, roses, and the like. 

Typically, tulips and roses are available all-year round. Opting for these flowers allow you to save money as they’re readily accessible in nearby supermarkets.

Moreover, a monochromatic bundle eliminates the need for complicated design features and floral pairings. It allows you to center your focus on the entire bouquet, helping you appreciate each flower.

  • Sleek Hairstyle

Depending with your dress’ style, your hairstyle has to complement it. For most minimalist brides, you can either put your hair up in a classic bun. This offers you a soft yet airy look that favors sophistication. 

For some minimalist-bohemian brides, they prefer to have their hair embellished with dried flowers and a few greeneries. Other brides even opt for a customized flower crown.

However, if your hair is short, you can have it curled at the ends and style it with delicate hair accessories. If you’re up for the challenge, you can look for simple bridal hairstyles and recreate this during your big day. This allows you to save money from hiring a hair stylist.

Most minimalist hairstyles recommend a natural, seemingly effortless ‘do. No matter which way you go, these suggested hairstyles will allow you to appear chic. It’ll complement both your neutral makeup and tailored-fit white gown.

  • Neutral Stationeries

As mentioned, the modern minimalist theme usually gravitates towards neutral palettes. Considering this, choose neutrals that best reflect your wedding aesthetics.

Commonly, couples would opt for black and white, grays, gold, and dark greens. However, you can also come up with your own palette. For instance, you can go for taupe and intricate greeneries for a garden wedding. Alternatively, if it’s going to be a beach wedding, opt for white and printed ivory roses. For its font, select either simple calligraphy or modern typography.

Moreover, you can play up with monochromatic colors. From your invitation letters, save the date e-cards, bachelorette party invitations, bridal showers, and more, choose one base color and explore its variety. 

As an example, you can take a look at the different shades of blue and how it complements your entire wedding style. Experimenting with color hues allows you to add visual depth to your paper essentials.

Final Thoughts

The modern minimalist wedding has become a trend and is here to stay. Its bridal trends and ideas are easy to adapt too. It’s a versatile, convenient, and no-frills concept that proves how less is more. Without the extra details and fuss, the essential and focal features of the wedding can easily stand out. 

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