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Average Reviews and Ratings for Venues in New York
87 Rating & Reviews

Which are the Popular Event Venues in New York?

How much does Event Venues cost in New York?

It is actually difficult to tell the exact cost but it might scale up to anywhere between Rs 15000 to 50 lakhs, it depends upon your budget and requirements. You can always negotiate with your event planner or vendors and agree on a total cost which suits your budget.

Which are the best Event Venues in New York for 50 - 100 people ?

Are parking facilities available at Event Venues in New York?

You don’t need to worry about parking as most of the locations do provide parking facilities. However, few of them don’t provide parking facilities but they do have valet parking facilities.

Are outside decorators allowed at low budget Event Venues ?

Many locations let you bring your own decorators for your event. Likewise, there are few which don’t allow outside decorators for your function as they have their in-house decoration team who ensures your special occasion is perfectly decorated.

What is the price range for Event Venues in New York?

The prices can range from Rs 400 to Rs 3000. Depending on your budget and other specifications, you can select a few options and then check out their availability on the date of your event. New York has an ample number of options available in every price range, so selecting the best location should not be an issue at all. And the best way to get the list of venues going with your specifications is to apply the Price, Location, and other filters as per your requirements.

How many pure veg Event Venues are there in New York ?

Pure veg Venues are in huge demand. There are around 100+ Veg Venues in New York which are just perfect for all kinds of events.

How do I choose Event Venues?

You can select the best wedding venues from a range of options to choose from Rs 400 to Rs 3000. To select the best Wedding halls in New York, visit our website and put the filters according to your needs. You will simply get the best banquet halls in New York.

What is the booking amount required ?

For booking Event Venues in New York, you have to pay 20 - 30 % of the total cost in advance to confirm your booking. The rest of the amount has to be paid prior to the day of the function.

Are cancellation policies available ?

Yes, cancellation policies are available but they vary from venue to venue. Event Venues typically forfeits the booking amount given. To book the ones which have cancellation policies, check here.

What are the operation hours ?

The Event Venues are open from 7 AM to 12 midnight for events. Some Venues also allow overnight Event Venues. Sales offices are usually open from 10:30 AM to 8 PM.

How to find Wedding Halls Near Me?

You can find Wedding halls near you by simply clicking on our website’s banquets near me page and there you go! You will get all the wedding halls near you.

How many Guests can Event Venues in New York accommodate?

They have different accommodation capacities ranging from the ones that can accommodate 30-50 guests to the ones that can accommodate up to 1000s of guests. Also, there are many Event Venues in New York which can accommodate more than 500 guests.

What services are provided by Top 5 Star Event Venues in New York ?

Caterers for multi-cuisine in veg and non-veg both, Decor Services as per your selected themes and customizations, DJ, Valet Parking, PA System, changing rooms, Baraat, etc.

Do I get any additional Offers on booking the Wedding venue with BookEventz?

Yes, we do provide additional packages and offers on booking with us. We also provide special wedding and birthday vendor packages for all our clients. Check BZ venues in New York which are operated by us.

What are the catering policies at Event Venues in New York?

They provide you with an in- house catering team which are experienced in offering you some delicious dishes. Whereas, in many Event Venues, outside catering is allowed.

Are there rooms available in Event Venues in New York?

Many venues provide complimentary rooms for the couple and their family to get ready and stay in till the wedding ceremony. Other than this, some venues at Event Venues in New York also have rooms available so that all your outstation guests can stay at the same place

To locate the Best Event Spaces near New York visit BookEventZ. Locate the most excellent venues for all your Wedding, Corporate, and other occasions. Host your occasion in venues  listed at our website. All you have to do is shortlist the location and get the best deal for your event i.e. Search. Book. Relax...

Event Venues in New York

New York, or NYC which is undoubtedly the most popular city of the United States and is the dream place for many people to host their wedding or any important function. The city has a number of locations for tourist attraction and is sometimes called the capital of the world. Whether it's a ceremony or a business event, you want everything to go smoothly on the special day. It is impossible to deny that NY is a lovely city in which to organize spectacular weddings and other events. The huge variety of banquet alternatives available has piqued the interest of many couples planning their special day.

The city has a total of 100+ Venues. We at BookEventz offer a variety of Venue types for the customers to select from. They are as follows:

AC Banquet Hall - They provide all kinds of services needed for your special event. The city is a home of millions of salaried people and the requirement of one person differs from the other. Not all families can afford the prices and have a particular budget which they follow. This problem can be solved as we have a lot of options available on our website for all kinds of needs. 

Party Lounges - The Best Lounges for Parties in New York are calling all social event animals. All you need for a perfect Special Occasion is a big dance floor, a massive bar, and a variety of cuisines. Take a break from work and go out with your friends for a weekend full of joy. With some crazy music and moving sessions, celebrate with your near ones in the city that never sleeps.

5 Star Hotel - The city has a lot of hotels and one might get confused while selecting the best one for his/her event. If budget is not an issue to you then NY has the best options for 5 Star Hotels that pamper your visitors with lavish hospitality and exceptional service, leaving you to focus on the event itself. They are just marvellously furnished and possess a lavish interior and exterior which makes your night luxurious and royal.

Veg Banquets - We have a separate section for all the Pure Veg customers so that they can avoid the tedious task of finding a place which is suitable for them. Enjoy the mouth-watering vegetarian cuisines at your wedding/occasion by selecting one of the popular Banquet Halls in NYC.

Party Lawns - New York is situated on one of the world's largest natural harbors and has a lot of parks and lawns which can work as a venue for many events. A lot of people have gatherings, speeches, ceremonies, club meetings, etc. in these places. A lawn can be a great place for a wedding to take place as well. The scene for any Event expects a key part in making the Event critical and a gathering under the open sky would surely be a beautiful memory. So, select your preferred location from the website keeping in mind your budget for the same.

Restaurant - The city has been known as one of the “great food cities” in the world.  In NYC, you will find that they offer a diverse selection of mouth-watering dishes from many places around the world.  It is also the place where many great dishes were created. We have good options along with various filters for you to get the ideal restaurant.

Wedding Chapels - Select the most beautiful chapels and cathedrals to make your wedding day one of the most unforgettable of your life. Our guide will assist you in locating the ideal wedding chapel and church in the city for your special day. From small, private chapels to huge cathedrals and everything in between, there's something for everyone.

Type of Events held at Venues in New York

Rehearsal Dinner - In the United States, a rehearsal dinner is a customary pre-wedding ritual conducted after the wedding rehearsal and the night before the wedding ceremony. The attendees usually include the soon-to-be married couple and other members of the wedding party.

Wedding - A wedding is an occasion in which two individuals get married. Cultures, ethnic groups, religions, nations, and socioeconomic strata all have their own wedding traditions and customs.

Reception - A wedding reception is a celebration that is generally conducted following a wedding ceremony to provide hospitality to people who have attended the wedding, thus the term reception: For the first time as a married couple, the couple receives society in the shape of relatives and friends.

Birthdays - A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person, or figuratively of an institution. Birthdays of people are celebrated in numerous ways, often with birthday gifts, birthday cards, a birthday party, or a rite of passage

Corporate Events - It refers to private events hosted by firms or corporations for their employees, clients, or stakeholders. These events might be large-scale gatherings like conventions and conferences, or smaller gatherings like retreats, holiday parties, or even private performances.

Facilities Provided by Banquet Halls in New York

We know your mind will be full of questions but worry not! BookEventz is here to answer all your queries! The facilities provided are as follows:

Veg / Non - Veg - Not everyone is okay with the idea of non-veg food. The banquets have a variety of food items available in the category of both veg and non-veg which will be suitable for all the customers. They make sure that separate utensils are used in the preparation of these dishes and also that hygiene factor is taken care of. Some of these venues are highly rated by the customers and have special weekday offers to attract the crowd.

Valet Parking - One of the most faced difficulties while travelling somewhere is parking your vehicle. But one does not need to worry as these locations have Valet Parking available where they make sure your vehicle is safely parked and take utmost care of it while you are having a good time with your near and dear ones.

In-house Decoration - While hosting an event, most of the times one has to look for a separate vendore with respect to decorations but worry not, NY venues have in-house decoration options where they provide you with various design options with the best quotations which are budget friendly and will make your occasion memorable.

DJ Music - DJ is extremely important to the event. They perform music directly in front of the audience and engage with them more frequently than other types of artists. The fan's taste is clearly shown through the Disc Jockey's direct and regular contact. Also the latest releases are taken into consideration and are the ones which are more often played.

Wifi - It is very important for corporate events like a seminar or an induction ceremony where people are interacting via computer devices and projectors. Thus, these locations make sure that a smooth Wifi experience is provided to all their customers.

PA System - Hearing presentations when there are hundreds of people in a room might be difficult, but with a good PA system, your audience will be sure to hear every word and won't miss out on important information. Anyone who has ever been to a large-scale event understands how simple it is to become sidetracked.

Cancellation Policy - Life is quite unexpected and you may not even know what might happen when. Few situations are just uncontrollable but you still have to accept the fact and move on likewise due to sudden uncertain situations, you might have to cancel your wedding or any other event. This might as well become a stressful situation for you but worry not, these locations provide you cancellation policies wherein your money is refunded with only a minimal amount deducted as cancellation charges.

Budget Friendly - Finding Best Wedding Banquet Halls in New York in your budget can be a huge task. The good ones are expensive and are booked in advance but worry not as BookEventz is always there for your rescue! There are <number> Banquets in New York and all you need to do is apply the filters.

Liquor Served - Most of the Banquets serve liquor. However, some of them do not allow alcohol, the following is mentioned in the facilities section on our product page.

Capacity of guests offered- The venues are not only known for their excellent services and lavish interior and exteriors but they are also known for providing a huge capacity for guests. A good guest holding capacity results in managing your guests efficiently. This decides how well managed your event was and it decides the experience your guests had. The capacity offered by these banquets ranges from 100-150 guests which shall be quite enough to accommodate the guests properly. 

Best Deals on Event Spaces in NYC

Hosting an event is a costly affair and hence you might want to keep a close eye on the budget of the same. From the smallest grocery to the expense of conducting an event, globalisation has led to the rise in the prices of basic to luxurious commodities. Hence, it can become a really expensive deal. The costs of decorating, food, and so on all add up to a significant sum of money. Despite the fact that you are aware that it is an expensive occasion, you must ensure that you do not go over your allocated budget. There are several locations to select from to keep it inexpensive for you. 

Deals at Affordable rates - A wedding at a posh banquet may be expensive, so you'll want to seek for choices that fit your budget while still providing good service. If you look at your budget, certain banquet halls may be appropriate for you, but they may not provide decent services, whilst others may surpass your budget but provide excellent services. But why fear when BookEventz is here, we provide you with perfect choices which are in your budget and also provide you all the premium services.

Banquets in New York for Corporate Events

Being the capital of the U.S. - Many business parties, conferences, and events take place in New York. The city is well suited to meet any number of criteria that a corporate firm may have, one of which is holding corporate events. Corporate functions can be held at a variety of banquets.

In house Catering Services - These banquets provide superb in-house catering services with unique specialized meals and appetizers to lighten your load. A successful wedding or other celebration is defined by good cuisine and gracious hospitality. The experienced catering professionals will ensure that your guests have a good mouth-watering experience. 

Price range for a Corporate Event at Banquet Halls - Hosting a corporate event may be an expensive affair that can sometimes exceed the company's budget; as a result, choosing the right banquet with a price that suits your budget can be a difficult challenge. Because the rates are reasonable, you will be able to obtain all of the services while staying within your budget. But with BookEventz, we provide you perfect banquets with a budget ranging from <price> per plate per person. 

Why plan your events with BookEventz? 

Simply go to BookEventz's website, www.bookeventz.com, and search for banquets in your city with specific information. With filters, you may choose from a large selection of dinners. You may add filters to your needs, such as price range and vegetarian/non-vegetarian menu selections.