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      How much does Wedding Decorators in St. Louis charge

      Best Wedding decorations can range from anywhere between 40,000 to 5 Lakh, depending on your requirements. It all depends on the choice of your accessories, flowers, and drapes etc.

      Will the decorators in St. Louis provide services for other wedding functions as well?

      Generally, wedding decorators in St. Louis take up decoration work for all the wedding functions. You can choose to hire them either only for the main wedding ceremony and reception or for all the functions depending on your choice and budget.

      Do wedding decorators come onboard for destination weddings?

      There are many wedding decorators in St. Louis who accept destination wedding projects. However, charges for the same may be higher than usual.

      Can i customise the Wedding Decor as per my requirements?

      Yes, you can customise the decorations as per your requirements. You can also request them for their work samples when you visit them for inquiry.