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Weddings, Engagement ceremonies, etc. are special events which need a lot of arrangements. From the interiors to the services offered, you will get the best 5 star banquets in Civil Lines through our website. You can apply all sorts of filters ranging from location, prices, venue type to book the top venue of your choice....

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    Which are the Popular 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines ?

    How much does a wedding cost in Civil Lines ?

    It is actually difficult to tell the exact cost but it might scale up to anywhere between Rs 15000 to 50 lakhs, it depends upon your budget and requirements. You can always negotiate with your wedding planner or vendors and agree on a total cost which suits your budget.

    Which are the best 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines for 50 - 100 people ?

    There are many which can accommodate 50 - 100 people such as:

    Are parking facilities available at 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines ?

    You don’t need to worry about parking as most of the 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines do provide parking facilities. However, few 5 Star Hotel don’t provide parking facilities but they do have valet parking facilities.

    Are outside decorators allowed at low budget wedding halls ?

    Many locations let you bring your own decorators for your event. Likewise, there are few which don’t allow outside decorators for your function as they have their in-house decoration team who ensures your special occasion is perfectly decorated.

    What is the price range for 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines?

    The prices of 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines can range from 400 to 3000. Depending on your budget and other specifications, you can select a few 5 Star Hotel and then check out their availability on the date of your event. Civil Lines has an ample number of options available in every price range, so selecting the best 5 Star Hotel should not be an issue at all. And the best way to get the list of venues going with your specifications is to apply the Price, Location, and other filters as per your requirements.

    How many pure veg banquet halls are there in Civil Lines ?

    Pure veg banquet halls are in huge demand. There are around 100+ Veg Banquet Halls in Civil Lines which are just perfect for all kinds of events.

    How do I choose a Banquet hall?

    You can select the best wedding venues from a range of options to choose from. To select the best banquet halls in Civil Lines, visit our website and put the filters according to your needs. You will simply get the best banquet halls in Civil Lines.

    What is the booking amount required ?

    For booking a 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines, you have to pay 20 - 30 % of the total cost in advance to confirm your booking. The rest of the amount has to be paid prior to the day of the function.

    Are cancellation policies available ?

    Yes, cancellation policies are available but they vary from venue to venue. Banquets typically forfeits the booking amount given. To book the ones which have cancellation policies, check here.

    What are the operation hours ?

    The banquet is open from 7 AM to 12 midnight for events. Some banquets also allow overnight weddings. Sales offices are usually open from 10:30 AM to 8 PM.

    How to find Banquet Halls Near Me?

    You can find banquet halls near you by simply clicking on our website’s banquets near me page and there you go! You will get all the wedding halls near you.

    How many Guests can 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines accommodate?

    They have different accommodation capacities ranging from the ones that can accommodate 30-50 guests for Pre-wedding Functions to the ones that can accommodate up to 1000s of guests for Weddings. Also, there are many Wedding Lawns in Civil Lines which can accommodate more than 500 guests.

    What services are provided by Hotel in Civil Lines?

    The Services provided by are: Caterers for multi-cuisine in veg and non-veg both, Decor Services as per your selected themes and customizations, DJ, Valet Parking, PA System, changing rooms, Baraat, etc.

    Do I get any additional Offers on booking the venue with BookEventz?

    Yes, we do provide additional packages and offers on booking with us. We also provide special wedding and birthday vendor packages for all our clients. Check BZ venues in Civil Lines which are operated by us.

    What are the catering policies at 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines?

    They provide you with an in- house catering team which are experienced in offering you some delicious dishes. Whereas, in many banquets, outside catering is allowed.

    Are there rooms available in 5 Star Hotel in Civil Lines?

    Many venues provide complimentary rooms for the couple and their family to get ready and stay in till the wedding ceremony. Other than this, some venues at hotels in Civil Lines also have rooms available so that all your outstation guests can stay at the same place