Janakpuri Banquets (685 venues)

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Banquet Hall in Janakpuri

Planning to organize an event in Janakpuri and dont know from where to Start? Well, we are here to help you from the scratch. Janakpuri offers you with 64 venues like AC Marriage Halls, Birthday Party Halls, 5 Star Hotels, Restaurants and Lounges

List of Banquets in Janakpuri

Janakpuri is a popular hub to residential areas hence some of the best Banquet Halls are located in Janakpuri. Some of these Banquet Halls in Janakpuri are Janak Puri Club, SK Westend, Casa Royal Banquet, Five Elements by Sandoz
.These Banquet Halls in Janakpuri are famous for their delicious food and their excellent services that can make any event a total success.

Party Halls in Janakpuri

For Party Halls in Janakpuri, You should think about Restaurants and Party Halls which would permit theme decorations, have good continental food and has a cool casual ambience for people to enjoy. Some of the Party Halls in Janakpuri are La Fortuna Banquet, The Diva Luxury Banquet, Victoria Banquet, Precious Moments.

Banquet Halls in Janakpuri with Prices

Banquets Hall in Janakpuri have a varied price range depending on the location and the type of venue. There are Banquet Hall in Janakpuri New Delhi ranging as low as INR 500 and 5 Star Halls ranging upto INR 2500.

Janakpuri Banquet Hall

Janakpuri being a popular residential area, there are over 64 Banquet Halls in Janakpuri that are spread all over the area. Banquet Hall near Janakpuri are conveniently located near highways and bus stops so that it's easy for your guest to reach the location. Some of them are RD's Fiesta, The BBQ Company, Hotel Palazzo Inn, Umang Palace Banquet.

Q.What are the price range of Banquets Halls and Wedding Venues in ?

A. Banquet Halls in are available at a price range of ₹500 to ₹1500. These prices varies depending on the location and type of venue.

Q.Do BookEventZ provide other services for the events ?

Yes, BookEventz provide other services for the events like

Q.Are there parking services available ?

Most of the Banquet Halls in provide Parking Services.

Q.What are the various types of events that we conduct?

The Various types of Events that we conduct are Birthday Party, Wedding, Corporate Events, Cocktail Party, Get Together.

Q.What are the prices of popular Banquet Halls in ?

Standard prices of Popular Banquet Halls in

Banquet Halls with CapacityVeg Price (Per Person)Non-Veg Price (Per Person)
The Ritz at Ambience Golf drive (1000 - 9000)Starts from ₹3000Starts from ₹0
Casa Royal Banquet (50 - 500)Starts from ₹900Starts from ₹1100
Precious Moments (50 - 450)Starts from ₹900Starts from ₹1100
La Fortuna Banquets (50 - 400)Starts from ₹1250Starts from ₹1350