Banquet Halls in Peera Garhi (490 venues)

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Banquet Halls in Peera Grahi

There are AC Banquet Halls in Peera Grahi

There are few Small Banquet Halls in Peera Grahi that are suitable for Parties and some Large Banquets in Peera Grahi suitable for Weddings and Receptions.

Budget Banquet Halls in Peera Grahi start from as low as Rs. 400 and 5 Star Banquet Halls in Peera Grahi start from Rs.1800 going upwards to Rs.4000.

There are some pure vegetarian banquets in Peera Grahi too.

Depending on your event requirements, we will give you complete end to end assistance to choose the venue of your choice.

Wedding Halls in Peera Grahi

Wedding is one of the most important days in your life and finding the dream venue could be very exhaustive. But with BookEventz specialized services, your dream day is going to be as smooth as possible. There are a number of wedding banquets we could provide you based on your preferences, budget, capacity and proximity of area.

There are a lot of Wedding Venues in Peera Grahi. Popular Marriage Halls in Peera Grahi are , ,

Most of these Wedding Halls provide in-house caterers and decorators.

Also, there are few Wedding Lawns in Peera Grahi having capacity ranging from 500 to 2000.

Party Halls in Peera Grahi

Party life in Delhi NCR is something that none of you want to miss. From dance clubs to peaceful lounges, you can find whatever you are seeking in this dream city. Moreover, you are looking at the right area. Peera Grahi is the hub of party life and we are sure, you would be confused to choose the party venue from hundreds of options around you. But with BookEventz here to assist you, the process is going to be completely hassle free, whether you are looking for corporate cocktail party, birthday party or any other social party.

First you have to decide the type of party you want to organise, budget of your event and the number of people you want to invite to your party. Also decide your food preferences, whether you require alcohol or not, BookEventz will take care of the rest and will offer you an unforgettable experience in your life.

There are a lot of happening Party Places in Peera Grahi.

Party Venues in Peera Grahi give great deals for Birthday Parties and social gatherings.

Most of the Small Party Halls which allow liquor to be served are suitable for Cocktail and Corporate Parties.

Conference Halls in Peera Grahi

Organising a corporate event will no longer eat up your time and money. Whether it’s a big corporate event of a multinational company or small training session of a startup, you can completely rely on the services of BookEventz to make it successful.

We have a lot of venues in Peera Grahi and good expertise to assist you. Since we successfully completed more than 1000 corporate events including training, brand launch ,fashion shows , movie screenings etc, we can claim without any doubt that you are in the right place to organise your event.

There are a few Conference Venues in Peera Grahi as well.

These popular Conference Halls in Peera Grahi are always the first choice of corporate and multinational companies for their corporate events

Q.What are the price range of Banquets Halls and Wedding Venues in ?

A. Banquet Halls in are available at a price range of ₹500 to ₹1500. These prices varies depending on the location and type of venue.

Q.Do BookEventZ provide other services for the events ?

Yes, BookEventz provide other services for the events like

Q.Are there parking services available ?

Most of the Banquet Halls in provide Parking Services.

Q.What are the various types of events that we conduct?

The Various types of Events that we conduct are Birthday Party, Wedding, Corporate Events, Cocktail Party, Get Together.

Q.What are the prices of popular Banquet Halls in ?

Standard prices of Popular Banquet Halls in

Banquet Halls with CapacityVeg Price (Per Person)Non-Veg Price (Per Person)
Chanson Banquet (100 - 450)Starts from ₹1000Starts from ₹1050
Rajkamal Banquets (100 - 600)Starts from ₹1200Starts from ₹0
The Knots Banquet (100 - 600)Starts from ₹1300Starts from ₹0
The Maidens Crown (300 - 800)Starts from ₹1250Starts from ₹0