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15 Vintage Car Wedding Entry To Make A Grand Entrance

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The day devoted to declaring love and commitment deserves the romance of a vintage car wedding entry. A vintage car adds class to royal, retro-themed, western, and even beachside weddings. But choosing the right vintage car can be a bit of a tussle.  A car that suits your personality and maintains your individuality is the right car for you. So, here is a list of 15 vintage cars that will ensure a spectacular entry. 

  1.  Jaguar MK II

    Every part of the wedding screams elegance and so should the wedding entry. This 6 passenger convertible vintage car wedding entry with your friends and family. Also, the car is quintessential for all retro-themed weddings.

    vintage car wedding entry

  2. 50 LRG Limousine Buick

    If you are going for a classy and modern wedding, a limousine is a car for you. This 7 seater car could graciously accommodate a family making an entry with all friends and cousins a real possibility.

    vintage car wedding entry

  3. Chevrolet Phaeton vintage car wedding entry

    Nothing portrays royalty better than a convertible vintage car, driven by a uniformed chauffeur driving through the lawns of the beautifully decorated wedding venue.  Antique vehicles have a higher value due to their rarity and that is what makes them so appealing. This vintage car is perfect to make a royal entrance in a modern style.

    vintage car wedding entry

  4. Desoto 1930 

    This is the ideal vintage car for a hill station as well as a beach wedding. The style and structure of this vintage car give a classy as well as a tint of conservative vibe.

    vintage car wedding entry

  5. Ford 1930

    We have proved this in every aspect of the ceremony be it the traditional lehengas, the jewelry, or the rituals that we like vintage. Apart from the charms, it is the luxury that makes it unbeatable. This vintage car works for both the bride and the groom.

    vintage car wedding entry

  6. Heritage Badsworth

    This exquisite vintage car for wedding entry is perfect for a beachside wedding. The color of this car makes it a viable option for all themes and decorations. Furthermore, this entry is a fairy tale coming to life.

    vintage car wedding entry

  7. 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom

    When it comes to the big fat weddings, Indians have always believed, the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune. Nothing defines luxury better than a Rolls Royce. This vintage car can surely make the ceremony lavish and will make you cherish your wedding entry for all eternity.

    vintage car wedding entry

  8. Roadmaster 1939 

    This 6 passengers convertible sedan puts out an unmatchable style statement for all kinds of weddings. This car can help you pull off a smart and mysterious look as well as a cool and chill look.

    vintage car wedding entry

  9. Rolls Royce silver shadow

    This vintage car looks as if it was pulled from a British romance novel. If you are looking for an entry that you and everyone present would remember till the end of their time, this car is the way to go.

    vintage car wedding entry

  10. The Beauford vintage car wedding entry

    Don’t wanna go for the regular phoolon ki chadar entry? This classic car is seamless for bridal entry. A bride saying Adieu to her family, entering the hall dressed as a queen with her girl gang, keeps it sassy and traditional at the same time. vintage car wedding entry

  11. CM6 Chrysler

    This Classic car captivates us with its beauty and engineering. It evokes memories and captures the moments in style. Making it perfect for a contemporary and modern style wedding.vintage car wedding entry

  12. Ford Early V8 Convertible

    The Baraat is an unforgettable part of the Indian wedding and the groom’s entry with all the pomp and show in a vintage car sure trumps an entry on a horse. This vintage car keeps the old traditions going while embracing the latest trends.

    vintage car wedding entry

  13. Daimler

    These vintage cars manufactured between 1939 and 1952 symbolize the depth of the relationship that will stay beyond time. No car is more perfect for one last drive of bachelorhood. Also, the wedding day is the one day we get to feel like royalty.vintage car wedding entry

    wedding table decoration ideas

  14. Ford Model B

    Renting vintage cars can be a little tricky. Experienced wedding planners could get you the best deals and best models without any effort. This vintage car with a history of being driven by the Nawab and loved by the queen will surely win the hearts of everyone around. Also, it is perfect for a cute and desi entry.

    vintage car wedding entry

  15. 1930 Dodge Brothers

Making a grand appearance on their wedding day is always on the checklist of the to-be-weds. When the day that we have been planning for, for the better parts of our lives finally arrives, we want everything to be perfect. This shows both the quirky individuality and sophisticated nature of the couple.

vintage car wedding entry

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