Sangeet Ceremony

10 Sangeet Ceremony Ideas For A Fantabulous Night

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Sangeet is one of the most-awaited and happening ceremonies of the wedding celebrations. The Extravaganza is a grand affair full of fun, frolic, dance, and music.

A list of best songs for sangeet ceremony especially Bollywood songs and dance songs, dance preparations including sangeet ceremony couple dance, glimmering decorations, gorgeous fashionable outfits, and much more are some of the sangeet party ideas to make the ceremony an unforgettable experience. Sangeet night party themes are also much in trend for a glamorous show.

Theme story:

Let’s face it, we have been brought up seeing Bollywood. So, why not build a sangeet ceremony theme act portraying the life story of the bride and the groom. Different themes for sangeet give a different vibe to the sangeet party. Give a glimpse of the events in the life of the couple with a crisp of Bollywood songs and dance and get the feet grooving to the rhythm. A slideshow in the backdrop can also be played to touch the hearts. Sangeet theme ideas are something that can light up your sangeet to a great extent. Hence, experience the nostalgia and what-awaits-jittery smiles of the going-to-get hitched couple!

Theme Story

Grannies and grandpas on the dance floor:

The show is never complete without the blessings of your elders. Bring them to the dance floor and see them rock the floor with their unique and adorable style filled with bliss and love for the couple. To add a little tadka, make them wear sunglasses and play some masala numbers like “banno raani”.



Qawwali night:

Let the festive mood set in with the magic of soul-stirring Sufi or qawwali music. The live performances of the qawwali singers pour the stage with a soothing convergence of voices appearing so enchanting to the senses. Once the mood is set, the DJ will take over the dance floor.

Qawalli singing


Ice breaking face-off:

The age old tradition of the face-off between the girl’s side and boy’s side is just an exciting part of the sangeet ceremony. Make chits containing names of the members of both the sides of the family and put them in 2 separate bowls. Ask the MC to pick up chits from the two bowls. The names picked up have to dance together and break away from all the awkwardness.

Ice breaking dance



Karaoke Night:

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Well, here’s your chance extend your bathroom singing to the stage with your loved ones. It is ultimate fun to materialise the melody beats into a musical fiesta. Combine sangeet songs with Antakshani to back up the shy relatives to the rhythm.

Karaoke singing


Flash Mob:

Make the night amusing by planning a flash mob with your friends and cousins. Rehearse a well-coordinated set of steps with a group of 20-25 people. As the party gets dull, add glam by one random person randomly starting to dance at the stage. As people look amused, another person joins, which goes on until the entire group delivers the coordinated performance much to everyone’s amusement.

Flash Mob


Couple Games:

Paper dance is an interesting game that never fails to rouse the chemistry between the couples. What could be a better occasion to fill the night with romance other than the wedding itself. The folding of paper into half each time the music stops brings the couples closer and elevates the chemistry between them, adding to the brilliance of the night.

Couple games


Awards night:

Add some creativity along with fun to the gala night. From “the most popular girl/guy” to “the most shy aunty”, plan as many creative titles as you can. Without much saying, this would be one of the parts that will be always talked.

Awards night


Photo Booth:

The charm of the night could be none other than everyone’s favourite, the photo booth. Enjoy the night by clicking some wonderous selfies that make the day memorable for many more years to come. Use innovative props like funny masks, huge sunglasses, handbands with pom poms, window frames in cars, etc. to add to the party feel.

Photo Booth


Professional performances:

Invite celebrities or professional dancers to add the extra glamour to the show. Give a spark to the craziness by adding a popular quotient to the extravaganza.


Cheers to a rocking night of dance, music, masti and entertainment! After all, “Abhi to party shuru hui hai”!!!!


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