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12 Fabulous Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!

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Though there are multiple tales that explain why we celebrate Valentine’s day, they all come to the same conclusion. We set aside 14 February of each year to pay tribute to the very emotion that sustains human existence: love. Even though we need to be able to express affection to those we hold dear throughout the year, there is something rather beautiful about making special efforts on this particular day. And if you’re looking for ways to make your significant other feel special, look no further. We bring to you some splendid Valentine’s Day 2020 celebration ideas that will leave them feeling oh-so-loved!

1. Make them a Scrap Book!

Name one way to express your love for someone better than by making sincere efforts. Taking out the time to make something for somebody you love screams, “you’re important to me”. And that is, we suggest you make your significant other a scrapbook. Bring out your craft supplies, get all your pictures together printed and put your story down on paper. Let the creative juices overflow!

Scrapbook: Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!

2. Attend a Wine Tasting

Wine has become a very important part of celebrating romance. From anniversaries to dinner parties, the serving of wine is known to make occasions a little more special. And that is why. More and more couples are booking romantic getaways that include wine and chocolate tastings! Wine offers a perfect mix of fun and sophisticated titillation and let’s just face it: they make meals all the more elegant!

Wine tasting: Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!

3. Couples Who Bake Together, Stay Together!

Regardless of where exactly you fall on the “I love baking” spectrum, it can be a very connective experience. This is one of the most intimate Valintine’s Day 2020 celebration ideas because spending time in the kitchen making a home-cooked meal is a greatly enjoyable activity. Besides, who cares if you don’t really understand what crust browning is? Put some frosting and sprinkles on and enjoy your creation! What matters is that you get to spend quality time with your loved one.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!

4. Host a Game Night for Couples

If you aren’t really sure about how to keep the entire day interesting, you can bring together all your couple friends and have a game night! This is a sure-shot way to ensure that you have a blast. Besides, spending time with other couples might give you some insight! Check out some amazing valentine’s day party ideas to host the perfect couples’ night here.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!

Valentine's day 2020 celebration ideas
Book your next venue for the couple’s game night party here

5. Take a Trip

There are very few activities that offer us as much experience as travelling does. And sharing this particular experience will bring you closer. Book flight tickets to someplace exotic for the Valentine’s Day weekend or just go on a long drive. There is no better way to make great memories than exploring new places together!

Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!

6. Celebrate All Days of Valentine’s Week!

Though this is a relatively new tradition, it is now common for people to celebrate the entire week leading to Valentine’s Day. Each day marks celebrating love with something romantic. So before this Valentine’s Day 2020, make your partner feel special for the whole week! Here’s a list of days of Valentine’s week that might come in handy!

Valentine’s Day 2020 Celebration Ideas!
Days of Valentine Week

7. Unwind at a Spa

For couples that work hard throughout the week, a rejuvenating spa session can do wonders! Book for a couples massage/therapy session and spend your time together relaxing and unwinding!

Valentine's day 2020 celebration ideas

8. Make Dinner!

The simple act of making someone a home-cooked meal is intimate and special. This is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day 2020 celebration ideas. Cook your significant other a romantic dinner by the time they’re back home from work. Light some candles, play soft music and enjoy a very meaningful time together.

Valentine's day 2020 celebration ideas

9. Do something adventurous together

Psychology says that doing activities that get your adrenaline pumping brings you closer. People associate excitement with their company. Plan a surprise trip to the amusement park. Go adventure sporting: paraglide over the ocean or jump off a cliff (just kidding. We meant go paragliding between the mountains)! 

Valentine's day 2020 celebration ideas

10. Take a Dance Class Together

Get your dancing shoes out and attend a dance workshop together. Book a weekend salsa or bachata dance class and experience the most enjoyable time ever!

valentine’s day 2020 celebration ideas

11. Write a Letter to Eachother

Leaving a handwritten note/letter expressing honest feelings is one of the simplest and most intimate valentine’s day 2020 celebration ideas ever. Put to paper all your beautiful feelings towards your significant other and watch them well up with joy. Your handwriting need not be nice. Your feelings have to be true!

valentine's day 2020 celebration ideas

Last, but not the least, we bring to you one of the most relaxing valentine’s day 2020 celebration ideas ever!

12. Have a Romantic Movie Marathon Together!

This requires no dressing up whatsoever! You can be in your pyjamas all day, stay in bed and eat all your favourite food. Make a playlist of all the great romantic movies and don’t hit pause until the popcorn runs out!

valentine's day 2020 celebration ideas

We hope you found these valentine’s day 2020 celebration ideas helpful. Being able to celebrate the sentiment of love is one of the greatest privileges in the world. Make sure you do it right!     

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