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13 Unique Ideas That Prove Roses Are The Best Wedding Prop

By Shraddha Hire
Blog timeSep 30, 2016

When you think about Wedding Decor, you immediately think about tons and tons of beautiful and fragrant flowers especially roses, the symbol of love. But there’s more to just using them as a table arrangement. Let’s explore the creativity others are incorporating to use roses in their weddings to get away from the stereotypical decor and wedding prop idea. From the invitations to the decor and food,roses can be your best friend for the wedding setup.
1.Rose invitation cards-Lets start up with some elegant invitations. You can extensively experiment either with real roses,petals,paper roses or even simple illustrations work great. Great start with the wedding prop!

rose invitation card wedding prop

tiny rose invitation card

vintage painted rose invitation card


2.Rose wedding dress- Have you ever thought of taking your love for the roses to the next level and get yourself a dress with pretty rose designs,if not real roses. Dont be afraid to style up your D Day gown and go crazy with it alongwith that awestrucking Bridal Makeup. Own it like a queen that you are!

rose wedding prop bridal dress


3.Bridal hair accessory- Roses can really accentuate the look of a bride. For years,beautiful Indian brides have been glorified with the huge amount of flowers in their hair.

bridal-floral-rose-hair-accessory wedding prop

rose flower bridal crown wedding prop


4.Chair decor- One shouldn’t overlook the need for decorating the chair to add more elegance to your wedding. You can choose from the abundant techniques and ideas to add grace to the chairs.

rose chair decor

rose chair decor

pink rose chair decor


5.Chandelier- You can go grandeur or just stick to the simple yet opulent option of chandeliers. Go wild and add volume to the ceiling with a bunch of mix of flowers or else go easy with crystals and singular roses.

floral white rose chandelier

floral crystal rose chandelier-compressed



6.Wedding aisle- Walking down the wedding aisle is like walking towards a new life. So, you got to make sure it looks way beyond beautiful.

red rose wedding aisle

red rose petal wedding aisle


7.Rose wedding stage backdrop- Wedding stage enjoys the spotlight for the entire wedding. Discuss with your Event Planner and stage decorator. Explore different tints,designs and elements to bring alive your concept of a dream-like rose-embedded wedding stage backdrop.



8.Rose photobooth backdrop- Time to get the cameras set on you. Create a perfect backdrop with way too many roses behind you inspiriting you to be the best posers ever! Ombre, contrast, monochrome are some of the popular areas of experimentation.



9.Rose cupcakes- Keep the sweet treat flowing to delight your guests’ sweet tooth. Also, the cute little custom made rose cupcakes will have a huge smile on everyone’s face before getting the courage to eat it.




10.Rose wedding cake- To raise the wow factor, hire the best cake maker possible and get a gigantic rose wedding cake. The guests are sure to gasp making your efforts worth it. Try Integrating unique elements to move further from the cliche wedding cake ideas.


rose wedding cake


11.Rose mandap- Indian weddings and flowers are inseparable. And why wouldn’t they be. Flowers make everything so beautiful. Even the mandaps can be embedded with the magnificent hues of roses in different eye-pleasing styles.


yellow-white-roses- mandap wedding prop

white circular floral roses mandap wedding prop

red rose floral mandap wedding prop


12.Rose centrepieces- Guests get time to admire the wedding decor when they sit down to eat. So, make sure you give them something more to admire with amazing rose centrepieces. Select the hue according to the color tone of your wedding setup. Mostly, go monochrome or pastels to elicit tranquility while guests dine.

white roses floral table wedding prop

white rose wedding prop

white-pink-roses-floral-wedding-table-centrepiece-wedding prop


13.Rose-slings- If you aren’t content with only this, then you can probably use the surroundings to support the rose-slings. There are innumerable ways in which you can embody your creativity and preference to make unique rose-slings perfect for your wedding.

DIY sling roses wedding prop

white roses crystal sling wedding prop

wedding venue

Pretty sure you are falling in love with the roses once again. So,set yourself up for some more research and have the best of the best wedding prop ideas  executed at your wedding.


If you are on a wedding research spree, then click here to check out some of the epic wedding themes and ideas which you wouldn’t want to miss out.

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