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Celebrate Your Colleague’s Birthday Without Annoying The Boss!

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Let’s be honest. Nobody enjoys coming to work on their birthday. And the least thing you could do as a colleague is to make him/her feel super special at work. After all, coworkers are almost like a second family right? So take the risk, share the following plans with your Boss/HR and we assure you none will have a problem and you’ll definitely end up giving your colleague the best birthday surprise ever!

(P.S – The Funnier the better!)

Dress Code:

birthday printed tshirts

Customised t-shirts top our list. Figure out your colleague’s favorite movietv series or probably that one line that they say often and you’re sorted. If you’re planning this surprise last minute, go for a color code and dress up in their favorite color.

Not So Noisy Games:

office games

Let’s not forget that you are at work. However, there are several games that can be played without annoying the people around.
For example:
Treasure Hunt: Make clues related to people at work and let the hunt lead him/her to the cake!
Hot/Cold Game: Hide the cake or the gifts. You can play this game only if the wifi or internet speed on your cell phone is exceptionally good. Form a group chat and start guiding him/her. Every time they are nearer to the prize everyone pings Hot, or otherwise.

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Customized Birthday Cake:

birthday cake for colleague

Speaking of cake, it should definitely not be a boring one! Since you might be using it as a prize, give the cake a funny makeover. Favorite movie star, or go for the opposite – The actor that’ll make them cringe! Trust us this will definitely leave them in splits.

Deck up the Workstation:



Do not just stick to balloons and ribbons, please! If you have pictures with them, decorate the pin board with strings of pictures. Let every polaroid have a message on the backside.
You could also pin up a string of chocolates to add more sweetness to the decorations.
If your colleague has a great sense of humor, find a tiara for her/crown for him and watch them go a li’l red in embarrassment. 😛

Indulge in Birthday shenanigans:

colleague bday

Fun up the day with some hilarious shenanigans. Rather than putting up a birthday reminder on a board or on the entrance, put it in the washroom! Or if you know their computer/laptop password, change the startup tone to a funny birthday song.
And then wait and watch the horror on your colleague’s face! 😀

Plan the Pot Lunch:

office birthday

Pre-plan in advance. Ask each colleague get one dish that the birthday guy/girl loves. This way you’ll not only have their favorite dishes but also a delicious buffet for all.

Gift Memories:

office birthday party

Last but not the least – gifts. Make people write messages on a card and get it framed. Or you could get the messages printed on the t-shirt! Whatever suits your budget.

Those are some of the ideas we’re sure your colleague will love.
So quit thinking, time’s ticking, start planning right away!

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Samiya Dinware

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