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4 Mistakes You’ll Make In Your Wedding Planning (If You Don’t Read This)

Weddings are special, and people want to make them as memorable as possible. They keep reminiscing the special moments of their wedding many years later too. No wonder, they want it to be ‘picture-perfect’ and something straight out of a fairytale. Though minor hiccups can occur, but the wedding should not get ruined due to unwanted and unplanned consequences.
Marriage ceremonies need a lot of planning, organizing and managing as it is an elaborate affair. However, sometimes even the best of planning can take a downward turn.
Let’s discuss the 4 major mistakes to avoid while in wedding planning:

Not spending on things that matter the most:

wedding venueA wedding might be a one-day affair, but the memories stay on for life. However, sometimes people tend to focus and spend more on wedding dresses, gifts, and guest accommodation, and ignore some of the important things like choosing a comfortable marriage hall, a good wedding photographer, and a caterer.

Not vetting your wedding vendors thoroughly:

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Vendors are an important part of the whole wedding set up and each of them makes your day a bit more special. You do not want a no-show on your wedding day, do you? Hence, it’s important that you do a proper background check first before hiring them.
For example, Mehendi artists or mimicry artists in Mumbai or elsewhere, you need to find out where they have performed before, take references and feedback, or research about them online.

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Spending too much time planning:

wedding brideAgreed that planning and executing a wedding are time-consuming tasks. There are so many tasks and minor details to be taken care of. However, that should not make you forget to enjoy at all. Assign a few tasks to your friends and family, it will not only reduce your stress but also give you some time to enjoy the most important event of your life.

Not having a central point of coordination between all vendors:


Behind every successful wedding party, there are a host of vendors like caterers, Mehendi artists, mimicry artists, wedding photographers, etc. However, coordinating all of them is no mean task, and can rob you of the fun. A better idea will be to have a central point of contact, such as a wedding planner or an online portal for booking events, wich can look after all the vendors and coordinate them giving you the much-needed time and space to dazzle at and enjoy your own wedding.

Wedding means taking care of rituals, shopping, guests, decorations, catering and so many other things. A helping hand is always appreciated and welcome. So, opt for the best service providers in Mumbai to take care of these things for you.



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