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5 Innovative Get Together Party Themes You Should Try

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Don’t you think it would be unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime chance to have all your family members dressed in costumes? Here is a list of some of the amazing get-together party themes to make your family Instagram worthy. From getting your invitation cards to the decor items designed according to the theme,we have got you.

Get your family in the gangster mood with the Mafia themed get together party. This can be fun as this theme carries a lot of character in it. Men will be dressed in the style of James Bond or 1920s gangster-suits and ladies can dress up as the mafia girls. You can have so many interesting games involving spying and hunting like scavenger hunt, guess who is the robber,etc.

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get together

mafia get together party theme

mafia get together party theme
get together party




Aye Aye Pirates! 
Have you ever imagined your elder generation dressed in pirate costumes? Wouldn’t it be cool if your uncle dresses up like Jack Sparrow and your aunty dresses  up like Elizabeth Swan?

pirate- get together party theme

pirate- get together party theme
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family get together games
family get together


Comic con!
Arise superhero in everyone for your get together party. With the superhero theme, you are sure to have a crazy day ahead. Get creative with the games and decor. If you want to try DIY stuff for your party, then Youtube is the best resource which will provide you innumerable tutorials.

comic con- get together party theme
get together themes
- comic con-get together party theme
get together party themes

comic con- get together party theme




Prom Night
As we Indians don’t have official proms in our schools or colleges, you can introduce prom night to your elder generation. Every female is supposed to dress in her prom gown and be like a princess and every male member will be suited up besides them. Announce Mr. Prom and Ms. Prom before getting done with the party.

prom-get together party theme



Giving everyone an opportunity to laugh and get laughed at, this theme will be most talked about as everyone will be clowns in there. You can organize various circus props from prop shops and have an exclusive time slot for people who can show their talent or perform with the props.

circus- get together party theme

Interesting? Why don’t you give it a try and let us know! If you have got interesting ideas with us, share with us via comments.


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  1. Hey Anuj,

    I love these party themes. I was thinking what to do now that we had moved offices and this would be fun way to kick it off with a themed party! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

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    are having themes which are now more demand. The party theme such as western, tie and die theme, 90’s ,70’s, etc. My Brother celebrated birthday party of his daughter which was very superb and party theme was of western style.

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