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5 Kickass Freshers Party Themes To Make Your Next Bash A Hit

As soon as the college commences every year, the fresh entered newbies are curious for the new start and keep looking for the real pinch of college life. One such kind of thing is a party or more specifically a freshers party with themes. This is something all the new admitted guys keep looking forward to and the seniors, who were once freshers too, start planning for all the arrangements to make the first party of an academic year a hit.

To make the freshers party themes more interesting, it needs to have a particular theme which is either funny or loved by everyone. The freshers party theme should take everything into account, starting from outfits to decor, serving food to drinks, all that is present at the party has to be in the related theme style. Let us share with you some of the interesting freshers party theme ideas of your next fresher party that would surely help you to make it one that the freshers will talk about for months.



The Retro freshers party theme is well known by almost every one of us as is one of the easiest looks to prepare and carry. Dotted and loose shirts with the 90’s style print on it would be best for the girls to go for. Additionally, to make it more resembling to the theme they can try a freshers party dress with the high waist trousers or skirts added with puffed hairstyles and old school hairband. Boys would try out the big bottom pants and sticky hairs with combed back. This freshers party theme might prove the students favourite despite of trying something new and modern.

Retro Theme Freshers Party
Freshers Party Theme



Everyone of us, at many points in our life desired to look like our favourite actor. Now, turn this desire into reality at your next college fresher party theme by grooming in the similar fashion like your favourite actor did in any of your favourite movies. You just need to buy freshers party dresses and accessories to transform yourself into your admired actor. There are some examples like munnabhai and circuit, chulbul pandey from dabang, alia bhatt from SOTY, whom you can easily follow and the viewers will quickly identify the character you are carrying.

Freshers Party Dresses


Halloween or Angels and Demons:

Now this something to do as a task. The reason very few college students try out this freshers party theme is the hassle in gathering the make up stuff, accessories and outfits to accomplish this theme. Red horns, wigs and fake nails, fangs and elegant contact lenses are the freshers party dresses that are needed to make it a perfect halloween themed freshers party. If you all set to take the efforts then go ahead and make it a scary yet entertaining night for everyone.

Halloween Party



Black and Red/Black and White:

Black and red for girls, Black and white for boys. Apart from retro, this is one of the easiest freshers party theme to carry out in a party. Boys would wear black suit with white shirt and black tie and, for girls, any freshers party dress with black and red colour could be a killing combination.

Theme For Freshers Party



This freshers party theme is just to interestingly make the freshers identified among their seniors wearing a neon bright coloured t shirt or any outfit. Light green, peach, pink or yellow any colour will be do, it just has to be something unique than people usually wear for a freshers party dress. If your planning it at night, glow in the dark costumes would also be a great idea.

Neon Party Theme

With the hope of helping you to plan your next fresher’s party themes we end up here and will surely update you if we come across some more interesting ideas to make your bash more fun.

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