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5 Office Moments That Are Worth A Party!

To all the head honchos out there. Listen up!

All work and no play makes Jack a frustrated employee. Yup, it’s high time office cultures loosen up to some cheerful activities. It’s not much that your employees are asking for, but just some special and happy moments in office to be celebrated with a party.

It will not only give your employees a fun-filled boost but also help them socialise better with their co-workers. And we’re sure you know how much a good environment is important to build a successful team.

So here are some office moments that can be celebrated with a partayyy!:

Promotions & Appraisals:

casino theme partyProbably the most-awaited and best time of the year for the employees. Celebrate the moment with a casino or poker theme party. Let’s put those extra bucks to some good use! 😛

Goals Reached:

office anniversariesSuccess party can be so inspiriting! After all that hard work, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the achievement? Let the theme be fun, free and liberating like the Hawaii or classic like an Award night.

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Office Anniversaries:

retro or victorianAnother year, another milestone! Office anniversaries can be so much fun if you have a great theme. We suggest Victorian or Retro.

Month-end Birthday Celebrations:

birthday partyRather than celebrating one birthday, why not celebrate many at one time. Let your employees feel special with a birthday party and a huge cake!


retirement partyBid farewell to the most trusted employees in your office with a grand retirement party. Let them feel how much they meant for the team and of course how much they will be missed. 🙂

New Year’s Party:

new years partyLast but not the least – a New Year’s party! What could be better than to bring in the new year with the people who stuck through the company’s good and bad times.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pop the champagne, and raise a toast now!

cocktail 800w 100h b1

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