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7 Dos And 4 Don’ts Of Event Videography

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Event videography can be daunting for even the most experienced filmmaker. Knowing the ins and outs of what to do and, what not to do, can make all the difference in capturing beautiful and professional footage.

Whether you’re a professional videographer or someone stepping into event videography for the first time, this blog post will guide you to capture fantastic videos. Before you hit the ‘record’ button, you need to know the dos and don’ts of event videography.

What Is Event Videography

Event videographers in Australia capture all the memories and emotions from special occasions, from weddings and birthdays to live events. They can shoot an event video in Sydney as well as shoot conferences and other event videos around the world. These videos typically include interviews, memorable moments, and more, all set to beautiful music and other sound design options. 

Now that you know about event photography, you can read below about this profession’s dos and don’ts.

Event Videography
Photographer video recording activity, Video cameras is recording a video at a seminar in the hotel

The Dos Of Event Videography

When it comes to event videography, there are certain dos you should be aware of to ensure you get the best results when shooting videos for your clients. Here’s a few essential dos to remember:

  • Do Invest In Quality Equipment

When it comes to event videography, having quality equipment is essential. Investing in the best cameras, lighting, and audio equipment will help you capture the highest quality footage that your clients can be proud of.

  • Do Have A Back-Up Plan

A back-up plan for any unexpected issues or problems that might arise during an event video shoot is essential. You’ll have to deal with any unforeseen issues that occur so that you can keep shooting, even if something goes wrong.

  • Do Utilize Natural Light

For many event videos, natural light can help create beautiful visuals without requiring complex setups or intense editing afterward. Taking note of the natural light available and using it to your advantage can help create stunning visuals with minimal effort and equipment.

  • Do Capture Contextual Elements

When capturing video at an event, include contextual elements in your footage, such as people mingling or enjoying themselves and the beautiful details of a bride’s make-up look. Capturing these moments can add layers of storytelling and emotion that’ll take your event videos up a notch and make them genuinely memorable for viewers.

  • Do Get There Early

You must get to the event location early enough so that you have time to set up and check your equipment before the event begins. This allows for a smooth start and will help minimize stress or complications. In addition, if you get there early, you can assess the room’s layout and decide the best spot for your cameras.

  • Do Check Your Equipment/Test Lighting

Before filming starts, double-check your equipment (camera, microphone, lenses, and the like) to ensure everything works correctly. Additionally, pay attention to the lighting available in the room and adjust your camera settings accordingly to capture high-quality footage throughout the event.

  • Do Record A Wide Variety Of Shots

During an event shoot, mixing up your shots by recording different angles (wide angle shots, medium close-ups, and extreme close-ups) of people or events is essential. This will give your final video extra depth and dimension and allows for more creative editing. Ensure also to capture establishing shots (shots taken from a distance) and details shots (small objects/details). The more detailed footage you capture during an event shoot, the better.

Now that you know some of the dos of event videography, the following are the don’ts you should avoid.

The Don’ts of Event Videography

Knowing the don’ts of event videography is essential, and it’s important to understand what mistakes you should avoid, such as:

  • Don’t Film In Low-Light Conditions

It’s important to remember that filming in low light conditions can lead to fuzzy or noisy footage. Additionally, colour accuracy goes out the window in common light conditions, leading to distorted colour palettes. If you’re stuck shooting in a less-than-ideal space, use a high-end camera with a large sensor that can handle lower light conditions.

  • Don’t Rely Too Much On Automation

Automation can be great; it allows us more time to focus on other creative aspects of your work, but don’t make automation your crutch when filming events. Automated settings often overlook small details like depth of field, which will help with composition and bring attention to the main features of the shot. Even if an automated lens does the job for you during an event, remember that these results won’t always be the best.

  • Don’t Place Your Camera In Direct Sunlight 

Further, it’s essential to avoid having the camera in direct sunlight or any other extreme weather conditions that can cause damage to the equipment and hinder your ability to capture quality footage.

  • Don’t Forget About The Audio

It’s also important not to forget about audio when shooting events. Video can be great, but poor audio quality can ruin a shoot with poor sound capture or distortion from loudspeakers being too close to the microphone, which isn’t ideal. Be sure you’re using microphones that are specialized for recording in loud environments, and ensure they’re appropriately placed so as not to pick up any unwanted ambient noise.

Event Videography


Compelling event videography requires careful planning and preparation. Arrive early, understand the lighting, be aware of your surroundings, always keep the focus on the subject, and be prepared for any possible technical problems.

By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind, you can create a great event video that captures the mood and atmosphere and communicates your client’s message. With the proper practice, you can become a master of event videography and create stunning visual memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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