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7 Must Have Perky Birthday Party Games For Your Minor

The way of birthday celebration consistently keeps changing every year as we grow old. By the passing time we optimize different ways to have fun. Grown ups would like it to be cool and simple, a teenager will hang out with friends in outdoor and have a blast. When it comes to kids, they want it to be full of fun with snacks, gifts, balloons, toys and most important, some of the entertaining games. Well, some parents might find it a burden to decide such games which can be a hit. Don’t worry, We have something useful for you. Below mentioned are some of the simple yet engaging birthday party games which the whole gang would love to play and keep themselves busy for the whole evening.


Mystery Bag-
For this game you just need some bags and few things to put inside it. Every kid will be supposed to put their hand in bag and identify the thing without looking it. There are number of things which you can include from kitchen or storeroom. The things can be a half apple, peeled grapes, toothpaste tube, hanky rolled into a ball and any other stuff which would be partially difficult to identify. Increase the difficulty level for older children.

Mystery Bag Birthday Party Games


Blind Obstacle Course-
Use your household items such as cushion, table, chair, box for setting the obstacle course. A kid has to pass the course without touching even a single object. Other of his companion will be guiding him by his voice through the track till the finish line. Greet them with some small prizes after finishing.

Blind Obstacle Course Birthday Party Games


Ping Pong Toss-
For this, have some ping pong balls and equivalent number of cups. Place 5 to 10 cups at a distant from the child and increase the distance of placement of each subsequent cups. The player has to toss the ping pong ball in a cup. The child who puts it in the farthest one wins the game. You can stick cards on each cup consisting of points written on it. Really easy but still a challenging if you raise the difficulty level by increasing the distance of cup from the kid.

Ping Pong Toss Birthday Party Games


Skittle Pitch-
Spread a large towel in front of an open wall. Each kid having a skittle will strike it on the wall which falls on the towel. At the end the winner will be the one whose skittle will be at the closest of the wall. And as the prize the winning kid will get all the fallen skittle. Apart from the skittle treat it will be a fun if you get a caterer to have some more appetizing options.

Skittle Pitch Birthday Party Games

caterer (1)

Puzzle Hunt-
This could be one of the most interesting indoor game for kids as well as parents will also enjoy it. You have to bring a simple children puzzle from market. One or two, the quantity depends on how many teams you want to plot. And these has to be oversized puzzle which can be built on the floor. Hide every piece of puzzle at various places in house and let the team find it. Prize can be anything of your choice.

Puzzle Hunt Birthday Party Games


Dance and Freeze-
In this game a person will turn the music on, and the kids have to groove until the music is played. As soon as the music is stopped all of them have to freeze. The one who continued to dance for the longest even after the music went off will be out of the game. Get some good photographers to capture this kids freezing moment.

Dance Freeze Birthday Party Games


Sack Race-
Here comes one of the most known and loved outdoor game for which even the adults crave to play. You have to get some sacks from market or can use your old potato sacks. Every player will step into their individual sacks at the start line and as the whistle blows they will start walking. The one who finishes first holds the victory.

Sack Race Birthday Party Games


You won’t need much to spend for these games as all your household items are enough to plan these games in no time. And we are sure the party will be remembered by the kids for days and your son would be the hero of the gang.

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  2. These games are amazing and pictures look great! I love the dance and freeze activity. My kids’ birthday is coming in next month and I will plan this activity for sure in his birthday party. Thanks for sharing this!

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