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7 Pool Party Games You Should Definitely Try

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When you think about pool party, you usually get the idea of booze,pool,music,appetizers and people chilling in your mind. Maybe you should change the scenario and get people in your party specially to enjoy the cool pool party games and not just for food and drinks.So, to help you out, we have got a pretty decent list of 7 pool games which will have everyone drenched with fun.

  1. The Invisible Bottle Hunt

Fill up a transparent bottle with the pool water which has a blue or a white cap. Line up the participants on the edge of the swimming pool facing their back towards it. Once you throw the bottle in the pool, they can turn and rush to find the bottle in it. The transparent bottle gets completely camouflaged with the pool water and makes it difficult for the participants to find it underwater.

invisible bottle hunt swimming pool party games

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  1. Ping Pong Frenzy

You might have to invest a bit in bunches of ping pong balls,but it would be worth it. Write different numbers on the balls and throw them in the pool. The players need to line up near the pool and as soon as you announce the number pattern,they have to dive in and search for the suitable balls within a minute’s time. The player with the most suitable numbered balls will be the winner. For e.g- You have numbered the balls from 1-100. For the first round you can have players hunt for the multiples of 3. For the second round you can have them hunt for only odd numbers below 50. For the third round they can hunt for a number’s multiples i.e if the number is 2,then the player can collect balls with numbers 2,4,6,8,10…

ping pong swimming pool party games swimming pool

3. Deuce

Get the players paired up. The game needs the pair to swim across the pool with one player doing hand movements and the other one doing only the leg movements.It isn’t as easy as it sounds. The pair who finishes the race to the end of the pool wins the game.

deuce swimming pool party games

  1. Catch It If You Can

This requires two players in a team. One player would dive off the diving board and the second player will throw the beach ball at him from the other end of the pool. The first player has to try catching it and hold it in his hand till he lands in water. The team with most successful attempts wins.

swimming pool party games

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  1. Aqua Volleyball

This is the pool version of the beach volleyball. Buy or rent a net from a sportstore and divide the pool in two equal parts with the net. The rules remain the same.

water volleyball swimming pool party games

  1. Treasure Hunt

This game requires players to be underwater. For this game, collect various sinkable things available in your house like keys,coins,rings,etc. Have the list of stuff in your hand during the game, that you would dip in the pool. Players aren’t supposed to watch while you are scattering the stuff in pool. After its done, players line up on the edge of the pool. You can either ask them to hunt one thing or multiple things. The player who comes out with the all the things first,wins.

treasure-hunt-swimming-pool party games

  1. Relay Race

Nothing goes wrong with the classic games. This game is quite simple and requires the fire and skills to win. Get 2-3 teams of 4 people in each team formed who would compete at the same time. The rules remain as it is of the classic relay race. One person will race to the other end of the pool where he will be replaced by the second player who will be then replaced by third player and the race will be finished by the fourth player.

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Hope we got you covered with the interesting lot that you can implement in your next kickass party. Try these pool games and people are sure to be excited and anticipated for your next pool party. You will be the star of the day!!

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