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8 Bachelorette party Ideas to Make it Memorable for Lifetime

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The time prior to the wedding creates a surge of excitement for the bride as well as groom about their life taking a new turn and stepping into a new platform. But, with a wedding comes responsibilities and after that you are not the only one for whom you’ll have to think. It will be your life partner whose likes and dislikes should be taken care of by you. So, before it starts, why not make a full out of the remaining time or left freedom, as we can call it. Your Bachelorette party has to be something that would make you have a stretched grin remembering it. Why not try some of these Bachelorette party ideas and cross all the limits before your big day.


Hire a Limousine:

This idea will make the time full of fun as well as luxurious. Limousines are something rarely seen on roads, go ahead and flaunt yours for a night. Arrange Stereo players, spot-lights and globe lights, smoke machine and other delightfulls to make it a compact party environment. This could seem to be an expensive issue, but believe us it would be worth it as you dont it very often.

party-bus-30-pass-interior-Bachelorette party ideas



Bollywood night:

Dedicate the night for your favourite actor watching his best of all time movies the whole night with your girls. Nothing else can make your so happy and this could be a great bachelorette night idea. To make it more party like, grab some popcorns and drinks to lay down with.

3-girls-watching-movie-bachelorette party ideas


Makeover party:

Spend the night doing the thing you all love the most. What about being woke up trying numerous makeup tricks and funny makeover ideas. Pass the time having some fun with nail polish, curling irons and blush. Better way hire a makeup artist who would spend the whole night in efforts to make your look beautiful and give you some great tips.

kids-makeup-5a-today-inline-large-bachelorette party ideas


A Night Out:

Probably, you must have been on so many night outs before, but make this one something to remember for years after your wedding. Get your wheels and go somewhere for dinner, karaoke night or club. Spent your whole night doing something you love, a play or opera would be a great fun too.

girls-night-out-bachelorette party ideas


Plan a small vacation:

There must be a place you were planning to go since a long time. This is the time, pack your bags, tie up with girls and just get lost at your favourite destination. Have a chilling time out there and make your wedding plans at a relaxed place.

beaches-bff-girls-getaway-bachelorette party ideas



Ticket to a Concert:

Every girl now-a-days follows and loves a band. What could be better than spending a night listening to the guys you had admired for a long time. No matter where is the concert that night, if you have planned it to be on that night, just get the tickets and be there.

love-rock-concert-bachelorette party ideas


Get Spa:

There wont be even a single girl who doesn’t likes to get pampered. Dedicate the last moments of your bachelorette life having facials, body massage and pedicure with your chicks. One of the most relaxing ideas to party.

spa-parties-a-new-party-trend-for-young-girls-and-women-bachelorette party ideas


Scavenger Hunt:

Not only kids can have fun with this game. This could be game for you to have a great time. Divide your girls in two groups with a list of things they will be supposed to find. Hide them all over your place and let them find. It will be more fun than it sounds.

scavenger-hunt-bachelorette party ideas

Do all you can do that would be a problem doing after you get married. Select any of these ideas and go ahead without a second thought, it might gather you a treasure of memories to smile remembering it forever.

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