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8 Heart Touching Bidai Songs – To Melt Your Heart!

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When a girls marries, she leaves behind all the memories she had at her home. It is one such heartfelt emotional moment in a girl’s life she can never forget.

Here are 8 heart touching bidai songs to melt your heart:

  1. Babul ki duayen leti ja :

This is a decade old song but a one to perfectly make you shed tears and feel the blessings of your parents. This bidai song is mostly used in any wedding even after being a decade old.

Bidai Songs - Babul Ki Duayen


  1. Babul Jo Tumne Sikhaya:

Another song decade old bidai song which has been on every one’s tongue during the bride’s bidai is definitely a one emotional song. The song is a thanking parents for the way they brought us up.

Bidai Songs - Babul Jo Tumne Sikhaa


  1. Din Shagna Da – Latest bidai songs

This new found latest bidai song is a popular song amongst the youth and is highly used on social media. The song is a latest entrant in the bidai songs list for the emotional connect it has. Due to the song’s high use on instagram reels, it has gained immense popularity.


Bidai Songs - Din Shagna Da

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  1. Dilbaro:

Right from the moment the song dropped on the internet, it was accepted by everyone with wide arms. The song brings back all the memories of a bride, right from the childhood till today.

Bidai Songs - Dilbaro


Bidai Songs

  1. Main Toh Bhul Chali Babul ka Des-

This bidai song was on everyone’s heart in the 90’s for its lyrics which would touch the heart instantly. No matter how much you control but this song will definitely make you shed few tears.

Bidai Songs - Main Toh Bhul Chali

  1. Choti Si Umar –

This rajasthani song is a simple and soothing bidai song enough to drop few tears from your eyes. The bidai of the bride is filled with the emotional moments when this song plays in the background.

Bidai Songs - Choti Si Umar

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  1. Dulhe ka sehra

This famous song from the movie “Dhadkan” is a song to checkout for. The 7 min long song is such an emotional song which every girl will relate to. Because of its emotional touch, this song easily makes to the list of bidai songs.

Bidai Songs - Dulhe Ka Sehra


  1. Saat Phero k Saat Vachan –

This song focused on 7 vows of the marriage is a light hearted song. Though there are a number of songs you can checkout,  but these are the top 8 bidai songs you don’t want to miss out on.

Bidai Songs - Saat Phero

Though there are a number of songs you can checkout,  but these are the top 8 bidai songs you don’t want to miss out on!

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