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8 Ideas To Consider When Throwing Your Next Party

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So, you’ve decided to hold a party. Now all that remains is to plan the party. Having a party is fun, but before all that enjoyment, you’ll first have to go through the stressful planning process. After all, as the host, you’ll want nothing else except for your guests to have a good time. Apart from having unique ideas, you’ll want it to be fun, so your guests will look forward to another party – with you as the host.

Achieving this for your party doesn’t necessarily mean burning a hole in your pocket. There are many eco-friendly and budget-friendly ideas and little details you can include to make your party the best one. Some of these are easy ones you can DIY, while others might take a little bit more time and effort. But, when you see your guests happy and smiling, you’ll definitely feel like all that effort you put in is worth it!

In this article, you’ll have insights on some of the great ideas for your next party:

  1. Have Themed Invitations

First, you’ll want to make a list of everyone that you plan to have at your party. This is very important as this list will form the foundation of all other decisions you’ll make, like the invites, food, and even the party favours.

Party invitations aren’t really that necessary anymore, being that it’s so easy now to send a text message or a social media message to your guests, inviting them to the party. But, in spite of this convenience, party invitations are still nice to have. They’re that small detail that can put the whole theme together.

Because you’re now in the digital age, if you want to be economical, you can skip the physical invitations! Go ahead and generate digital invitations from sites like Greenvelope.com. These websites allow you to create digital invitations with hundreds of designs to choose from.

  1. Hang Ice Cream Balloons

Are you having a dessert-themed party? If so, here’s a fun idea that isn’t too common yet for this theme. Hang ice cream-shaped balloons on the ceiling!

You can choose balloons in the colours that you have for your party. Just make sure that these are helium balloons so that when you tie them to a string, they stay on the ceiling. Then, add a cone detail by wrapping the bottom of the balloon, where the string goes through with the brown paper, rolled like a cone. You can even go further by adding details on these cones, like sticking crepe paper and whatnot.

  1. Don’t Skimp On The Food

Next, don’t skimp on the food. What’s a party without good food? You’ll want your guests to go home, feeling satiated and full from your party. Most importantly, you wouldn’t want to run out of food! The last thing you’ll want is to see some guests confused about what to get because they’ve just run out of food. The horror!

If you’re having a themed party, you may also want to tailor your party along that line. For instance, if you’re having a Mexican-themed party, bring out the nachos and the tacos! If you’re going for a children’s party, then make sure what you’re preparing are kids’ favourites.

Always prepare more food than the guests you’re expecting to come. If there are leftovers, you can always pack these up for guests to bring home and for you to eat the next day.

  1. Hang Garlands And Tassels

Garlands and tassels are so in. Whatever the theme of your party is, garlands and tassels are always a great additional touch to it.

You can switch up the colours of your garlands and tassels according to the predominant theme. For instance, if it’s a ladies party then think pink, white, and gold metallics! If it’s a superhero-themed party, you can do no wrong with red, yellow, and black.

Along with tassels and garlands, you can also add in paper flowers or spirals and tissue paper pompoms.

  1. Have A Disco Party

If you’re hosting a party for an older group of guests, a disco party is always a classic! You can’t fail with music, dancing, and even a karaoke machine.

Even when you’re just hosting the party in your home, you can hire a karaoke, rent out a disco ball or play some loud music! Along with the drinks and finger food, your guests will surely go home with tired feet. 

  1. Hand Out Cupcakes

As of writing, big parties aren’t yet allowed. You can only host small gatherings. Even then, here’s another way to stay safe. Rather than let everyone have a slice of cake from a big piece, hand out cupcakes instead. It’s safer that way. If you’re hosting a children’s party, this can give their parents that added peace of mind they so greatly need. Of course, you just can’t deprive children of sweets during a party.

  1. Have A Circus Party

If you can’t go to a circus, then why not bring the circus to your home?

Depending on where you’re from, there are party rentals that can help you put together your circus or amusement park theme. Think, puppet shows, entertainers, magic, and even mobile carousels, for instance.

Decorate with draped clothes in the classic blue, red, and white. Better yet, create your own circus tent feel in your backyard. Kids will surely have a magical time.

  1. Create A DIY Photobooth

There are many photo booth rentals you can now try. But, if you don’t have this where you’re located or you’d like to save up a bit on the expense, you can create a DIY photo booth.

This is a no-fail idea to have at your party that guests will surely love! Of course, the photos can serve as party souvenirs. 


Now that you’ve got these ideas, are you excited to start planning your party? As you can see, there are just so many ways to make your party fun, unique, and memorable – even without breaking the bank. If you take the time to really prepare well, you’re increasing the likelihood of ensuring that your party is a success. From the food, invitation, décor, and even the venue, there’s just a myriad of options based on your theme, preferences, and even the age group of guests you’re going to have in attendance.


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