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A Definitive Guide to a Glow-in-the-dark Neon Party

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Are you bored with the usual party themes and want to spice it up a bit? Why have a lit party when you can smash it up in the dark! Yes, we are talking about an insane Glow-in-the-dark neon party which will exalt your get-together plans. Check out these ace ideas which will help you out in organizing a badass yet subtle neon theme party in town.


  • Neon invitations
Neon decor
Neon Party Theme

Start off with a bang. Don’t merely invite people over phone or mail, rather send them cool neon invites to have them excited for the party and talk about it till the day arrives.


  • Neon decor

There are endless options with which you can lit your dark Venue in the right places. Some are available in the market while some can be created on your own with using easy tricks.

glowstick balloons
Neon Party Theme

You can blow up helium balloons and insert glow sticks in them and leave them floating at the corner of the room. It will lit the corners to create a little visibility in the otherwise dark room.

blacklight balloons
Neon Party Ideas

Or else you can use the blacklights and stick neon balloons to the entire wall and ceiling.

glow in the dark chandelier
Glow Neon Party

Stick the glowsticks on top of the fan and viola! You now have a magnificent airy chandelier in no time!

glowstick centrepiece
Glow In The Dark Neon Party

Create a DIY centerpiece or a chandelier with plenty of colorful glowsticks.

If you ain’t getting glowsticks, try something with LED bulbs and empty translucent pre-painted bottles to make amazing neon dark chandeliers.

Neon themed bottles
Neon Party Decoration Ideas


  • Glow-in-dark games

Tic Tac Glow

You can create the cross glowsticks by sticking 4 sticks together and get few glow bands which are available online or in the market. Make 3 rows and columns on a table or ground with the help of neon tape. One fine game to start the party with.

Neon party tictactoe
Neon Party


Blow the glow-

When you mix the glowsticks with the normal game of bowling it results in a super fun game. Fill up 10 transparent bottles with water and insert glowsticks into each of them. Place it just like the skittles in a bowling alley. Have it in a wider space or else outdoor to have more fun. Also, cover the entire ball or else a portion of it with neon tape to make it visible.

Glow bowling


Neon party bands-

Arrange glow bands of different colors and distribute it to the players. Have two players with two different color glow bands. Both will get equal turns to throw the glow bands onto the bottle or an object placed at a distance.

neon ring toss
Glow Neon Party


Glow Hunt-

Step a little further with the normal theme of treasure hunt and give it that necessary neon twist. This will surely have many people participating and enjoy together. Create the one-of-a-kind treasure hunt with these neon easter eggs and creativity in hiding them along with the clues.

neon easter egg hunt

Book the best Dj


  • Glow in the dark dance Floor
neon dance floor
Neon Party Outfit Ideas

What else can be more energetic and fun than dancing with your pals and close ones. Create your own dazzy dance floor and groove on with the best DJ beats. Take few colored neon tapes and stick them to the floor in the desired pattern. And there you have your own jazzy floor.


  • Glowy food

Glow in the dark cupcake. Use tonic water for glowy frosting.

glow in the dark cupcakes

Make some goofy neon lemonades by mixing the lemonade with some tonic water.

glow in the dark drink

If you are planning to have a cake, why not make it glow too? Your guests are just gonna love the party even more after seeing you going top notch with the theme.

neon cake


  • Neon Extras
glow party gloves
Glow Party Gloves

These LED-fit party gloves are specially made for the Rave-cravers and are available in market. Go and grab some of these to have fun like rave party.

Break a glow stick and pour the liquid in the nail paint to have a super cool nail paint that will glow in dark.

glow neon nail paint

glow in the dark paint
Neon Party Theme

Glow in the dark paint is available in the market or online. You can either keep all the paint at one counter or else have an artist who will paint beautiful designs on everyone’s body. This will definitely give your party a RAVE effect.

Getting the chill thrills already? So, go and get your pals together and have fun like you are in Tomorrowland with this crazy neon theme.


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  1. These ideas are amazing! I especially like the glowing cup cake! How did you make the frosting?

    Best wishes, Michelle

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