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How To Achieve A Dewy Makeup Look In Easy Steps- Complete Guidelines

By Rutuja Ghodekar
Blog timeNov 13, 2022

We know it’s a must for every bride how to achieve a dewy makeup look in easy steps. Once, you know these tips you will save time and look mesmerizingly dazzling on your wedding day. Every bride has to try every way to get a dewy bridal makeup look. We know that brides have to look after many things right from the attractive bridal jewelry to the lehenga.

You can also save these lehenga colors so you can have options to choose from. Now coming to our topic we know that how the bride looks matters a lot. As all the attention and cameras are going to capture every glimpse of her. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to know some easy steps you can follow even when you don’t have much time.

Most dewy makeup look includes the highlighting part but before that, there is a lot you should do. Before we start you can also check out our other blogs. You can also check out lehenga dupatta draping styles. Also, we will suggest you check out how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget.

Now without any further due let’s check out some steps for you to get that dream dewy makeup and become the hot topic for discussion. 

1. Hydrating Primer – How to achieve a dewy makeup look in easy steps

When you are thinking of achieving dewy makeup then you need a primer that will hold everything.    Hydro-locking primer gives you an invisible lock to hold your look. We know how much hydration is important for our skin. These primers along with the burst of hydration also provide you with a glow.      Just make sure you find the primer that suits your skin type.

2. Use The Lightweight Skin Tint

Once, your skin is hydrated and you are done with using the primer you have to use the first layer of dewy makeup. If you are using this option then you can use mattifying powders or foundations. If you are wondering if won’t your face looks too oily then the primer you applied will help to make your makeup look fresh.

3. Create The Bronze Base

Now, this step is to add a warm and shiny sun-kissed effect to your skin. The bronzers come in a wide variety which can suit multiple skin tones. You can get ones in a weightless liquid formula. Apply it subtly and make sure you look after the amount you use.

4. Add Blush

When you are thinking of the dewy make then it will be nothing without the blush. You can choose the shade according to your mood. You can use a variety of shades and check what suits you the best. We will recommend you try the shades which won’t overpower the rest of the things.

5. Finish With The Final Layer Of Highlighter

For the final and most important step, you need some extra glow-up. We recommend you use should use some premium quality highlighters as they will be game changers.

6. Do Your Eyes Well

Once you are done with adding the perfect touch to your face you can focus on your eye makeup. There is a lot you can do with this. You can also try smoky eyes depending on your mood and thoughts. Even subtle eye makeup would look good.

7. Do Your Lips Well

Once you are done following all these steps the final would be doing your lips. You can use the shade that matches your wedding day outfit. You can keep it light and subtle. If your lehenga or outfit is bright you can choose dark shades.

We hope you have enjoyed reading it and that this blog will surely help you out. We have made effort to come up with steps that will be easy to follow for you. You can also check out our other blogs on our website to help you make decisions. You can also let us know what you would like to read next on our website.

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