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Amazing Launch Party Ideas for Your Startup
By Swapnil Goyal
Blog timeAug 26, 2020
3 min read

Setting up a new business could be quite overwhelming. The bigger problem is promoting the business to the correct target audience. Throwing a launch party can really bring you a platform for promoting your brand and offerings. It will help you establish your brand in the minds of your stakeholders. Here are a few amazing launch party ideas for your new venture.

  1. Decide on the purpose of your Launch Party

    Before hosting a launch party, the most important part is to decide your goals for the party. Many people host it to raise brand awareness. Others do it to sell their products or service. Some do it to engage with potential stakeholders. Whatsoever your goal must be, you need to design all the activities around it. Maybe you can create a unique theme for the day to keep the invitees intrigued about your plan.

  2. Launch Party Ideas for Curating a Guest List

    One of the best ways to curate a  guest list for a launch party is to create a stakeholder map on a large sheet. Divide it into sections of direct users, direct influencers, indirect influencers etc. Then further write down potential guests under each section. This way you won’t forget any important person and as well as have an idea on which way to approach them.

  3. Launch Party Ideas for Selecting a Venue

    Venue depends on the type of your product. The aesthetics of the room should complement your product or service. The spaciousness of the room should depend on the number of guests attending. New startups are going for places other than pubs, banquet or dining hall. To keep the curiousness on you can go for an open ground event or someplace which relates to your start-up. For instance, an app related to audiobooks can host it in a library coffee house and may subtly point out the way the books will be revolutionalised.

  4. Launch Party Ideas for Demos

    One of the biggest highlights of the event should be the demonstration of your offerings. It should be coveted and attention-grabbing. People should be left in awe of your presentation. Since it is a party, the speech should be cut down to a short but crisp way to get your potential stakeholders interested in your business. Guests should be flabbergasted and desire to get a piece of the action.

  5. Go live on your Launch Party

    To get more eyeballs on the launch party, you can live-stream it through your social media accounts. Get it streamed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This way more people can know about your business. It will create awareness among potential clients. Have a talk with your photographer and videographer and get all the technical aspects set-up. Give them a complete itinerary of the day, so they are ready to shoot all the potential segments of the day.

  6. Launch Party Ideas for Quick Bite

    Usually, such an event is used majorly for networking purpose. You should avoid keeping full buffets for the day. Serve a lot of different variety of quick bites, so people can communicate while they get something in their stomach. Speak to the caterer in advance about the plans on when to serve food, so people aren’t distracted at the demonstration segment of the day.

  7. Invitation for your Amazing Launch Party

    Create a simple invitation card. Avoid spelling their name wrong. Get their profession correct while addressing them in the card. Double-check on all the possible mistakes that could occur while creating and printing the card. Do thorough research on them and their interests while creating the card itself, it will help you with conversation starters on the event day. Send out invites at least 3 weeks before. So it will be not too early that they will forget about the event or too late that their calendar is already booked. If you want to invite potential and highly influential person then keep in constant touch with their secretary.

  8. Launch Party Ideas for Giveaways

    To keep the attendees hooked give them some amazing part of your offering free or on a heavily discounted price. For instance, give them a first month free on your app. If its a product then you could share a sample with them. It will help you get feedback on the offering too. Probably your packaging needs improvement or your product design lacks something. It could help you get final testing before the public release.

Do share with us pictures and videos of your amazing launch party. If you have inquires on venues, caterers or photographers for the day, do checkout BookEventz website.

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