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Avoid These 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make While Planning a Party

When it comes down to organizing a party, people tend to get too excited about it.Though its not a bad thing, sometimes the over-excitement causes them to commit few mistakes unintentionally. Therefore, we have listed the common mistakes people make so that you can avoid them in your next party.

  • Sending invitations way too early or too late

Sometimes,while hosting a party, people cant really decide the right time to send the party invitations which results in sending it too early that people might actually forget about the party or sending it too late which makes it difficult for the guests to schedule it in.

party planning mistakes- party invitations

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  • Not mentioning clear details about the party

If you don’t mention the whereabouts and the timings of the party, guests would clearly be confused. If you are organizing the party at your house or any Party Banquet, make sure everyone gets the venue address and mention the nearby landmark to help them spot it. Also, mention the timing of the whole party,whether its in the day or evening or whether its going to last for couple of hours or the whole evening.

party planning mistakes- unclear details


  • Not maintaining a guest list

If you dont maintain a guest list,chances are you might forget few important people whom you would like to be there. Maintain a guest list so that you are able to invite everyone that you want in that party.

common party planning mistakes- not maintaining guestlist


  • Misjudgment of the venue space

At times, people choose the wrong venue for their party and either end up with too little or too much space for the event. This makes it necessary to have a guest list with you. This will help you estimate the number of guests and accordingly you can set up your party at the desired venue.

common party planning mistakes

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  • Not asking for help

Dont be shy to accept or ask for help from your cousins or friends while prepping for a party. It would be less stressful and the party would be well organized. Plus it would avoid the frustration on the day of the event when you would be the only one co-ordinating with everyone and not enjoying the party.

common party planning mistakes-saying no to help


  • Not having enough food

Nothing can be more embarrassing than running out of the food. Double check the number of guests you have invited and the expected number that would attend the party. It would be better to expect extra guests in order to avoid the chaos at the party.

party planning mistakes



  • Leaving guests to introduce themselves

If you are inviting guests from your different social groups,Do not leave them on their own. Make it a point to introduce your arriving guests to the already present guests to avoid the awkwardness between them and help them mingle with each other while you are busy.

common party planning mistakes

Never thought about it right? Exactly why we made it a point to make you aware about it so that you don’t commit the same mistakes people do and have a successful event/party.


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