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18 Baby Photoshoot Ideas that are Cute and Creative

By Andrea Pereira
Blog timeJul 6, 2018

Chubby Cheeks, Tiny Toes and Sweet Smiles…is there anything more precious than a cute little baby?? We think not…These little monsters grow too fast and so to freeze these priceless moments in time a creative baby photoshoot is a must. Here, we’ve made a list of ideas all you young parents can use to capture those early stages of your baby and treasure them for a lifetime. Here’s a list of some cute and creative Baby Photoshoot Ideas…

1. The Basket Case

Babies and Baskets somehow make a cute combo..we don’t understand how but they just do. Put your baby into a basket and let him or her decide what they want to do. Some may just curl up and sleep while the others may be as playful as this one.

baby photoshoot ideas
Baby Photoshoot Ideas

2. The Little Superwomen

For all you comic fan young parents, here’s a creative baby photoshoot idea that you’re gonna love. It’s time to bring out all your superhero toys for this shoot cause your baby’s gonna join the league.

1 year baby photoshoot
1 Year Baby Photoshoot

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3. Krishna Jr

Dressing up your little boy in the avatar of the cutest child God, Lord Krishna is every mother’s dream. This little outfit will make for a beautiful costume for your baby boy’s photo shoot.

baby krishna photoshoot
Baby Krishna Photoshoot


4. Daddy’s Little Boy

A small baby in large clothes or shoes is the cutest scene of all. It’s amazing how a little tie or a pair of shoes can make the cutest props for your children’s photo shoot.

photoshoot ideas at home
Baby Photoshoot Ideas At Home

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5. The one with the Pet

Put your ‘First kid’ and your ‘First Born’ in one frame to get pictures that you can save forever. A kids photoshoot is incomplete without your house pet, and this picture is here to prove it.

baby girl photoshoot ideas
Baby Girl Photoshoot Ideas


6. The Movie Buddy

Does your kid have a favourite movie? If yes, what say you incorporate it into your baby’s photoshoot. Pick a theme like harry potter or the Lion King and get a costume that matches it, your photographer can photoshop the background and you’ll have the perfect picture.

ideas for baby photoshoot
Harry Potter Baby Photoshoot


7. The Little Princess

A princess photoshoot for your little princess brings out cute and long-lasting pictures that will capture their cuteness forever. A little tiara and a pink dress should do the trick for your baby girls photoshoot.

babies photoshoot
Babies Photoshoot

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8. The Sibling Love

Bring in your little baby’s older brother or sister into the frame and get the most precious shots you’ll ever see. Leave them to play with each other and while they’re at the act you’ll get pictures that show the real love they share.

unique baby photoshoot ideas
Unique Baby Photoshoot Ideas


9. Baby in a Blanket

A soft blanket for a soft baby will make the most adorable pictures for your newborn baby’s photoshoot. Just wrap the baby while they sleep and there you go, cuteness overload.

baby photoshoot ideas home
Baby Photoshoot Ideas Home

10. Swinging Away Baby

A little swing for a little baby. The joy these cuties find with just one push on a swing is just priceless.  These happy babies make happy pictures. This makes a good picture for a unique baby photoshoot.

baby photoshoot ideas at home
Fall Baby Photoshoot Ideas


11. The Fairy Baby

It’s amazing how a  fairy costume can just boost up your baby’s cuteness. A small set of wing and a tiara to go along makes the cutest baby photoshoot props.

child photoshoot
Child Photoshoot


12. Splash Fest

Put your baby into a pool and let them explore and splash around the water to get some lovely pictures. These playful babies make some beautiful memories for you to treasure in your photo albums.

creative baby photoshoot in a baby pool

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13. The Foodie Cutie

Babies and food, you keep them together and a mess is bound to happen. But this mess brings out the happiest babies and the happiest pictures.

photoshoot while baby is eating something

14. Baby’s Day out in the Park

Take your kid to the park for your creative baby photoshoot and let him or her explore its splendour. You can capture their reaction when they touch grass for the first time or see their first butterfly.

creative baby photoshoot in a park

15. The Adventure Baby

Create an adventure land of your own with cloth and toys and take your baby to new wonders. These pictures are perfect for a baby photoshoot ideas at home.

Adventurous creative baby photoshoot

16. Bubble Buddies

You have to try this one. All you need is some bubble solution and there you go, a happy baby. These fun and sweet baby photoshoot pictures are gonna be keepers.

creative baby photoshoot with soap bubbles flying around

17.  Holiday-themed shoot

Christmas Baby Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

You can use holiday-themed props and decorations for a festive photoshoot. It’s important to choose props like pumpkins, santa hats, and easter eggs.

18. Family Photoshoot

Family Photographer Mumbai Thane – Maternity Photoshoot Newborn Baby  Photoshoot by Amrit Ammu

One of the best things you can do for a baby photoshoot is to involve the entire family including parents, siblings and grandparents. Capture the love and bond between the family members.

So there you go, Some fun and cute ideas for your baby’s photoshoot. What are you waiting for you newborn baby mammas and daddas, Get shooting.

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