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20 Belted Saree Ideas for 2021 Indian Bridal Weddings Unique Look

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Belted saree look is the best way to look unique. So, brides should opt out these unique belted saree look for their wedding. And it will look great as well. So, try adding this saree look on your wedding.

Listed below are 20 belted saree look ideas for your wedding:

  1. Celebrity Belted Saree Look

    Celebrity are the ones who always set any fashion statement. So, giving your wedding look a great belted saree look, try looking at these celebrity looks. And they will be easy to imitate.Celebrity Belted Saree Look

  2. Shilpa Shetty Belted Look

    Shilpa Shetty looks gorgeous in yellow saree. And she always seen well dressed on any special occasion. So, seeing Shilpa’s belted saree look will give your wedding function look a new array of fashion.Shilpa Shetty Belted Look

  3. Pink Saree with Beautiful Belt

    This pink saree is the best way to drape on your wedding functions. And a beautiful belt is adding more charm to this look. So, using a belt with some mirror work on it. It is because it will automatically enhance the look of your simple saree as well.Pink Saree with Beautiful BeltCelebrate Dream Wedding

  4. Stylish Saree Look with Belt

    Wearing a coat on top of a saree will look unique. And you will accompany it with a belt as well. Even you can design your belt with a cloth material as well. And this will also look unique. So, if you are looking for a stylish look then go for these types of designs.Stylish Saree Look with Belt

  5. Classy Belted Look

    A class can be defined with this belted saree look. So, all you have to do is try incorporating a unique looking belt. And it will look classy on your wedding day.Classy Belted Look

  6. Leather Belt Idea

    Keeping your wedding look not so heavy, you can add leather belt. So, for that your look will be defined. And you will not look heavy as well. So, try using a leather belt for your wedding. And ultimately it will look unique too.Leather Belt Idea

  7. Blouse Matching Belt

    Having a belt similar to blouse will look fantastic. And it will look great too. So, try having a similar kind of a belt. It is because it will look something different too.Blouse Matching Belt

  8. Floral Border Belt

    Floral border belt will look gorgeous on brides. So, she can have a border which has flowers on it. And it will look relaxing and soothing too. That is because of flowers.Floral Border Belt

  9. Different Looking Belt

    A bride can go with totally different looking belt for their wedding look. So, different looking belt basically means, it doesn’t has anything similar to the outfit. And it will look beautiful too.

  10. Bejewelled Belted Saree

    Bejewelled belted saree will also look good on brides. And it will give a proper bride feeling. So, if you want this type of look then go for it. And it will look beautiful too. Bejewelled Belted Saree

  11. Sleek Belted Look

    Shilpa Shetty is the one who made this belted look trendy. So, she slayed a look on every belted saree look. And this time she has worn a slim and sleek looking belt. So, brides can also opt this look for their wedding.Sleek Belted Saree

  12. Typical Belt for Saree

    The brides can have a typical looking belt for the wedding. And this will look great too. So, try adding a different touch to your wedding look. And it will look unique on wedding day and on photographs as well.Typical Saree Belt

  13. Tie Up Belted Idea

    You can even tie up your belt. So, this belt can be of satin. It is because it will look rich on the wedding look. So, try tying up a belt like this. And it will look great too.Tie Up Belted Idea

  14. Lace Belt Idea for Saree

    You can even have a lace as a belt. And it will look beautiful yet stylish. And there can be n numbers of idea for this category.Lace Belt Idea for Saree

  15. Nora Fatehi Belted Saree Look

    Nora Fatehi is also one of the actor who slayed her look in every look. And she slayed it will belt look as well. So, try adding a belt look with saree just liker her.Nora Fatehi Belted Saree Look

  16. Maroon and Silver Belt Look

    Maroon and silver will be the best color combination for an Indian wedding look. So, you can have a maroon bet with silver work on it. And it will look beautiful on wedding day as well.Maroon Belt Look

  17. Sabyasachi Belted Look

    Sabyasachi is one of the most popular Indian designer. And her designs for saree, jewelry, and lehenga are famous across the world. So, if you are looking for any belt ideas then you can check this Sabyasachi’s look as well.Sabyasachi Belted Look Celebrate Dream Wedding

  18. Belt with Funky Buckle

    A belt with funky buckle is the cool idea a bride can follow. So, try using a buckle of your choice. And it will look beautiful yet stylish.Belt with Funky Buckle

  19. Latest Saree Belt Ideas

    Keeping the trend alive on wedding day is all what you need. So, try including these latest belt ideas on your wedding. And it will look great on photography too.Latest Saree Belt Ideas

  20. Vidya Balan Belt Look

    You can have Vidya Balan’s belt look also for your wedding. And it will look great too. So, try using a look like this on your wedding too.

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