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15 Cutesy Best Friend Tattoo Ideas That Send A Spectacular Message

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeJun 24, 2021
4 min read

 Best friend necklaces and bracelets are good ways to pledge your friendship. Why not go for something a little more permanent? It is perfect for BFFs that know their love will last forever. These matching tattoos will prove you’re true friendship. Here are some types of best friend tattoo ideas.

  1. Minimal Best Friend Tattoo Ideas
  2. Quote Best Friend Tattoo
  3. Deep Meaningful Personal Tattoo Ideas
  4.  Playful Tattoo Ideas

We have the perfect list of Best friend tattoo ideas.

  1. Roses Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

    Rose is the flower of love and you can’t get a better symbol of your bond. Get your friendship inked.  This design uses black ink only, but you can always add some shading and linework.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  2. Butterfly Tattoo

    A BFF is basically half of you, so why not show just how you complete each other by getting these butterfly tattoos. This is a great idea for fans of tropical flavors and the placement makes it more intimate and personal.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  3. To Infinity and Beyond

    This is calling to all Disney fans. This Toy Story-inspired tattoo quotes Buzz Lightyear’s iconic catchphrase which everyone loves.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  4. Pinky Promise

    Whatever your promise to each other might be, this tattoo is the perfect symbol. It also has deep-rooted trust and safety you feel confiding in your best friend. 

    best friend tattoo ideas

  5. Matching Semicolons

    A semicolon has always been a symbol of never stopping. It represents only pausing briefly. The semicolon tattoo has become a symbol for overcoming mental health issues. This is among the most meaningful best friend tattoo ideas.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  6. Diamond Girls 

    Wanna remind yourselves that you’re a shining gem? With these matching diamond tattoos, everything just brightens up. You can place it on the inner wrist. It will always be visible to the person who gets it, but its also slightly hidden in nature.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  7. Bird Best Friend Tattoo Idea

    Birds symbolize freedom and also have a cutesy touch. The bird design is spectacular. You can have matching friendship tattoos with your best friend.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  8. Linework Heart

    There is no simpler way to show your love? What can be better than hearts? This simple linework heart is minimal and simplistic. It is the perfect way to show your affection for your Best Friend without giving out too many details.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  9. Wine Glasses Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

    If you and your BFF the kind of people to call happy hour? You should definitely consider matching wine glass tattoos!! The design is basic enough that the elements are present. It has enough details that show wine in motion.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  10. Lotus Flower

    Lotus flowers are all about purity of mind and body. If your Best friend helped you find your zen. Matching lotus flowers is a great way to show your unconditional friendship. The overlapping petals give it a minimal design.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  11. Elephant Tattoo

    This funky playful elephant tattoo might just define your frienship. If it feels like the two of you, you must try it out. best friend tattoo ideas

  12. Dinosaur Doodles

    Matching tattoos don’t have to be a couple tattoo!! Why not get a little matching dinosaur with your Best Friend? The minimalistic nature of it and the overlapping back lines makes it feel hand-drawn.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  13. Avocado Halves

    Show everyone that they don’t love their Best Friend as much as you with these avocado tattoos. The bright colors and face on the food give it a cartoonish whimsy. It has an amazing message too.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  14. Moon And Sun Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

    Have a best friend who is the complete opposite? A moon and sun are a great way to symbolize your different friendship. Get a design that’s simple linework. It creates a minimal tattoo that will go with every style.

    best friend tattoo ideas

  15. Harry Potter BFF Tattoo 

    This is perfect for the besties who bonded over Harry Potter. Why not get the well-known snitch symbol? Or the perfect Deathly Hallows symbol! The thin outline gives the perfect clunky design. It has a lighter and delicate feel.

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