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Best Indian Wedding Dishes to Serve at your Reception

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Indian weddings are nothing less than a festival and we all know the real reason why people actually love weddings! Of course for food! We have gathered a few dishes which are considered to be the best Indian wedding dishes to be served.  For Indians, no celebration is complete without guests, dance, lights, branded clothes and the most important of all, loads and loads of scrumptious foods. For the guests too, the first thing that comes in the mind seeing an invitation card is the food. Here is a list of best Indian wedding dishes.

Best Indian Wedding Dishes – Appetizers

1. Cocktail Kachori

Deep-fried, made with maida; this is one of the tastiest appetizers present. A bite into these scrumptious snacks with a sip of a cocktail will hold a spot in the memory of everyone present at your wedding. For your unique Indian wedding menu starters.

Best Indian Wedding Dishes Appetizers: Cocktail Kachori

2. Pepper Mushroom Soup

For those who prefer a tangy taste, pepper mushroom soup is an ideal choice. An appetizer with a twist, pepper mushroom is a soup well suited. Why go for the basics like Manchow and tomato soup when you can have this tasty soup at your wedding.

Best Indian Wedding Dishes Appetizers: Pepper Mushroom Soup

3. Cheppankinzhangu Chops

Cheppankinzhangu is Taro/ Sweet Potato. For those looking for diet-friendly wedding food, these are the best option. With various Indian spices mixed with cornflour, these chops are suited for all food lovers at your wedding.

Best Indian Wedding Dishes Appetizers: Cheppankinzhangu Chops

4. Sev Puri

Now you can make arrangements to greet your guests with appetizers which are sweet-and-sour with spicy chutney and potatoes. Tangy to the tongue, the guests can chomp on this while enjoying your wedding to the full.

Best Indian Wedding Dishes Appetizers: Sev Puri

5. Dabeli and Dahi Chaat

Chaat is a savoury snack originated in India, typically served as all-time favourite street food in India. Chatpata chaats, loaded with crunchy savouries, veggies, chutneys and spices, are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. Chaat masala and Kala namak are the quintessential elements in making any chaat. Include this in your wedding and leave your guests spellbound!

Best Indian Wedding Dishes Appetizers: Daabeli

Best Indian Wedding Dishes – Main Course

1. Lip-smacking Parathas

No wedding is complete without delicious parathas! Tracing its origin back to Indian subcontinents, especially through India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, wheat is considered to be a staple food. The word “Paratha” literally means layers of cooked dough. In other parts of India, it is also known as porota. Be it aloo or laccha, every Indian Wedding must include these lip-smacking parathas. As these parathas are not only filling but are considered to be one of the most popular Indian Snacks items.

Fun Fact – In 2011, CNN Go listed Roti Prata in world’s 50 most delicious Indian food item that you should try at least once in a lifetime.

Best Indian Wedding Dishes Main Course - Aloo Paranthas
Aloo Paratha

2. Briyani

If there is one dish which unties all the people in India, it’s Biryani. Straight from the royal kitchens of the Mughals to your plate, this particular Indian dish has made a special place in the hearts of people. Biryani is a must-have Indian dish at your wedding!

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Chicken biryani
Chicken Biryani

3. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is one of the most popular Indian dishes that we all look for in a wedding buffet. It is popularly known as ‘Mah Di Dal.’ This dish was originated in the Indian Subcontinent, but the credit goes to the Punjabi diaspora for making it prominent. Dal Makhni is usually the part of the main buffet but sometimes it’s also served to complement a full course meal.

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Dal Makhani
Dal Makhani

4. Butter Chicken

You can ditch anything in the world but not this. Admit it or not, but we all fall for this dish. Butter Chicken also is known as ‘Murg Makhni’ which is usually cooked in tandoor and generally served with mild curry sauce. It is one item that’s the highlight of every other Dhaba & without which a Punjabi wedding will never be complete!

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

5. Paneer Butter Masala

The most popular item in every Indian household, Paneer or cottage cheese, enjoys a great fan following amongst our fellow foodies. It’s the main ingredient used in ‘Paneer Butter Masala’ also known as ‘Paneer Makhani’. According to a recent survey, this exquisite dish is one amongst the top five foods ordered in India. The pride of the vegetarian section in every other wedding buffet originated in the 1950s by mixing the butter in a tomato-based curry.  

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Butter Masala

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6. Fish Curry/ Dishes

Fish curry, also known as Malabar Matthi curry is yet another popular dish in India. Originated from the parts of southern and eastern parts of India, this dish is usually served with rice, naan, bread, or tapioca. This is a prominent dish which can be found in every South Indian and Maharashtrian wedding.

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Fish curry
Fish Curry

7. Pasta

This Italian dish is one of the most popular dishes amongst the foodies. Originated from Italy, it comes in a number of shapes and varieties. It is also considered as a comfort or a go-to food for many people. Having this dish at your wedding would be a plus point and would most definitely satisfy your guests’ cravings.

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Pasta

8. Shrimp Biryani

Your wedding can be a place for foodies. But if you prefer to stick with the traditional try out this biryani with a twist. Add your favourite seafood: shrimp!

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Shrimp Biryani

9. Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice

With oriental flavours at its core, this fried rice can make your meal tasty and alluring at your wedding. This unique menu is everyone’s favourite. Add this to your Chinese continental list.

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice


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10. Veg Makhanwala

A rich creamy taste to fill your mouth and make your wedding special. Furthermore, it is also nutritious!. It has so many different veggies which make it an amazing Indian dish.

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Veg Makhanwala
Veg Makhanwala

11. Smoked Dal Makhani

Originating from Punjab with a western twist this creamy and buttery dish is a must-have at your wedding. You can serve kulcha or naan alongside making this a perfectly well-done meal to savour and enjoy.

Best Indian wedding dishes main course: Smoked Dal Makhani
Smoked Dal Makhani

12. Zafrani Pulao

Best Indian Wedding DIshes Main Course: Zafrani Pulao
Zafrani Pulao

A treat for rice lovers, the fragrant recipe added with traditional spices makes this pulao a well-contemplated choice. With not too many heavy flavours, the guests can enjoy this along with the rest of the menu you have prepared.

13. Amba Khatta – Condiment to have with Main Course

The end of a great wedding requires a great chutney for the guests to smack their lips too. With this tangy mango chutney, one can delight the palate of the guests. It won’t surprise you if your guests return to you asking for this recipe.

Best Indian Wedding DIshes Condiment: Amba Khatta
Amba Khatta

Best Indian Wedding Dishes – Desserts

1. Sweets

Assorted Indian sweets, also known as Mithai, are a significant element in Indian cuisine. In fact, Indian Weddings are just known for their sweets. If you have a sweet tooth then these sweets are a must-try. Gulab jamun, Gajar ka halwa, jalebis are some of the best Indian dishes.

Best Indian Wedding DIshes Desserts: Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, malai peda
Indian Sweets

2. Banaras Paan

Last but not least, Banarasi Paan dates to ancient times and is originated in India. It is also used as a palate cleanser and digestive aid. Flavoured paan has become popular in India, with varieties mirroring the endless flavours of ice cream. These are combined with more traditional ingredients, such as coconut, cardamom, dried dates, and mukhwas.

Best Indian Wedding DIshes Desserts: Banarasi Paan
Banarasi Paan

We hope that you might include some these delicious and enticing best Indian wedding dishes at your ceremony! Let us know which Indian dish you liked the most.

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