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20+ Latest Braided Hairstyles for 2024 Brides

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeApr 26, 2024

Upgrade your hairstyle game with over 20 stunning braided hairstyles. From classic to trendy, these hairstyles add a touch of elegance to your look, ensuring you stand out with effortless beauty.

Choosing a perfect hairstyle for your wedding can be a great challenge, especially if you have medium or long-length hair. You will find many options on the internet, confusing you more and more. If you have chosen braided hairstyles for your wedding day, you don’t need to look any further. This blog consists of diverse braided hairstyles ranging from simple to complex. 

Check out these Trendy Braided Hairstyles.

Floral Bubble Messy Braid

messy bubble braid with yellow roses

If you want to possess an OTT look at your wedding then you need to choose a hairstyle that will instantly grab everyone’s attention. This messy bubbly braid hairstyle also has fresh yellow roses and baby breaths as adornments. We have a lot of bridal hairstyles if you are looking for just wedding-specific ones.

Twisty Braids

twisty braid with white flowers

Are you fond of curls, and twirls? Then this braided hairstyle is just for you. This twisty braid is full of twists, twirls, and curls, making it one of the most interesting hairstyles. Wear this stylish hairdo at your Mehendi Ceremony. Pair this hairstyle with a lehenga for a gorgeous look.

French Braid Hairstyles

french braid hairstyle

If you are looking for a stylish braided hairstyle for your Sangeet or Mehendi function then a French Braid Hairstyle would be perfect. Dance off without any fuss or mess with this gorgeous hairstyle.

Side Fishtail Braids

side fishtail braid of Sara Ali Khan

A side fishtail braid is the perfect hairstyle if you need a clean hairdo that won’t make any fuss. Take inspiration from Sara Ali Khan herself, stealing everyone’s hearts with this hairstyle.

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Twisted Side Messy Braid with Flowers

twisted messy side braid with floral crown

Time for possessing a princess look at your wedding with this gorgeous hairstyle. This twisted side braid hairstyle embellished with the floral crown will make you no lesser than a princess.

Inward Fishtail Braids with Pearly Embellishments

inward fishtail braid with pearl beads

Another clean hairstyle with no fuss that will make steal everyone’s hearts is this inward fishtail braid. The tiny pearl beads embellished on this hairstyle accentuate the look.

Loose Floral Messy Braid

messy loose floral braid with orange flowers

A fan of messy braided hairstyles like you should not miss this beauty. This loosely-tied floral braid will make you look stunning at your wedding.

Braided Bun Hairstyle

braided bun hairstyle

If you are confused between a bun and a braid for your D-Day, choose this. This braided-bun hairstyle is stylish and compact, perfect if you need to show off your groovy moves at your Sangeet. If buns are to your taste then check out these wedding bun hairstyles.

Double Braided Hairstyle

double braided hairstyle

If one braid can make you look so gorgeous, imagine what can two braids do! This double-braided hairstyle will uplift your bridal look.

Waterfall Braided Hairstyle

waterfall braid with flowers

Are you someone who loves a flowy and cascading hairstyle? If yes, then this cascading waterfall braided hairstyle is just right for you. The floral embellishments done on this hairstyle make this one of a kind.

Modern Braids

modern braid with flowers

Look no further for a modern braided hairstyle because we know you’ll select this once you see it. This contemporary braid is a voluminous one, perfect for a modern touch. The floral arrangement and the pearly embellishment done on this hairstyle accentuate the look.

South Indian Flower Jada Billai

South Indian flower jada billai

Talking about braided hairstyles, no one can nail it better than South Indians. This flower Jada billai hairstyle is perfect for your South Indian Wedding. If you are a South Indian bride then check out these South Indian Bridal Hairstyles, just for you.

Bubbly Ponytail Braids

bubbly ponytail braid with pink florals

We gave you a bubbly hairstyle earlier but if you don’t need a messy one, then you can prefer this neatly-done bubbly braided hairstyle. The pink floral embellishment on this hairstyle accentuates its look.

Princess Messy Braid

messy princess braid with baby breaths

Another messy hairstyle that you should not miss at any cost. This messy princess braided hairstyle has adornments of baby breaths, accentuating its overall look.

Crown Braids with Ponytail

crown braid with ponytail

This beautiful hairstyle is an amalgamation of braid and ponytail. The side-parted crown braid ending up as a loose ponytail is a perfect hairstyle for a casual party look like a Reception or Cocktail Party.

Multi-Braided Hairstyle

multi braided hairstyle with lilac flowers

For your ultimate bridal look, go for this OTT braided hairstyle. This is a multi-braided hairstyle adorned with tiny pink flowers.

Voluminous Fishtail Hairstyles for Braided Hair

voluminous fishtail braid with floral embellishments

Go all-out for your wedding with this uber-stylish hairstyle. This fishtail hairstyle speaks volumes, making it an exceptional braided hairstyle. We love the floral embellishments of this hairdo.

Fishtail Crown with Bubble Messy Braid

fishtail crown with messy braid hairstyle

You might have seen a lot of messy braided hairstyles but this one takes the cake. This messy bubble braid also has a fishtail crown braid, adorned with baby breaths and tiny flowers.

Open Hairstyle with Braid and Waves

open hairstyle with braid and waves

Do you want an open hairstyle that has braids too? This hairstyle is the solution you were looking for. A side-braid hairstyle with the rest of the hair left open and curled from below.

Donut Bun with Braids

donut bun with braids

If you like high buns but also want a braided hairstyle then this donut bun with braid hairstyle is perfect for you. This sleek bun-braid hairstyle will make everyone go gaga over it.

Braids Filled with Baby Breaths

braid filled with baby breaths

If you adore baby breaths then we suggest you go for this braid filled with baby breaths. This voluminous braid has white baby breaths all over the braid, making it an exceptional hairdo.

Wavy Braided Bun

wavy braided bun hairstyle

 We all know how stunning braided buns look but just look at this one. This wavy braided bun will uplift your bridal look. The waves and curls of this braided bun are the unique part of this hairdo.

Twisted Braid with White Flowers

twisted braid with white flowers and baby breaths

Here’s a braided hairstyle for the brides who won’t be satisfied with simple hairdos. This twisted braid with white flowers and white baby breaths will make you look stunning.

Unique Braided Hairstyles with Curls and Accessories

unique braided hairstyle with curls and accessories

A beautiful hairstyle where two side braids converge into one cute and sleek braid. The other hair is left open with soft curls. The cutesy hair accessory accentuates this already beautiful hairstyle.

These are some of the best braided hairstyles we found on the internet. Remember to pair the hairstyle according to the ceremony and your outfit. 

Thanks for reading the blog and we hope these braided hairdos helped you to rock your ceremonies.

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