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15 Incredible Bridal Kamarbandh Ideas for a Traditional Indian Wedding

By Suryanshi Bothra
Blog timeJun 15, 2021

Kamarbandh is an essential part of the wedding ensemble, with time our love for them has only increased. From ones with dainty chains to floral kamarbandhs to heavily embellished ones, these are a fad among brides. Here are the categories of bridal kamarbandh to help you search for the best one available.

  1. Polki Bridal Kamarbandh
  2. Temple Jewellery Kamarbandh
  3. Kundan Kamarbandh
  4. Pearl Kamarbandh
  5. Antique Bridal Kamarbandh Ideas

Check out these 15 incredible bridal kamarbandh ideas for your wedding.

  1. Polki Paan Kamarbandh

    This polki paan kamarbandh will draw all the attention. It will complement your exquisite outfit like none other. Don’t wait but grab this polki kamarband, this piece of jewellery is shiny, fun, and splendid.Bridal Kamarbandh

  2. Temple Jewellery Kamarbandh

    Planning on wearing a temple jewellery set at your wedding? This Kamarbandh will look gorgeous on your wedding lehengaThis heavy temple jewellery is also known as the Vadiyanam is truly a work of art. The sculpted images of gods and goddesses on the jewellery are divine.

    Bridal Kamarbandh

  3. Trendy Kamarbandh Ideas

    We can’t decide what we love more about this kamarbandh the intricate dainty diamond design or the minimalistic and contemporary look. Moreover, the Kamarbandh is perfect for all traditional and modern lehengas or sarees.

    bridal kamarbandh

  4. Kundan Latkan

    Every bride loves to flaunt Kundan traditional jewellery. You can embrace the unique and exclusive style of layered strands of kamarbandh in Kundan work. Moreover, the multi-tiered or double standard chains encrusted with kundans will make sure you look like a diva for your wedding day. 

    bridal kamarbandh

  5. Coin Kamarbandh Designs

    Coin bridal kamarbandh is a classic for all traditional weddings. The danglings on the kamarbandh with pearl endings are endearing. Furthermore, the pink and red stones are a cherry on top.bridal kamrbandh

  6. Plain Gold Belt Kamarbandh

    Gold Jewellery is a must for traditional weddings. But, you don’t necessarily have to wear the traditional one. You could have a contemporary gold belt kamarbandh. Moreover, it looks great in all kinds of colours. It gives you a classy look and you will definitely look stunning in it.

    bridal kamarbandh

  7. Floral Kamarbandh

    Kamarbandhs are not really that popular among floral jewellery but they sure look good. The purple and white flowers put together with pink flowers and beads look splendid. Additionally. you can go for a matching necklace, haathphool, armlet, earrings or even a floral nose ring with it. bridal kamarbandh

    bridal kamarbandh

  8. Kandora Kamarbandh

    The traditional multi-layered bridal kamarbandh for your wedding is amazing for any bridal look. If you too want that imperial touch to your wedding ensemble, This keychain like kamarbandh is exactly what you need. The charm of the intricate creation is simply incomparable. Also, it enhances the beauty of your torso in a unique way.

    bridal kamarbandh

  9. Gold Kamarbandh

    Gold is a huge part of the bridal ensemble. it makes sure royalty and bridal appeal on full show. This gold kamarbandh is not just timeless it will also be a prized possession in your closet.

    bridal kamarbandh

  10. Antique Silver Bridal Kamarbandh

    Silver says your taste, style, and personality. This grandiose silver kamarbandh is your     best foot forward with jewels. Also, the timeless and ever-evolving silver jewel in antique look is perfect for your wedding. This silver kamarbandh adds antiquity to your wedding lehenga.

    bridal kamarbandh

  11.  Dangling Chains Kamarbandh

    This bridal kamrbandh is edgy and not-so-traditional. The multiple chains offer its wearer a transformational look. moreover, it the perfect replacement to break free from the regular kamarbandhs in favour of something more stylish and dramatic.

    bridal kamarbandh

  12. Simple Kamarbandh Ideas

    You can never go wrong with the simple and sleek kamarbandhs?  Instantly create a sizzling look with a simple belt around your waist. If you are one of those brides who want to keep it minimal, this dress is the way to go. Moreover, a single-stranded chain encrusted with stones, beads or crystals is effortless, easy and elegant.

    bridal kamarbandh

  13. Pearl Beads Kamarbandh

    Pearls have always been our favourite. We can’t take their eyes off this spectacular and irresistible pearl kamarbandh. Nothing says class better than a beaded kamarbandh gently swaying around your waist. Moreover, the royal pearl kamarbandh will take you out of your way to draw all that attention. 

    bridal kamarbandh

  14. Zardozi Bridal Kamarbandh

    Your lehenga would look royal with this delicate zardozi metal embroidery. Moreover, you can get a custom-made zardozi belt matching your lehenga if you love all things regal. An addition of a zardozi belt to your attire is a great decision.

    bridal kamarbandh

  15. Gold and Pearl Kamarbandh

    This Kamarbandh is exactly what you need to nail the traditional beautiful look right. Also, the gold and pearl mixture Kamarbandh is neither too heavy nor too light. Moreover, the jewel which is shiny, fun and splendid will complement your exquisite heavy outfit like nothing else.

    bridal kamarbandh

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