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Guide To Ace Your Bridal Poses This Wedding Season!

By Aditi Rampure
Blog timeJun 11, 2019

This wedding season nail your bridal poses and make sure that you are only left with the best wedding photographs and precious memories to look back at. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which allows you to fill up your wedding album with some epic picturesque bridal portraits and exclusive wedding pictures. It is a universal fact that brides put in so much effort to create their perfect wedding look and would definitely want their ensemble to be captured beautifully.

Hence, we bring to you a guide of bridal poses which would help you to ace your bridal pictures! Also, if you are a shy and camera-conscious bride, don’t worry this blog is your knight in shining armour which will help you to deal with these heavy bridal photoshoots.

Mentioned Below Are Some of The Best Bridal Poses For Your ‘Solo’ Photoshoot!

1. ‘Haye Re Haye Tera Ghunghta’ Bridal Pose

Use your dupatta or your ghoonghat as a prop to make your wedding photographs aesthetically pleasing. Get captured through your bridal dupatta and use that marvellous veil for some dramatic and elegant bridal poses.

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos


2. ‘Mirror Mirror’ on the wall Bridal poses

Ask your photographer to photograph you while you are getting ready for your wedding or you could just let him click your candid photographs. You could just use the mirror as your prop this time.

Bridal poses, Wedding photos, Best wedding photographs

Bridal poses,, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses,, Bridal Photos


3. The Mandatory Mehendi Bridal Pose

Flaunt for your beautiful henna design along with your wedding attire. These bridal poses below allow you to showcase your mehendi design which complements your elegant wedding ensemble.

Bookeventz Wedding Photographers

4.  Dramatic Bridal Poses

This wedding season let yourself be carefree and pose like nobody is watching. Bring out your true nature and let your actions speak louder in all your wedding photographs.


5. The Royal Bride

Stand tall with pride and elegance as you have put in a lot of efforts to create your perfect wedding look! Flaunt that wedding dress like a queen.


7. The Swag wali Bride

It’s the 21st century and if you haven’t tried the combination of wearing sneakers along with your Indian attire, then, what are you waiting for? It’s already your wedding day and it is high time that you start living the dream!  Put your best foot forward wearing these super comfy sneakers!

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos


8. Twirl, Stop…Pose

Last but not least, if the lehenga fits, then twirl in it! The most underrated yet most elegant bridal poses of all times, ‘the classic twirl.’ After all which bride would not want to feel like a princess and spin in her wedding gown out of excitement? So, go ahead, twirl and let your photographer capture your perfect moment.

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

Bridal poses, Bridal Photos

We hope that this blog has helped you to achieve your desired wedding photographs and helped you to capture precious memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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