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Budget-Friendly Wedding Tips for your upcoming Wedding

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An average wedding in India costs about 20 lakhs to 5 crores. Hosting a big fat Indian wedding or a Bollywood style wedding surely sounds amazing. If you cannot afford it then it may burn a hole in your pocket. Even if you have the money you could have your plans as a couple. Many couples decide to put the money for savings, home renovation, honeymoon or business ventures. To still have an amazing but frugal wedding we bring to you these 9 budget-friendly wedding tips.

  1. Create a Financial Plan for your Budget-Friendly Wedding

    Talk to all the vendors in advance to understand the cost of each service at your wedding. Create a budget based on it. Prioritize the list on the basis of most to least importance. It will help you cut off some unnecessary expenses for your low-cost wedding. Always remember to keep some tolerance fund because you may mistakenly go over budget. While creating the budget focus on the money you have instead of the one that may be contributed by your guardians or parents.

  2. Trim the Guest List

    You need not call every acquaintance you met once in your lifetime. Go for an intimate wedding. Call only near and dear ones to grace your event. As a couple, you both should create your list and then compare it. This way there are fewer chances of missing out someone close to you.

  3. Go on a thrift spree

    Why waste a huge amount of money on buying a wedding lehenga and sherwani which you will be wearing only for one evening? You have many substitutes to it. There are thrift stores which let you buy nicely kept second-hand lehengas and sherwanis. You can get the clothes altered after buying them for a good fit. If you feel the clothes will take up useless space in your house, then you can go for rental shops. These shops allow you to rent the clothes for an evening which you can return later. Usually in Indian tradition, the mother in law or the mother herself hands down her wedding clothes. This borrowing can also help you save a lot.

  4. Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues

    Search for venues which are spacious but come in your budget. Look for venues around your neighbourhood. We at BookEventz can help you with finding the perfect venue for your dream wedding on your budget. Even if you plan to have a destination wedding, we at BookEventz are here to help you set everything. What can get better than a budget-friendly destination wedding?

  5. Cancel the Wedding Season

    During the wedding season, everything will be costly from caterers to decorators. To save big bucks go for off-season wedding. It will help you find everything at a cheaper cost. One of the biggest advantages is that your wedding won’t clash with someone else’s wedding. So you will have all your closed ones present at your wedding.

  6. Decide on a pocket-friendly Menu

    Don’t go for exotic and contemporary dishes. Decide on a small but tasty menu. You may limit your appetizers and desserts to two varieties instead of keeping a plethora of dishes. Search for a caterer and don’t forget to taste all the food samples before selecting the meals.

  7. Save on the decor on your Budget-Friendly Wedding

    One of the biggest advantages of booking a banquet hall is that it already has an amazing backdrop for a wedding. So you need not shell out money separately for it. Other than that you could decorate the hall with commonly available flowers like marigold or go for in-season flowers which are not rare to find.

    Marigold mandap for a budget-friendly wedding

  8. Ask for Help

    Instead of wedding gifts, ask your guests to help with the wedding arrangements. If your friend is passionate about photography ask them for a favour to shoot your intimate wedding. You could ask your baker aunt to bake a wedding cake for you. Instead of hiring a DJ, ask your friend with amazing music taste to create a playlist for your wedding day. Rent out a speaker system to play the music in the hall.

  9. DIY Invitation

    In this fast-moving world, nobody has time to go to each person’s house and invite them to the wedding. Secondly, it has to speed posted to relatives staying far. Instead of it, create a DIY digital card using websites which help you design a card. If you plan to get it printed then keep simple graphics and colours to keep all the designs intact in the card.

    If you have more suggestions for a budget-friendly wedding then do share with us. Do check out the budget venues and other vendors at BookEventz website for an amazing wedding experience.

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