Celebrate Your Special Day with These Amazing Haldi Ideas

Haldi Ideas

Haldi ideas is the most loved ceremony of the wedding day. On this day haldi is combined with the rose water and it is applied to both bride and groom. To make your haldi day look beautiful and charming, we have come up with ideas for haldi program. So, for that we have haldi flower jewelry designs, haldi decoration ideas, wedding invitation ideas for haldi occasion, hit haldi songs on Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi. Moreover, we have added celebrity haldi look which will help the bride to get ready for the haldi day. If you are planning to have a grand haldi function then Bookeventz is one stop place for all your worries. 

  1. Haldi Ceremony Steps

    Haldi ceremony is considered as the most precious and one of the important part of an Indian wedding. And it has several steps as well. So, traditionally haldi was prepared at home with a very conventional way. Turmeric or haldi was being soaked overnight. And then it was grounded on a traditional stone mixer which is known as ‘sil-batta’. Then it was mixed properly with a gulab jal or rose water. So, at the initiation of a function, all the married ladies of the family do this function. And it usually starts with a mother, married sister, and then all the aunties of both the mother and the father side.

  2. Haldi Decoration Ideas

    Haldi decoration ideas is the mandatory thing to be noted down. And its decoration should be also given top priority. So, you should include marigold in your decoration. And to make it look different, you can add lavender as well. But white lilies and rose will a unique look to the haldi ideas.

  3. Haldi Ideas for Groom

    Haldi ideas for groom should also be focused. It is because during wedding we generally focus on bride’s beauty. But grooms should also be given equal importance at each function of wedding. So, haldi ceremony decoration for groom can be a traditional yellow kurta which can be worn by a groom. But it can be different colored kurta as well. And it can be a combination of pink and white as well. And to decorate a dulha you can have marigold or lily garland.

  4. Haldi Pics Ideas

    If you are thinking about haldi ideas then also keep haldi pics ideas in your mind. And your beautiful haldi pictures will always be in your memory through great photographs. So, you can use several props like ‘dulha ki haldi’ or ‘dulhan ki haldi’. And it can also be like ‘mere bhai ki haldi’, mere dost ki haldi’ etc. So, it can also be accompanied with a beautiful backdrop of flowers, pom poms, or tassels, etc.

  5. How to Prepare Haldi for Haldi Ceremony

    Haldi can be prepared by having a freshly grounded haldi. And it can be mixed with rose water further. But brides or even grooms are not using actual turmeric for their haldi occasion. It is because haldi leave yellow stain on their face. And it make them look yellow on their wedding day. So, for the replacement they are using vicco cream or a readymade haldi powder as their haldi ideas.

  6. Haldi Decoration Items Ideas

    Haldi ceremony decoration items can be marigold in topmost. It is because people usually prefer marigold on haldi function. And it look great as well as a haldi ideas. So, other than that you can have lavender or lily or rose on as your haldi ideas. So, basically we have flowers as a haldi decoration items. And other than that you can have other decorative items like tassel and pom poms. So, for the third type of decoration of haldi ideas, you can have a swing. And this can also be decorated with flowers. Haldi function decoration items should be best quality as well.

  7. Background for Haldi Decoration Ideas

    Haldi background decoration should be beautiful. It is because it is the place where you have maximum number of photos. And it can be of full flower decoration. So, basically it can be heavily decorated with flowers. And it will look beautiful on pictures as well. But you can have a lines or strings of marigold as well. And it will give a beautiful backdrop of haldi ideas.

  8. Haldi Function Ideas for Bride

    This is the time where brides starts glowing. It is because haldi is the most important ritual of an Indian wedding. And it is considered as the most pious thing in an wedding. So, it must be given utmost importance. And brides can take care of her skin with haldi. It is because it will help her skin and face glow on the wedding day.

  9. Easy Haldi Decoration Ideas at Home

    For easy decoration at home for haldi ideas, you can have strings of marigold. And it will be look great as well. But if you want an out of the box ideas then it can be handmade jute or wool lamps, decorated with fairy lights. And other than that you can have silver, shiny strings for home decoration ideas.

  10. Haldi Function Theme Ideas

    It can be yellow and white. But you can only have full yellow theme as well. But if you like to experiment then you can have pink theme as well as haldi ideas.

  11. Haldi Ceremony Games Ideas

    It can be kites flying. And it will look unique as well. But you can also have darts or zorbing. And this will look great and exciting both.

  12. Things Needed for Haldi Function

    We most importantly need turmeric, rose water, mustard oil, rice, and rose petals for haldi ceremony. But people can change it according to their customs and cultures. Other than that we need a beautifully decorated plate where we have varieties of sweets and haldi on it.

  13. Vicco Turmeric for Haldi

    These days vicco is also used in haldi occasion. And it replaces real turmeric because haldi or turmeric leaves yellow stain on the bride’s or the groom’s face. So, it will yellowish stain on the wedding day. And that is why vicco is being used by all.

  14. Haldi Dress Ideas for Groom

    Haldi ceremony groom dress can be a kurta pajama. And it is the traditional and most appropriate haldi dress for groom. So, it is the best haldi dress ideas for groom. And traditionally people have dhoti as well for their haldi occasion dress. So, this dhoti is accompanied by a kurta.

  15. Haldi Poses for Groom

    A groom can pose on a rickshaw, if it is there. And he can sit with his would be bride as well. So, he can also use a prop for his haldi pose.

  16. Haldi Poses for Bride

    Haldi poses for bride can be, she can sit of a heavily decorated swing. And then she can sit along with her future husband, if he presents at the occasion. So, she can also use prop for the haldi pose.

  17. Haldi Procedure Ideas

    Haldi ceremony procedure starts with brides come under a dupatta. And then she is adorned with haldi on face, hand, and leg. So, basically this function starts with her mother. And proceeded further by aunties of relatives.