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Celebrate Fresher’s Party Like Never Before !!

Celebrate Fresher’s Party like never before.

If party is a waste of time and time is a waste of party then lets get wasted and have the time of party.”

Fresher Day” in any college is an event for which every student eagerly awaits from the time of their admissions. A couple of drinks, a wholesome meal, and a lot of dancing is what your fresher day are all about. Bookeventz provide you all the information about the venues, caterers and vendors required to make an party event loud and big! As Fresher party is one of the best moment of everyone life, memories to be capture & remembered for rest of your life and start new face of your life with a smile. Here are some epic and trending theme in India to be chosen for your party.

  1. Masquerade Ball

It’s one of the best theme for all time, in which the participants attend in costume wearing a mask. Different styles mask are provided to each student , so that no one can be identify by other.

fresher party mask

  1. Neon Party

Get some neon or glow in the dark face paint and let your friends go wild with it.

You can use it like regular make up or get creative and paint your face like a butterfly, or polka dotted, or maybe even a polka-dotted butterfly!

fresher party neon

  1. Graffiti Party

In graffiti party, the participants have to wear complete white colour clothes and each one should have marker pens. Like friendship day, everyone have to write there best wishes on each other clothes. The best part of this theme is that you can preserve your shirts and relive your memories by just looking at it.

fresher party Graffiti

  1. . Bollywood

The most liked party theme in India ,as you can live like your favourite star for one day. Here, chit paper consist of different movies name is randomly selected and actors and actress present in that movie have to perform an dance and scene from that praticular movie.

fresher bollywood

  1. Time travel

In this party theme, the participants have been divided into three group Past, current and future. Participants have to wear there costume according to it.


6 . Moustache Theme

You can have a Mustache Madness bash that includes funny-looking mustaches, Mustache whistles, Mustache notepads, Mustache stickers, Mustache glitter tattoos and Mustache confetti which are available.