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16 Trending Chooda Cover Design for you to choose from for your Wedding

By Suraj Singh Sisodia
Blog timeMar 23, 2020

16 Trending Chooda Cover Design for you to choose from for your Wedding

Weddings are no less than festivals in a family. Everybody gives all of their time and energy to make a wedding successful. There are a lot of areas to cover, a lot of traditions to follow. One of these traditions is to cover the chooda that the bride wears because the bride isn’t supposed to see them before the wedding. Traditionally, the chooda is covered with a simple plain white cloth, like a handkerchief and ought to do the job just fine. I mean it’s about the bride not seeing them than anything else but then, why not? It’s the big day for the bride, she wants to look perfect. So if she can wear a chooda cover that is not just a plain white handkerchief and that brings out the best of her wedding attire, if she looks beautiful and happy then why not?

It’s not just a thought anymore, it’s a trend now. The idea of these chooda covers that go with the wedding dresses, that brings out the inner reflection of the bride’s personality, that makes her flaunt it, the idea that gets every bride even more excited is going viral. Now bridesmaids have one more task in their ‘to-do list’ to take care – choose a chooda cover design.

If you too are looking for a design, an idea for a chooda cover for your friend’s wedding or you are just getting inspiration for your own then you are at the right place because we have 16 trending chooda cover designs for you. You can follow them exactly like they are or you can get ideas because they are worth admiring. Let’s begin.


Fabric & Material

Instead of just white cotton handkerchief, you can pick your favourite colour that goes with the dress and material that adds both class and comfort. Here are some ideas –

1. Velvet

Pick a chooda cover of velvet, it’s the most comfortable cover, pick a colour that accents your wedding dress. Trust me, it’ll just make the whole attire look more beautiful. Take a peek at these pictures –

velvet chooda cover

2. Golden

If the material is not the bigger concern but the colour is, then go with the golden chooda cover. It matches with all the jewellery. It accents your wedding dress if it has a golden border. Presumably, you picked your wedding dress first that makes it easier to pick a chooda cover if you didn’t give it a thought earlier.

golden chooda cover

3. Pink

The reason that out of all the colours, I picked pink for your chooda cover is that pink colour has about 49 shades. So it’s impossible that you can’t find a shade that matches your wedding lehenga or gown. If you picked a red wedding dress then it’s okay you can go with the red but some brides still wore pink chooda covers. It kind of highlighted them and looked magnificent.


pink chooda cover pink chooda cover pink chooda cover

4. Floral

Now if you are not going with the traditional dress and jewellery and decided to go with floral jewellery then this is for you. Floral chooda cover is a perfect match with your gajra and all the other floral ornaments.

floral chooda cover floral chooda cover



Some brides are excellent artists and they always appreciate a piece of art. So if you are one of them. You can always try these embroidered chooda covers as per your taste. We have included all the best designs.

5. Criss-Cross

Because plain cloth, coloured or white, cotton or velvet, is still very simple. An artist’s mind always wants something adorable. This Criss-Cross design adds a touch of an artist to your chooda cover. The design can be embroidered with the thread or a gota as well.

criss-cross chooda cover criss-cross chooda cover

6. Parrot Motif

If you want to take your art to another level you can try something like this. Instead of the traditional elephant motif, you can go with the parrot. Why parrot you ask? Well, the parrot spirit animal is a message of celebration. It’s a happy expression of all the good things that are happening in your life, and the good things that you have yet to experience. It symbolizes the everyday beauty that you possess and which you are surrounded with.

parrot motif chooda cover parrot motif chooda cover

7. Artistic Embroidery

A good artist’s mind grasps all those things which others miss. It understands the abstract nature of art. So if you are one of those, you better know what I’m getting at. These chooda covers with abstract designs are heart-winning to all those people and the rest as well. It is a nice way to explore your inner self and to represent who you are deep down.

embroidered chooda cover


Customized Text

It’s trending more than not. Everybody is loving the idea of a short piece of text on the chooda cover. It could be anything you want. It’s more creative and awesome. It’s more fun when you realise what you can put up there, think about it and while you do that, we have some nice ideas.

8. Initials

It’s a great way to let people know in advance what they are going to be calling you for the rest of your life. You can put something like ‘Future Mr. & Mrs Sharma’ too if you’d like.

initials chooda cover

9. Date of Wedding

It’s a nice idea to put the date of your wedding or any date that you want your guests to remember, like the date you two first met, or when you decided to spend your life together. Think about it, the options are not limited, is there any other date which is important to both of you? Your chooda covers can tell the story of your love just by that date if you think about it.

customized chooda cover

10. Blending the Names

You two are going to spend your whole life together. You two would be together in every moment of happiness, sadness, celebrations, setbacks, everything. It’s like you two would be one soul. Your lives would blend with each other. So why not names? Ask your friends, maybe they have a name since the days you were dating and they were rooting for you two. You get the idea what I am talking about right? Like, Virushka, DeepVeer. 

customized chooda cover customized chooda cover

11. ‘Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava’ Phrase

These are the most trending ones, I’ll tell you that. Since Deepika Padukone wore these chooda covers in her wedding, they are every bride’s first choice. You can too go for it, with your favourite colour and fabric.

customized chooda cover customized chooda cover

12. Any other Customized Text

Alternatively, you pick any other text of your choice. If not a name, then a quote, a saying of your favourite person, something you two say often – your catchphrases. Give it a thought and you’ll have your own customized chooda cover.

customized chooda cover customized chooda cover

And Some More…

If you went through all of the above ideas for your chooda cover and still haven’t picked one. Here are some other designs that you might like. There are just so many options one can have when it comes to her wedding. We have included all the other possibilities of a great chooda cover design so no doubt you will get what you came looking for.

13. Traditional

If nothing else suits you, it’s probably because you always had your answer and weren’t looking in the right place. Maybe you are too traditional in your way and it’s not for you to experiment with things when it’s about your wedding. So here’s your answer. Go traditional. These are like the backup for every other design. They will never let you down.

 traditional chooda cover

14. New-Age Bridal

Don’t worry. Choosing a traditional design doesn’t make you old or conservative. It’s just a healthy expression of one’s inner self but still, if the idea of traditional design is bugging you, this is for you. New-Age designs are traditional and modern altogether. They will do the job just like you would prefer.

new age chooda cover

15. Nametags

If you didn’t like the idea of something written on your chooda cover but you’d still prefer to your’s and your husband’s name on it. You can tail one cute little nametag on each of the covers. They won’t ruin your cover’s design and you would still have both of your names on it. Isn’t it too good an idea?

name tags chooda cover name tags chooda cover

16. Handmade

Finally, we saved the best for the last. You don’t need to buy your chooda covers if you can’t get them in the exact way you want. Here is an idea. Why not do it yourself? It’s not that hard. You don’t have to be a professional to design and create your own chooda cover. In fact, it’s more likely that you would do this yourself. You don’t have to start from the top, I mean, buy a simple chooda cover of your choice of fabric and colour, tinker around with it and BOOM! You have your own handmade chooda cover. If you are afraid, it’s gonna go wrong then buy two pairs so even if you mess up the first one, you’d still have one pair left.

handmade chooda covers


So how did you like this article? Did you get what you were looking for? Do you have any other ideas for chooda covers? Then share them with everyone in the comment section down below. Subscribe our blog to get instant updates about new articles.


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